Method for realizing content delivery by using variables in business intelligence

A technology of business intelligence and business intelligence system, which is applied in the field of content transmission between the inside of the business intelligence system and between the outside and the inside, can solve the problems of inconvenient user operation and generation system, waste of time and efficiency, etc., and achieve easy The effect of learning, improving efficiency, and being easy to operate

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-04-20
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If the content transmission between the system and the outside and inside cannot be realized, it will be ver...
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The invention provides a method for realizing content delivery between inside of a business intelligent system as well as between outside and inside of the business intelligent system by using variables in business intelligence. According to the method, scientific calculation and other expression operation can be performed on original content, so that new content is obtained for delivery, and variable content can be either input manually from outside or assigned from inside of the system. The method can solve the problems that association fails and the like caused by the fact that the content cannot be delivered inside the business intelligent system, and has the advantage that the business intelligent system is more flexible and changeable to use and easy to operate and learn.

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Interprogram communication

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Business intelligenceContent delivery +1


  • Method for realizing content delivery by using variables in business intelligence
  • Method for realizing content delivery by using variables in business intelligence


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Example Embodiment

[0021] The specific embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0022] Such as figure 1 As shown, the technical solution adopted by the present invention is:
[0023] 1) Set a name for each variable, and the variable name set in a single business intelligence system must remain unique.
[0024] 2) Each variable allows 3 data types, namely numbers, dates, and characters. The default is string type.
[0025] 3) You can manually enter an initial value. When the business intelligence system is running, you can use the default value to pass it, or you can assign a dynamic value to the variable.
[0026] 4) The expression method is supported during the use of variables.
[0027] 5) In the business intelligence system, variables are supported in component filter conditions, data length, and component attributes.
[0028] Wherein, in the step 1), in the business intelligence system, variables with fixed names are preset in advance, which are called constants. The difference is that the passed value of the constant cannot be changed. The name of the variable cannot be the same as the name of the constant. The constant length is used to represent the current business intelligence system file name, author name, or current time, etc.
[0029] Wherein, the default value and content of the variable in the step 2) 3) must conform to the type of the variable. When the initial value is not entered, different types of default values ​​will be assigned according to the variable type.
[0030] Wherein, in the step 3), the methods for assigning dynamic values ​​to variables include the following methods: 1) When the business intelligence system is initially running, a prompt box will pop up to enter the variable value. 2) Obtain the variable value by reading the parameters in the URL when the business intelligence system is running. 3) Assign values ​​to variables through components in the business intelligence system. 4) Variable value can be changed through js function.
[0031] Wherein, in the step 4), the expression supports the following content: 1) Operator operations such as "+", "-", "*", and "/" of numeric type. 2) Numerical type support is similar to the method in the Math class in java language. 3) Character type support, "+" for string connection. 4) The string type supports character substitution and stealing methods. 5) The time type supports formatting into a string in a specified style.
[0032] Wherein, in the step 5), the filter conditions of all components in the business intelligence system and the data length support the use of variables. The title and footer of the graphic display component can support the use of variables.
[0033] Among them, assigning values ​​to variables through components in the business intelligence system is characterized by: 1) assigning the current display values ​​of the components to the variables. 2) Assign a variable to the dimension or measure value currently selected by the component.
[0034] Among them, preferably, when the value of a variable is changed during the operation of the business intelligence system, if a component references this variable, the component will be refreshed or the data will be requested again.
[0035] Such as figure 2 An embodiment of the present invention is shown:
[0036] 1. In the business intelligence system, set the variable p, the number type.
[0037] 2. figure 2 In the histogram, set the filter condition, the metric value is greater than p+1, and the time is less than a constant t called the current time.
[0038] 3. Set click figure 2 In the table, assign the value of column 2 in the point to the value of variable p.
[0039] 4. After the value of the variable p changes, the filter conditions of the histogram change accordingly, so the histogram requests data again, thereby refreshing the histogram and drawing the histogram of the new data.
[0040] 5. Outside the business intelligence system, you can also use the js method --setVariableValue(name, value) to change p to any value, and the histogram will refresh accordingly.
[0041] 6. After the design of the business intelligence system is completed, the variable p can be assigned by adding "&p=1" after the "?" in the url of the business intelligence system during the initialization of the operation.
[0042] An embodiment of the present invention has been described in detail above, but the content is only a preferred embodiment of the present invention, and cannot be considered as limiting the scope of implementation of the present invention. All equal changes and improvements made in accordance with the scope of the application of the present invention should still fall within the scope of the patent of the present invention.


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