Solar intelligent LED lamp

An LED lamp, solar energy technology, applied in directions with built-in power supply, lighting auxiliary devices, lighting and heating equipment, etc., can solve problems such as affecting user experience, poor signal reception performance, and unreasonable structural design of intelligent lamps, etc. Improve antenna communication quality, enhance antenna performance, and increase user experience

Active Publication Date: 2016-01-20
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] For example, the patent of publication number: CN204254342U discloses a kind of LED intelligent lamp. More and more lamps are realized by intelligent control. Smart home has become the mainstream of current lamps. The performance of receiving signals is poor, so it directly affects the user experience; if it is necessary to improve the signal receiving and transmitting performance of LED lamps, the key...
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Method used

A kind of solar energy intelligent LED lamp described in the present embodiment also includes the solar battery panel A5 that is attached to the outer wall of the upper housing A1, and the solar battery panel A5 is connected with the power module; the battery panel is used for power supply The module provides supplementary power supply, which can save the power of the power module.
Prove that this antenna itself possesses better performance; In addition, after adding isolation plate P2, its return loss and isolation all show better performance, as specifically shown in Figure 9, its return loss is at 2.4- The return loss of the 2.48GHz frequency band and the 5.15-5.875GHz frequency band is better than -15dB; as shown in Figure 10, the isolation loss of the isolation degree in the 2.4-2.48GHz and 5.15-5.875GHz frequency bands is better than -20dB. It is worth mentioning here that the ordinary disc dipole antenna should be replaced on the antenna layer D2, and the isolation plate P2 is also added. The electrical performance of the ordinary antenna is not improved much or not, so the isolation plate P2 and its own antenna are mutually Matching and promotion are obvious.
[0048] A solar intelligent LED lamp described in the prese...
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The invention discloses a solar intelligent LED lamp. The solar intelligent LED lamp comprises an upper housing and a lower housing, wherein an LED lens is arranged at the bottom of the lower housing; an LED lighting unit is arranged in the lower housing; a control circuit device used for controlling the LED lighting unit to turn on and off is arranged in the upper housing; the control circuit device comprises a main control chip, a communication module, an LED driving chip and a power supply module; the LED driving chip is electrically connected with the LED lighting unit and is used for driving the LED lighting unit; the power supply module is electrically connected with the main control chip, the communication module and the LED driving chip respectively; an antenna is pivotally connected to the outer wall of the upper housing. Through the solar intelligent LED lamp, the antenna is arranged at the outer wall of the lamp housing, so that the communication quality of the antenna is improved; the interior structure of the antenna is improved, so that the antenna performance is improved, and the user experience of the LED lamp is improved.

Application Domain

Lighting support devicesElectric circuit arrangements +2

Technology Topic

Communication qualityEngineering +3


  • Solar intelligent LED lamp
  • Solar intelligent LED lamp
  • Solar intelligent LED lamp


  • Experimental program(2)

Example Embodiment

[0045] Example 2.
[0046] Assuming that the number of holes K8 is N, the length of the third radiating arm K7 is Lmm, and the radius of the annular radiating arm K5 is Kmm, then K=L/N. Through many experiments, it is found that if it meets the above specifications, the performance of the antenna will be more optimized, especially in terms of return loss. Its return loss is better than -17dB in the 2.4-2.48GHz frequency band and 5.15-5.875GHz frequency band. .

Example Embodiment

[0047] Example 3.
[0048] In the solar smart LED lamp described in this embodiment, the number of the gaps K8 is six. Wherein, the corners of the triangular loop arm K1 are rounded corners. Wherein, the loop arm K1 is an equilateral triangle, and the inner side length of the loop arm K1 is 20 mm. Wherein, the distance between the capacitively coupled vibrator arm P4 and the PCB board P1 is 15 mm. Wherein, the outer edge of the ring arm K1 is a jagged edge. Wherein, the bottom of the LED lens A6 is also provided with a curved surface recess A7 for uniform light; through the above arrangement, the antenna has higher gain, better isolation, and better standing wave ratio performance.
[0049] The solar smart LED light described in this embodiment also includes a solar panel A5 attached to the outer wall of the upper shell A1. The solar panel A5 is connected to the power module; the solar panel is used to supplement the power module The power supply can save the power of the power module.
[0050] The solar smart LED light described in this embodiment further includes two semi-circular hanging ears A3 arranged on the upper housing A1 for hanging the LED light on the support.


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