Keep-fit massage, bacteriostasis, and deodorization bra liner bag

A technology for inner lining and brassiere, which is applied in the field of health care, massage, antibacterial and deodorant bra lining bags, can solve the problems of insufficient comfort of membrane bags, inability to touch and fit breasts, and lack of ventilation space, so as to prevent breast deformation and Sagging, soft, comfortable and safe to wear, unique structural formula

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-12-31
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At present, most bras are made of multi-layer soft cotton fabrics, and the inner layer is filled with sponge or silicone bag, and recently there are bras filled with liquid bags to make up for the sagging or flat breasts of women, to support the breasts to be tall and straight, and to be full of femininity. not effectively
There is still a distance between some lining bags and the sh...
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The invention relates to a fitness, hygiene, massage, bacteriostasis, and deodorization bra lining bag, which is characterized in that: the double-layered polyether lining bag which conforms with the shape size of the development of human breasts is provided with scores of particle-shaped projected beads in uniform distribution at the place where the lining bag faces the breasts. The beads are filled with fluidity liquid and solid mixture with specific gravity of 0.35 to 0.4, wherein, the mixture is provided with active magnetic beads and a plurality of active substances. The lining bag has unique structure and fillings of active substances needed by human beings and light weight and soft tactility similar to adipose, and is a woman bra lining bag of stereo cutting and comfortable wear.

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BrassieresRoller massage +1

Technology Topic

Specific gravityHygiene +6


  • Keep-fit massage, bacteriostasis, and deodorization bra liner bag
  • Keep-fit massage, bacteriostasis, and deodorization bra liner bag
  • Keep-fit massage, bacteriostasis, and deodorization bra liner bag


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Example Embodiment

[0018] Example 1
[0019] The health-care, massage, bacteriostatic, deodorant bra lining bag provided by the present invention is a bra lining bag with a finely tailored shape and size for breast development of the human body. A fixing portion 101 extending from the inner bag is fixed to the interlayer space 120 in the cup 110 of the bra 100 covering the breast. Such as Figure one As indicated. The bra inner bag is formed by a double-layer polyether film material, and a double-layer plane formed by an inner layer 12 and an outer layer 11 (such as image 3 Shown) or three-dimensional (such as figure 2 As shown), the outer layer 11 has a thickness of 0.12-0.15mm, and the inner layer 12 has a thickness of 0.2-0.27mm. The inner layer 12 is evenly distributed on the surface facing the breast with dozens of particles of vacuum technology or high-pressure copper film. Protruding round beads 13. The bra lining bag 10 contains a semi-solid flowing mixture 15 with a specific gravity of 0.4, and two energy-active ceramic beads 14 of 8 mm each. The mixture is made of 30 grams of nano-level hollow plastic powder incompatible with water and oil, with a specific gravity of 0.1; 50 grams of white wax oil for high-end cosmetics, with a specific gravity of 0.7; 6 grams of high-grade silica nano-level powder, with a specific gravity of 0.09 ; 10 grams of advanced emulsion; 2 grams of far-infrared sub-nano or nano-level powder; 1 gram of bamboo charcoal nano-level powder; 0.01 gram of essential oil, 3 grams of collagen, 0.03 grams of hops, 0.05 grams of nicotinate, 0.06 grams of chitin .


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