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A forming press, commonly shortened to press, is a machine tool that changes the shape of a workpiece by the application of pressure. The operator of a forming press is known as a press-tool setter, often shortened to toolsetter.

Tapered roller bearing ring double extension-sleeve forging technique

The invention relates to a double diffusion intussusception forge technique of a bearing ring of a tapered roller, belongs to the technical field of forging of the bearing ring of the tapered roller and mainly aims at solving the problems that the existing ring forging technique is not suitable for various bearing rings of the large and medium size tapered rollers. The technique is mainly characterized in that: (1) a GCr15 steel material section is heated to 1050 DEG C on a medium frequency induction furnace, then upset on a press, extruded backward and forward, formed, sheathed respectively and is separated into an outer sleeve and an inner sleeve or a small outer sleeve blank; (2) the outer sleeve blank is ring-rolled on a ring rolling machine, then reeled on the press and cooled into an outer sleeve forged parts of a bearing; and (3) the inner sleeve or the small outer sleeve blank is placed on the press, upset again, extruded and punched and then a ring part is obtained which is ring-rolled on the ring rolling machine, then an inner sleeve hot forged part after being ring-rolled is reeled on the press and then cooled to obtain the inner sleeve forged part of the bearing. The technique is mainly used for manufacturing the inner and outer ring forged parts of the bearing of the large and medium size tapered roller with various types, small batch or large batch.

Brazilian split method for measuring elastic parameter of rock under extension condition

The invention discloses a Brazilian split method for measuring an elastic parameter of a rock under an extension condition, which comprises the steps of: A. horizontally putting a machined disc-shaped sample between the load bearing plates of a press machine by using a Brazilian disc split method, placing a hard steel wire respectively between the upper load bearing plate and the sample and between the lower load bearing plate and the sample, arranging a filler strip perpendicular to the symmetrical surfaces of the sample, and applying pressure on the upper load bearing plate and the lower load bearing plate to make the sample generate tension perpendicular to the action directions of an upper load and a lower load; B. carrying out analysis by using the Hooke's law in classical elasticity mechanics by combining specific conditions of the Brazilian split method; C. analyzing the stress condition of the rock and the measurement principle in the Brazilian disc split method; and D. obtaining the strain in the stress direction according to the Hooke's law from the stress condition sigma3=0, measuring epsilon1 and epsilon2, obtaining the elastic parameter of the rock sample, and arranging a strain gauge in the center position of the rock sample for measurement of epsilon1 and epsilon2. The method has the advantages of easiness for operation and use, clear principle, low material consumption, and the like. The method is suitable for wide popularization and application.

Middle-duty and heavy-duty automobile knuckle stamp forging extruding compound technology

A middle-duty and heavy-duty automobile knuckle stamp forging extruding compound technology overcomes the disadvantages of low material utilization and large device investment of the traditional production technology, utilizes flexibility of preforming by a stamping hammer and structure characteristic of a press extrusion die and adopts stamping hammer production technology and press extrusion compound technology. The main technical scheme includes a series of technical measures of vertically splitting of blank material by mould with V-shaped cutting edge and locally enclosed structure, preforging of cavity damping stripe, finish forging of locally enclosed structure, hot extrusion forming of steering space and the like, parameter requirements and corresponding moulds and devices. The invention has the characteristics that device investment of stamping hammer production technology is small, structure is simple, and equipment manufacturing period is short; production technological flow is reasonable and processing is easy; and the invention also has the characteristics that product quality is good and productivity is high; and material utilization is obviously higher than that of any original knuckle processing technology and production cost is greatly reduced.

Strike lock with functions of fail security and fail safety

A strike lock includes an upper frame, a lower frame, a door position detector, a door position detecting spring, an electromagnetic tube, a detecting switch assembly, a buckle assembly, a press assembly, and a lock assembly. The detecting switching assembly is formed by a door position detecting switch, a substrate, and an electromagnetic tube detecting switch. The buckle assembly is formed by a buckle, a buckling spring, and a straight screw. The press assembly is formed by a positioning plate, a press unit, a pressing spring, and a positioning screw. The lock assembly is formed by a lock, a support unit, and a locking spring. The operation of the strike lock is that the electromagnetic tube moves transversally to push the buckle assembly, when the press assembly can move downwards to buckle the buckle assembly, the locking spring and the lock are free to move to have the object of door unlocking. When the press assembly cannot move downwards to buckle the buckle assembly, the locking spring and the lock are locked by the press assembly to have the object of door locking. The operation of the strike lock is that when the electromagnetic tube is excited to move the buckle assembly transversally, the press assembly is able to move downwards and the lock is free to move so as to have the object of an electric lock. Through changing the installation direction of the buckle, the functions of unlocking the door under power supplying or power interruption are switched.

Suction duct of air conditioner compressor and fabricating and connecting method thereof

The invention provides a suction pipe for an air conditioner compressor and methods for manufacturing and connecting the same. The suction pipe is an all-steel bent pipe, a horizontal section is provided with an iron ring, an end port of a pipe column of the iron ring is pressed into the horizontal section of the bent pipe by a pressure machine based on requirements, a copper-based solder is placed at an annular seam which is arranged between the bent pipe and the iron ring and between a vertical section of the bent pipe and a main body of a liquid reservoir, which is welded in a furnace by means of braze welding so as to realize synchronous welding between the bent pipe and the iron ring and between the bent pipe and the liquid reservoir. The horizontal section of the bent pipe and a suction hole of an air cylinder of the compressor are connected directly, the sealing way has sealing of conical surface or sealing of interference fit of a cylindrical surface or filling sealing of high plastic metal deformation, and the iron ring on the bent pipe is welded by resistance welding on the shell of the compressor. The suction pipe omits a technical part of a conduit and performs all-steel pipe of the suction pipe, thereby greatly reducing use amount of the copper pipe material. In addition, twice welding are turned into once welding and applications on the prior high silver solder and the solder containing silver, phosphorus and copper are omitted, thereby reducing greatly cost of the air conditioner and improving product quality.
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