Two-dimension bar code and system with large information capacity

A two-dimensional bar code, information capacity technology, applied to the record carrier, instruments, computer parts and other directions used in the machine, can solve the problems of the limited data capacity carried by the bar code, the large difference in the recorded information content, and the difficulty in reaching the standard, etc. Error rate, good flexibility and openness, good openness and scalability

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Problems solved by technology

[0007] It is a good choice to use barcodes to record the unified identification of publication information. However, due to the large amount of publication information identification data of each publishing organization, the classification methods are different...
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Method used

The present invention is by setting up a kind of two-dimensional barcode of large information capacity, makes barcode no longer be restricted by the restriction of barcode area on recording information capacity, and by the mode that barcode coding mode description (Schema) discloses, separates barcode format definition Recording information with the barcode makes the barcode application have good scalability and flexibility. This kind of barcode has a strong application value when the recognition speed of the equipment is not very high, and the barcode records a large amount of information. Typical For example, in the field of information publishing, the classification and identification of published information can be processed. This technology enables two-dimensional barcodes to be used in the application field of rapid computer identification with a large amount of information.
The present invention makes the sequence that a plurality of two-dimensional...
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The invention relates to a two dimensional bar code with large information capacity and a system, belonging to the field of the information publication. Through building the two dimensional bar code matching with the character feature, the invention realizes the application suitable for the length uncertainty of the bar code and the information revivification based on the template by a plurality of continuous two dimensional bar codes. The way adopting the two dimensional bar code is used to record the extended information code, wherein the code way is simple and easy to extend. The two dimensional bar code of the invention can conveniently bear the extended information content with high fault tolerant ratio, simple making and using, which can be used matching with the characteristic easy to extend of the bar code template and has wide application foreground in the field of the information publication.

Application Domain

Record carriers used with machines

Technology Topic

Template basedByte +1


  • Two-dimension bar code and system with large information capacity
  • Two-dimension bar code and system with large information capacity
  • Two-dimension bar code and system with large information capacity


