Shoulder orthosis

An orthosis and shoulder technology, applied in the field of shoulder orthoses, can solve the problems of reducing pain, reducing the user's degree of freedom, not giving enough support, etc., to achieve pain relief, great freedom of movement and simple structure Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-06-18
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[0002] A problem with current shoulder orthoses is that they limit adjustment possibilities and reduce the user's freedom of movement
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The invention discloses a shoulder orthosis. The shoulder orthosis comprises a support part which is positioned above the shoulder of a user, a shoulder girdle for connecting to the front region and the rear region and extending to surround the chest of a user in use, an arm sleeve for surrounding an arm associated with the shoulder of the user, and a tensioning band for connecting the support part and the arm sleeve, wherein the support part is provided with a front region and a rear region, and the front region and the rear region are formed to be positioned in front of and behind the shoulder joint of the shoulder in use, respectively. The shoulder orthosis is simple in structure and large in degree of moving freedom in use, and as a result, the pain of a patient is relieved, and a heating component is applied to guarantee that the patient can feel comfortable in use.

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Medical science

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Hand armEngineering +8


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Example Embodiment

[0007] Example 1
[0008] A shoulder orthosis includes a support portion for positioning above the user's shoulder. The support portion has a front area and a back area. The front area and the back area are formed to be respectively positioned at The front and back of the shoulder joints of the shoulder, the chest strap, used to connect to the front and back areas, and extend around the user’s chest when in use, the arm cover, used to apply to the user’s all Around the arm associated with the shoulder, a tight belt is used to connect the support part and the arm cover, an upper arm cover is used to be applied around the upper arm of the arm, wherein the arm cover is a lower arm cover , Used to be positioned around the lower arm, one wherein the tension belt is configured to connect the upper arm sleeve and the lower arm sleeve, and one the support portion includes the upper arm sleeve, the support portion and the The upper arm sleeve is formed as an integral unit, and at least one adjustable tension belt is arranged between the support part and the upper arm sleeve, and is characterized in that the shoulder orthosis is provided with a heating component.


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