Motor shock pad

A shock-absorbing pad and cylinder technology, applied in the field of motor shock-absorbing equipment, can solve problems such as large vibration, large equipment noise, resonance, etc., and achieve the effect of reducing vibration and avoiding resonance.

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-12-23
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[0002] The motor damping mode in the prior art is by setting a shock absorbing pad under the motor foot of the motor, as attached figure 1 As shown in the figure, the motor foot, the shock pad and the motor base are fixedly connected by screw nuts. The screw runs through the ent...
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The invention relates to motor shock absorption equipment, and discloses a motor shock pad. The motor shock pad comprises a waist-contracting cylinder (4), wherein the waist-contracting cylinder (4) is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber or silica gel; screws (3) are fixedly arranged at the upper end and the lower end of the waist-contracting cylinder (4); an external contour line of the vertical section of the waist-contracting cylinder (4) comprises a left contour line (401) and a right contour line (402); the left contour line (401) and the right contour line (402) are symmetric about the axis of the waist-contracting cylinder (4) and form a hyperbolic curve; and with an intersection point of a vertical symmetric axis of the vertical section of the waist-contracting cylinder (4) and a horizontal symmetric axis as a circle center and the horizontal symmetric axis as an x axis, the hyperbolic function in which the hyperbolic curve is located is x<2>-y<2>=k, wherein k is a constant. Due to the adoption of the technical scheme, the noise in a motor operation process is greatly reduced; and motor vibration is weakened.

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  • Motor shock pad
  • Motor shock pad


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[0020] Example 1
[0021] Motor shock cushion, such as image 3 As shown, the waisted cylinder 4 is included, and the material of the waisted cylinder 4 is soft PVC, and the plasticizer content is 40%. The material of the plasticizer is aliphatic carboxylate. Screws 3 are fixed at the upper and lower ends of the waist cylinder 4. A nut 5 is also provided on the screw 3.
[0022] The water purifier with vibration and noise reduction device is placed under the motor feet of motor 1, such as figure 2 As shown, the screw 3 at the upper end of the waisted cylinder 4 is screwed to the nut 5 after passing through the motor feet, and the screw 3 at the lower end of the waisted cylinder 4 is also screwed to the nut 5 after passing through the base 2.
[0023] The outer contour line of the vertical section of the waist cylinder 4 includes a left contour line 401 and a right contour line 402. The left contour line 401 and the right contour line 402 are symmetrical about the axis of the waist cylinder 4, and the left contour line 401 and the right contour line 402 form a double curve. Take the intersection of the vertical symmetry axis of the vertical section of the waisted cylinder 4 and the horizontal symmetry axis as the center of the circle, the horizontal symmetry axis as the x axis, and the hyperbolic function where the hyperbola is located is x 2 -y 2 =2, x<30cm.
[0024] The applicant has tested the relationship between elongation, tensile strength, Shore hardness and plasticizer content of soft PVC. To facilitate testing, such as Figure 4 Here, it is assumed that the total PVC material except plasticizer is 100 parts, and the unit of plasticizer dosage is part. The percentage in the claim 35%~50% corresponds to 54 parts~100 parts (54÷154=35% ,100÷200=50%). by Figure 4 with Figure 5 It can be seen that with the increase in the amount of plasticizer, the hardness and tensile strength are decreasing, the elongation is increasing, and the compression deformation is decreasing. The decrease in tensile strength is because the plasticizer is a low-molecular substance, and it is easy to penetrate between the PVC macromolecular chains, and the physical entanglement points are relatively reduced, resulting in a weakening of the molecular force and a macroscopic manifestation of a decrease in tensile strength.


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