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Example Embodiment

[0039] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments.
[0040] The invention introduces two-dimensional bar code sequence positioning, enables a sequence of multiple two-dimensional bar codes to carry large-capacity information content, and combines related innovations such as semantic description of the data content carried by the bar code in combination with templates, making the bar code easy to use and expand.
[0041] A complete two-dimensional bar code with large information capacity is composed of multiple consecutive two-dimensional bar code characters, where each two-dimensional bar code character has the same size and is composed of a settable M×N black and white dot matrix.
[0042]The following embodiment is only for an application where it is convenient to use a 24-pin printer to make a micro bar code bar. In this embodiment, a 24×24 dot matrix two-dimensional bar code character is used for description, such as figure 1 Shown:
[0043] Each two-dimensional barcode character contains two parts: the information area and the data area 14. The data area 14 is used to record the data information that the barcode needs to record. The information area includes the calibration and sequence recording area, the function calibration area 13, and the calibration area 11 is The form of fixed N×N dot matrix box is used to identify and locate the character size, area, dot matrix of the two-dimensional barcode in the scanned image and for deformation correction; figure 1 The three boxes marked by 11 and the two sides in the lower right corner belong to the calibration area.
[0044] Sequence record area 12 is figure 1 The area in the three boxes marked in 11, in which the black dot represents the current position number of the barcode character in the group, which is limited by the size of the sequence record area. The number can be recycled in the group, but adjacent The barcode characters cannot use the same serial number.
[0045] The three sequential recording areas in this embodiment record the position number of the barcode character in the character group, the position number of the previous adjacent barcode character, and the position number of the next adjacent barcode character. In this embodiment, the sequential recording area is composed of a 3×3 dot matrix, where the center point is black to indicate the beginning of the first sequence, the 3×3 dot matrix is ​​all white as the end mark, and the 3×3 dot matrix center point The excluded 8 points represent a sequence of 1-8. Such as figure 1 In the display, the upper left sequence record area records the current bar code character number as 0, which is the starting number, the upper right sequence record area records no previous bar code character, and the lower left corner records the next bar code character code as 1.
[0046] In this embodiment, the 4 areas pointed to by the 15 mark of the character barcode are only allowed to be blank.
[0047] The above explains the contents of the public description of part of the barcode encoding mode description (Schema), as follows:
[0070] The above barcode encoding mode description defines the definition of the public barcode encoding mode. In encoding, if the Crypt node is defined as testpassword, the barcode data content will be encrypted according to the 3DES algorithm with the password testpassword. Then output to the barcode. In this embodiment, if the Password is empty, the data will not be encrypted.
[0071] The following is an example of a specific application. For example, the recorded information is The network address of id=172, and the template definition used by extended verification is as follows:
[0075] B198F19D-C368-4595-8A94-CCBC3B2A2B68
[0076] website address
[0077] MultiReSize
[0078] 24Template xml
[0080] |
[0104] The globally unique identification symbol of this template is: {B198F19D-C368-4595-8A94-CCBC3B2A2B68}, the function calibration area used in this embodiment ( figure 1 The 4×4 blank area in the lower right corner) is defined as: the first line is the format definition area, the second line is the re-verification area, the third line is the total number of bar codes, and the fourth line is the current bar code character serial number verification area. Definition, you know the definition from the legend: the first line indicates the data stream format defined by the Guid format and the data before and after the data. The 16 digits represented by the Guid are 8 bits away from the data, and the second line defines the vertical recheck value. The third line indicates that there are two total barcodes, and the fourth line indicates that the current barcode character number is the first one.
[0105] The barcode has character characteristics, that is, it appears as a string of continuous characters on the layout page, such as figure 2 Displayed. If the recorded information content exceeds the current barcode character carrying data capacity, a new character is automatically added. When the information content is less than the current barcode capacity, the corresponding barcode data encoding template specifies the multiple verification algorithm to supplement the verification barcode character Information until it fills up.
[0106] When the user sets the size of the barcode character to be changed, the barcode character is regenerated according to the new corresponding barcode data encoding template. In this embodiment, the character defined by the second template is a 20×20 dot matrix, and the other settings are the same. The new barcode generated is displayed as image 3.
[0107] For the generated barcode characters, in the user view, the barcode generator can output the barcode as a character form such as Figure 4 Display, can also output as picture format and streaming data. When the output is in the form of characters, the font is generated for typesetting. At this time, the barcode character can be set to the font size and the character line and character line, allowing line breaks and rearrangement, and does not support character deformation, reverse whitening and other operations. When the font size changes , The bar code characters must not be less than the specified threshold, and the bar code point size remains unchanged, and the data area size can change.
[0108] In the above embodiment, if the Enable attribute of the crypto node defined in the encode node is false, then in this embodiment, the data read from the barcode has not been encrypted, and if the Enable attribute is True, you first need to The data read from the barcode is decrypted according to the algorithm defined by the PublicKey node and the key provided, and then used in conjunction with the template used for extended verification.
[0109] Such as Figure 5 As shown, the two-dimensional barcode system with large information capacity provided by the present invention is composed of a barcode generating device 22, a barcode recognition device 25, an image processing device 24, a template management device 21, and a foreign character device 23.
[0110] The barcode generating device 22 is used to generate barcodes, that is, to convert the information input by the user into barcode pictures or barcode foreign words for use in typesetting and printing output software. The generation control information is provided by the template management device 21, and the barcode generating device provides external barcode generation Interface 26.
[0111] The barcode recognition device 25 is used for barcode recognition, that is, provides a barcode recognition service of an input image through a barcode recognition external service interface. The template management device 21 provides a barcode data encoding template, and the image processing device 24 performs image processing.
[0112] The template management device 21 provides and manages barcode data encoding templates that the barcode generation device 22 and the barcode identification device 25 need to use.
[0113] The image processing device 24 provides related services such as image generation and image recognition processing for the barcode generation device 22 and the barcode recognition device 25.
[0114] The foreign character device 23 is an optional device of the present invention, which can convert the barcode into an external system font, so that the layout processing or printing output of the barcode can be processed as ordinary characters.
[0115] The present invention relates to a two-dimensional barcode and system with large information capacity. According to the present invention, based on the prior art, the two-dimensional barcode sequence positioning is introduced, so that a sequence composed of multiple two-dimensional barcodes can carry large-capacity information content. And through the method of template combination, the barcode can be easily expanded in application. The barcode sequence positioning method adopted by the present invention, as well as related innovations such as the semantic description of the barcode carrying data content combined with the template, also belong to the innovation scope of the present invention.
[0116] The present invention establishes a two-dimensional bar code with large information capacity, so that the record information capacity of the bar code is no longer restricted by the bar code area, and separates the bar code format definition and the bar code record through the method of bar code encoding mode description (Schema) disclosure Information, which makes barcode applications have good scalability and flexibility. This type of barcode has a strong application value when the device recognition speed is not very high, and the amount of information recorded by the barcode is large, such as information publishing. The classification and identification processing of published information in the field, this technology enables the two-dimensional bar code to be used in the application field of rapid identification by the computer with a large amount of information.
[0117] In view of the description and specific embodiments of the present invention disclosed herein, other embodiments of the present invention will be obvious to those skilled in the art. These descriptions and embodiments are only considered as examples, and they all fall within the protection scope and spirit of the present invention indicated by the appended claims.


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