Method for removing foul smell of faeces in feeding process by utilizing microorganisms

A microorganism and broiler technology, applied in the field of poultry and livestock breeding, can solve the problems of reducing the risk factor of breeding, low incidence of plague, rancid chicken manure, etc., and achieves the effect of reducing the risk factor of breeding, the implementation process is simple, and the meat is delicious.

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-01-07
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By implementing the present invention, the EM beneficial bacteria fed can effectively deodorize, sterilize and remove viruses. Therefore, feeding EM bacteria to pigs can make the excrement excreted without ...
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The invention relates to a method for removing foul smell of faeces in a feeding process by utilizing microorganisms. The method comprises the following concrete step: feeding broiler chicken with an EM probiotic diluent on the basis of common daily ration. When the method disclosed by the invention is implemented, the fed EM probiotics can be used for effectively deodorizing, sterilizing and removing virtues, so that the foul smell of the faeces discharged can be removed by feeding the chicken with the EM; the problem that faeces of the chicken are rancid to pollute the environment is effectively solved, low incidence rate of plague of the poultry husbandry is guaranteed, and the breeding risk coefficient is effectively reduced. When the method disclosed by the invention, the digestion of the boiler chicken is facilitated, the gastrointestinal function is kept favorable, and the boiler chicken is vigorous in appetite and fast to grow. The fed boiler chicken is extremely low in production cost and fresh in meat quality and tastes delicious, thus being high-quality and characteristic boiler chicken.

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[0023] Below in conjunction with embodiment the method of the present invention is further described.
[0024] A method for using microorganisms to solve feces odor in the broiler chicken feeding process, the technical solution is: feeding EM beneficial bacteria dilution on the basis of the common diet of broiler chickens.
[0025] The specific implementation is as follows:
[0026] 1. EM selection: select EM original species with an effective viable count of ≥8 billion to 10 billion/g as the strain.
[0027] 2. Expand EM strains: In a container, use 200-300 kg of clean water to completely dissolve 3 kg of sugar in water, then mix 2 kg of EM strains in water and mix well, then seal the container and cultivate for 3-4 days Acquired 200-300 kg of EM bacteria liquid for production.
[0028] 3. Preparation method of EM diluent: mix 1000-1500 times clean water with EM bacteria liquid for production to form EM diluent.
[0029] 4. EM feeding method: After broiler chickens are fed with feed, when feeding water to broiler chickens, they are completely fed with EM diluent.
[0030] 5. Feeding cycle: Feed the EM dilution when the broiler chickens grow to 5 weeks, and keep feeding them until the broilers are ready for slaughter.


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