Portable vegetation coverage measuring instrument

A technology of vegetation coverage and measuring instrument, which is applied in the direction of measuring devices, instruments, and optical devices, can solve the problems of not being able to guarantee the level of camera shooting status, and achieve the effect of extracting vegetation coverage, scientific conception, and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-05-27
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Problems solved by technology

[0009] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a portable vegetation coverage measuring instrument, which overcomes the deficiency that the existing instruments cannot guarantee the level of the camera shooting state, realizes better levelness of ...
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Method used

Described support rod 1 (Fig. 2) is a section of steel pipe above, and the fork of two spikes is below, and it is used for instrument i...
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The invention relates to a portable plant coverage measuring instrument which includes a support bar, a main bar, a camera platform and a digital camera; wherein the support bar is a fork form member with an upper section of a steel pipe and a lower section of two spines, and is arranged on ground; the main bar is also a steel pipe, is used for lifting the camera platform to a certain height, and is connected with the support bar through a pin; the camera platform includes a downward semicircular ring, a horizontal circular ring and a horizontal square frame; and one end of the main bar is controlled by a surveyor, the other end is connected with the camera platform, and the camera platform can fast help the camera to recover horizon through the force of gravity. The camera platform is a key member of the present invention, is designed based on principle of holder, and can make the digital camera, which is shook arbitrarily, fixed on the square frame recover horizontal state once the digital camera is in horizontal state. The measuring instrument has advantages of scientific conception, simple structure and easy manufacture.

Application Domain

Using optical means

Technology Topic

Steel tubeSquare Shape +9


  • Portable vegetation coverage measuring instrument
  • Portable vegetation coverage measuring instrument
  • Portable vegetation coverage measuring instrument


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Example Embodiment

[0028] see figure 1 , figure 2 , image 3 , Figure 4 , Figure 5 , Figure 6 , Figure 7 As shown, a portable vegetation coverage measuring instrument is composed of a supporting pole 1, a main pole 2, a camera platform 3, and a digital camera 4. ( figure 1 )
[0029] The support rod 1 ( figure 2 ) Is a fork-shaped piece with a section of steel pipe on the top and two spikes on the bottom. It is used to fix the instrument on the ground. The two spikes on the bottom are easy to insert into the ground to keep the stability of the field instrument.
[0030] The main pole 2 is also a steel tube, which is used to raise the camera platform 3 to a certain height. Depending on the features, the main pole 2 can be extended. The main rod 2 and the support rod 1 are connected by a pin shaft.
[0031] The camera platform 3 ( image 3 ) Using the principle of a pan-tilt, it is composed of a downward semicircular ring 5, a horizontal circular ring 6 and a horizontal square frame 8. The upper rod of the semicircular ring 5 is connected to the top end of the main rod 2, and both ends of the semicircular ring 5 have a hole for two small pillars on the circular ring 6 to pass through and be fixed. In this way, it can be ensured that the circular ring 6 can freely rotate around the semicircular ring 5. On the circular ring 6, in the diameter direction perpendicular to the small pillars, two curved pillars 7 are welded, and the other end of the curved pillar 7 is connected with the midpoints of the two opposite sides of the square frame 8. On the other two opposite sides of the square frame 8, two sliding horizontal slide bars 9 are set. The width of the horizontal slide bars 9 can be adjusted according to the different models of the digital camera 4. The horizontal smoothing rod 9 is fixed on the square frame 8 by four screws. When the screws are not tightened, the horizontal sliding rod 9 can slide on the square frame 8 to adjust the level of the digital camera 4 in the direction perpendicular to the horizontal sliding rod 9. In order to ensure the stability of the digital camera 4, four hooks 10 are provided on the horizontal slide bar 9 to fix the digital camera 4 with rubber bands. In order to facilitate the adjustment of the level of the initial state of the plane, a rung 11 is added on each side of the four hooks 10 of the horizontal slide bar 9, and the level of the initial state can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the rung 11 and the position of the horizontal slide bar 9. In order to make it easier to see the level of the initial state, a horizontal bubble 12 is set at one corner of the square frame 8. When the bubble is in the center, the plane of the square frame 8 is horizontal.
[0032] references:
[0033] [1]Qin Wei, Zhu Qingke, etc. Research progress on vegetation coverage and its measurement methods[J]. Journal of Northwest Sci-Tech University of Agriculture and Forestry (Natural Science Edition). 2006, 09.
[0034] [2] Lu Bingjun, Liu Honghu, etc. Study on the accuracy of calculating vegetation coverage by the combination of photographic method and digital image technology[J]. Bulletin of Soil and Water Conservation, 2007, 01.
[0035] [3] Zhang Xuexia, Zhu Qingke, etc. Estimation of vegetation coverage by digital photography [J]. Journal of Beijing Forestry University. 2008, 01.


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