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A mobile phone screen and carton technology, applied in packaging, transportation and packaging, packaging of fragile items, etc., can solve the problems of inability to meet the cleanliness requirements of mobile phone screens, restrictions on the production operation process of mobile phone screens, etc., and achieve simple structure and convenient packaging. Effect

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[0002] As we all know, mobile phone screens are widely popular in modern times. Traditional mobile phone screens are packaged in cardboard boxes. Since cardboard boxes are prone to paper dust, they cannot m...
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The invention relates to a mobile phone screen packaging box which comprises a sleeve with one opened end, a box body arranged in the sleeve and a mobile phone screen fixing plate arranged in the box body, and is characterized in that the mobile phone screen fixing plate comprises a bottom plate, limiting blocks arranged on the peripheral edges of the surface of the bottom plate, and stopper pieces of which one ends are arranged on the limiting blocks; the limiting blocks form a mobile phone screen storage cavity; the other ends of the stopper pieces stretch into the mobile phone screen storage cavity. The mobile phone screen packaging box is simple in structure, can store a plurality of mobile phone screens by one packaging box, is convenient and simple to package, can effectively prevent dust and static, can enter a clean room, and facilitates the orderly execution of production operations.

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Containers to prevent mechanical damageRigid containers +1

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Mobile phoneCarton +1


  • Mobile phone screen packaging box


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Example Embodiment

[0017] The present invention will be specifically introduced below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and specific embodiments.
[0018] figure 1 It is a structural schematic diagram of an embodiment of the present invention.
[0019] like figure 1 Shown: a mobile phone screen packaging carton, including a sleeve 1 with an open end, a box body 2 set in the sleeve 1, and a mobile phone screen fixing plate set in the box body 1. In this embodiment, the mobile phone screen The fixed plate includes a bottom plate 3, four stoppers 31 arranged on the periphery of the surface of the bottom plate 3, and a stop piece 32 with one end arranged on the stopper 31. In this embodiment, the stopper piece 32 is provided with a total of two pieces, and are respectively arranged on the top of the two oppositely arranged stoppers 31. In addition, the four stoppers 31 together form a storage cavity for storing the mobile phone screen, while the other end of the stopper piece 32 is The storage cavity extending toward the screen of the mobile phone is used to stop the screen of the mobile phone.
[0020] And in this embodiment, there are four groups of mobile phone screen fixing plates, which are stacked in the box body 2 , and the overall thickness of the stacked mobile phone screen fixing plates is the same as the depth of the box body 2 . In addition, the height of the limiting block 31 on the mobile phone screen fixing plate is 0.6-1 mm higher than the thickness of the mobile phone screens, so as to prevent extrusion between adjacent mobile phone screens during the stacking process. The thickness of the stop piece 32 on the mobile phone screen fixing plate is 0.5-0.6 mm, so as to effectively stop the mobile phone screen without affecting the levelness during the stacking process.
[0021] In addition, the material of the sleeve 1 and the box body 2 described in this embodiment is cardboard, the material of the bottom plate is PP hollow board, the material of the limit block is EPE, of course it can also be EVA, and the stopper The sheet material is PET.
[0022] The invention has a simple structure, one packing box can store a plurality of mobile phone screens, and the packing is convenient and simple, can effectively prevent dust and static electricity, can enter a clean room, and is convenient for orderly production and operation.
[0023] The present invention has been described according to the above-mentioned embodiments. It should be understood that the above-mentioned embodiments do not limit the present invention in any form, and all technical solutions obtained by adopting equivalent replacement or equivalent transformation methods fall within the protection scope of the present invention.


Thickness0.5 ~ 0.6mm

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