Efficient purification filter screen

A filter screen, high-efficiency technology, applied in household heating, space heating and ventilation details, heating methods, etc., can solve the problems of indoor air pollution, short service life, troublesome assembly and manufacturing, and achieve stable and reliable use and structural design. Reasonable and healthy effect

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Problems solved by technology

An air purifier is a small household appliance used to purify indoor air. It mainly solves the problem of indoor air pollution caused by decoration or other reasons. The filtering function of existing purifier equipment mainly depends on the filter screen set inside it. There are mainly laminated filter screens and activated carbon filter screens. The laminated filter screen is c...
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Method used

A kind of high-efficiency purification filter screen, as shown in Figure 1, comprises the barrier 2 of the middle part perforate that housing 1, housing 1 inwall middle part are provided with and the filter screen assembly 3 that barrier 2 both sides are respectively arranged; The barrier 2 is two ring-shaped protrusions 4 arranged in parallel, and a catalytic unit 5 filled with a molecular sieve catalyst is provided between the two protrusions 4; the housing 1 is provided with an anion generator 6 inside, The inner wall of the housing 1 is provided with a mounting groove, and the filter screen assembly is provided with a wing plate 7 matching the mounting groove. It should be noted that the barrier 2 not only serves as a mounting seat for installing the catalytic unit, but also can form a position for the filter screen assembly, so as to ensure that the screen assembly is fixed firmly and reliably, and will not be displaced or fall off during use.
[0024] Above-mentioned housing 1 two ends a...
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The invention provides an efficient purification filter screen which comprises a shell, a barrier salient arranged at the middle part of the inner wall of the shell and two filter screen components arranged on the two sides of the barrier salient respectively; each filter screen component is of a double layer structure and is composed of an activated carbon filter screen layer as an inner layer and a photocatalyst filter screen layer sleeving the outer part of the activated carbon filter screen layer; the barrier salient is two annular salients which are arranged in parallel; a catalyst unit filled with a molecular sieve catalyst is arranged between the two annular salients; connecting lugs are arranged on the outer surface of the shell. According to the efficient purification filter screen, air to be purified enters the filter screen structure, can be adsorbed, filtered and disinfected by the filter screen components firstly, then is catalytically disinfected by the catalyst unit and passes through a group of filter screen components again to be treated by secondary adsorption, filter and disinfection, thus the purification effect of the air is ensured with the purification action of an anode generator.

Application Domain

Mechanical apparatusLighting and heating apparatus +2

Technology Topic

Molecular sieveActivated carbon +1


  • Efficient purification filter screen
  • Efficient purification filter screen


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Example Embodiment

[0018] It should be noted that the embodiments in the invention and the features in the embodiments can be combined with each other if there is no conflict.
[0019] In the description of the invention, it should be understood that the terms "center", "vertical", "horizontal", "upper", "lower", "front", "rear", "left", "right", The orientation or positional relationship indicated by "vertical", "horizontal", "top", "bottom", "inner", "outer", etc. is based on the orientation or positional relationship shown in the drawings, and is only for the convenience of describing the present invention The creation and simplification of the description does not indicate or imply that the pointed device or element must have a specific orientation, be constructed and operated in a specific orientation, and therefore cannot be understood as a limitation of the invention. In addition, the terms "first", "second", etc. are only used for descriptive purposes, and cannot be understood as indicating or implying relative importance or implicitly indicating the number of indicated technical features. Therefore, the features defined with "first", "second", etc. may explicitly or implicitly include one or more of these features. In the description of the invention, unless otherwise specified, the meaning of "multiple" means two or more.
[0020] In the description of the invention, it should be noted that, unless otherwise clearly specified and limited, the terms "installation", "connection", and "connection" should be understood in a broad sense, for example, it can be a fixed connection or an optional connection. Detachable connection, or integral connection; it can be mechanical connection or electrical connection; it can be directly connected or indirectly connected through an intermediate medium, and it can be the internal communication between two components. For those of ordinary skill in the art, the specific meaning of the above terms in the creation of the present invention can be understood through specific circumstances.
[0021] The invention will be described in detail below with reference to the drawings and in conjunction with the embodiments.
[0022] A high-efficiency purification filter, such as figure 1 As shown, it includes a housing 1, a partition with a hole in the middle provided in the middle of the inner wall of the housing 1, and a filter assembly 3 provided on both sides of the partition 2; the partitions 2 are two circular rings arranged in parallel Shaped protrusion 4, between the two protrusions 4 is provided with a catalytic unit 5 filled with a molecular sieve catalyst; the housing 1 is provided with a negative ion generator 6 on the inner wall of the housing 1 is provided with a mounting groove, the filter The net assembly is provided with a wing plate 7 matching the installation groove. It should be noted that the baffle 2 serves as a mounting seat for installing the catalytic unit, and can also position the filter screen assembly to ensure that the filter screen assembly is stable and reliable, and will not shift or fall off during use.
[0023] When the air to be purified enters the filter structure, it will be adsorbed, filtered and disinfected by the filter components, and then catalyzed and sterilized by the catalytic unit, and then passed through a set of filter components for the second adsorption and filtration. And disinfection, coupled with the purification effect of the negative ion generator 6, to ensure the air purification effect.
[0024] Plasma purification devices 8 are respectively provided at both ends of the casing 1 to further purify the air, ensure the filtering and purification effect, and keep the indoor air fresh.
[0025] The outer surface of the housing is provided with connecting ears 9, which can be conveniently connected with the purifier structure. Generally, 3-4 connecting ears 9 are evenly distributed along the outer edge of the housing.
[0026] The aforementioned filter assembly 3 includes a honeycomb activated carbon filter, and the surface of the filter is coated with nano-scale titanium dioxide paint. Play the role of isolation and disinfection, the use effect is very good.
[0027] The above-mentioned filter assembly 3 has a double-layer structure, including an inner activated carbon filter layer 10 and a photocatalyst filter layer 11 sheathed outside. The activated carbon filter layer absorbs impurities, dust particles, etc., and then passes through the photocatalyst filter layer for effective sterilization and filtration to achieve the purpose of clean air.
[0028] The above-mentioned casing 1 is a stainless steel casing, which can be used for a long time and is not easy to be damaged by corrosion.
[0029] The invention has reasonable structural design, stable and reliable use, and effectively separates the two sets of filter screen components through the partition in the middle of the shell, forming a two-stage filter structure. Together with the sterilization effect of the catalytic unit, it can efficiently carry out air Filter sterilization to protect people's health.
[0030] The above are only the preferred embodiments created by the present invention, and are not intended to limit the creation of the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. made within the spirit and principle of the present invention should be included in Within the scope of protection created by the present invention.


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