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Process of forming bend-controlling structures in a sheet of material, the resulting sheet and die sets therefor

A process of forming bend-controlling structures, such as slits, grooves or displacements (22), in a sheet of material (21, 121, 221, 321, 421, 521, 621,721). The bend-controlling structures (22) have central portions (26) extending substantially parallel to a desired bend line (23) on the sheet and end portions (27) which diverge away from the bend line (23). In one embodiment the process includes the step of forming the bending straps (24) between pairs of slit end portions (27) at a desired spaced apart distances along the bend line (23) with the straps (24) having a desired configuration, and the step of forming central portions (26) which connect the end portions (27) to complete the slits (22) using a separate die set. A plurality of end portion dies (51/54) can be used to produce end portions (27) of various shapes and straps (24) of various widths, and a single set of central portion forming dies (71/74) are used to connect the end portions (27). In other embodiments die sets producing a single end portion (27) or mirror image impressions (A,B) are used and preferably overlapped to produce the complete bend-controlling structure (22). A modular die assembly (500) also is disclosed in which the bend-controlling structures can be produced by modular die inserts (511-514, 611-614). Finally, a selection of die sets (722a, 722b, 722c) of differing length from a group of die sets can be made to position the bending straps (24) at desired locations along the bend line.

Punching device for electric wire threading slot punching

The invention discloses a punching device for electric wire threading slot punching. The punching device for electric wire threading slot punching comprises a rack, wherein an oil cylinder connecting bottom plate is fixedly arranged on the bedplate of the rack, a connecting strut is fixedly arranged on the top surface of the oil cylinder connecting bottom plate, an upper connecting plate is fixedly arranged at the upper end of the connecting strut, and a punching oil cylinder is fixedly arranged on the upper connecting plate; waste box adjusting motors are respectively fixedly arranged and vertical adjusting screws are hinged on the two sides plates of the rack, a waste box supporting plate is in threaded connection in the two vertical adjusting screws, the waste box supporting plate is provided with a stepped through hole, a waste box is inserted into the stepped through hole, the outer wall of the top portion of the waste box is provided with a radially extending supporting edge, and the radially extending supporting edge is inserted into the insertion section of the upper portion of the stepped through hole. The punching device for electric wire threading slot punching has the advantages that a wire threading slot plate can be automatically punched, the upward and downward adjustment of the waste box can be realized through the waste box adjusting motors, the waste can be collected in a unified manner and automatically falls down to the ground, and the waste box does not need to be manually lifted for discharging.

Multi-direction step-by-step tridimensional punching method of IML products and punching mould thereof

The invention relates to a multi-direction step-by-step tridimensional punching method of IML products and a punching mould thereof, which is characterized in that a punching mould combing a direct punching mould and a lateral punching mould is adopted to dimensionally punch the cavern shapes and edge contours of IML product located on different surfaces step by step; the punching mould comprises an upper mould which comprises a punch (straight punching head) and a lower mould which comprises a die and air cylinder side cut assemblies; the punch of the upper mould and the die of the lower mould form a straight punching mode; the side wall of the die and four groups of air cylinder side cut assemblies of the lower mould form a side punching mode; a multidirectional step-by-step dimensional method is adopted to decompose the punching of the IML product with complex structure and shape into one-step punching with simpler shape, the power of one-step punching of side faces is provided by a straight air cylinder, thereby ensuring the quality and stability of quenching; in addition, the punching method has simple operation and accurate production orientation, the qualification rate can be above 90%, therefore, the method is applicable to large-scale batch production.

Punch device with adjustment subassembly as retrofit insert or as original equipment

ActiveUS20090266209A1Prevent misalignment and uneven wearPerforating toolsMetal working apparatusPunch pressReciprocating motion
A punch assembly for a punch press has a punch housing with a punch that is slideably mounted for reciprocation along punch axis within the punch housing and at least one resilient member in the housing for yieldably biasing the punch upwardly in the housing along the punch axis. A punch length adjustment subassembly is provided in the punch housing. The subassembly has a base member that is slideable axially but non-rotatably mounted within the housing and a punch head member having an upper end that is positioned to be struck by a punch ram of a punch press for driving the punch downwardly to an operating position. The punch head is mounted for rotation on the punch axis relative to the base member but is held against axial movement relative to the base member. The punch head is operatively associated by a threaded length adjustment connection to the punch and a releasable stop member is connected between the punch head and the base member for preventing rotation of the punch head relative to the base member while the punch assembly is in operation on the punch press. The invention is also directed to the punch head subassembly per se as a retrofit insert to update existing punch assemblies for manual tooless punch length adjustment and tooless punch removal.

Hardware pipe stock automatic punching machine

The invention relates to the technical field of pipe stock machining, in particular to a hardware pipe stock automatic punching machine. According to key points of the technical scheme, the hardware pipe stock automatic punching machine comprises a working table, a plurality of feeding mechanisms arranged on the working table, a clamping mechanism for clamping and moving pipe stocks on the feedingmechanism, a forming mechanism, a pushing mechanism, a collecting mechanism and a cleaning mechanism, wherein the forming mechanism is used in cooperation with the clamping mechanism and carries outpunching forming on the pipe stocks, the pushing mechanism pushes the pipe stocks to move to the forming mechanism for machining, the collecting mechanism collects the formed pipe stocks, and the cleaning mechanism collects scraps after punching. A receiving portion for transversely placing the pipe stocks is arranged on the pushing mechanism. The pipe stocks are sequentially arranged on the feeding mechanism to be fed. By means of the clamping mechanism, the pipe stocks are moved to the receiving portion from the feeding mechanism, the pushing mechanism pushes the pipe stocks to the forming mechanism to be punched and formed, and the formed pipe stocks are collected through the collecting mechanism. The punching machine reduces manual operation, the production efficiency is high, the punching machine is applicable to butt joint of an assembly line, and the requirement for batch production is met.

Perforating machine for auto parts

The invention discloses a perforating machine for auto parts. The perforating machine comprises a main body and a base. The two sides of the main body are fixedly connected with supports correspondingly. A top plate is mounted at the tops of the supports. A sliding seat is movably connected with the bottom of the top plate. An electric extensible rod is connected with the bottom of the sliding seat. A sliding plate penetrates through an inner chamber of the electric extensible rod. The bottoms of the two sides of the sliding plate are connected with springs correspondingly. First support plates are mounted at the bottoms of the springs correspondingly. A second support plate is connected with one sides of the first support plates. Arc-shaped slide grooves are formed in the top of the second support plate. Sliding blocks are arranged in inner chambers of the arc-shaped slide grooves correspondingly. Connection rods are connected with the tops of the sliding blocks. A holding plate is mounted at the tops of the connection rods. The bottom of the holding plate is movably connected with a rotary shaft. A rotary motor is connected with the bottom of the rotary shaft. According to the perforating machine for the auto parts, the holding plate is driven to slide in the arc-shaped slide grooves by the rotary motor and the rotary shaft, multidirectional perforating to the auto parts is facilitated, a perforating device can be driven to move by the sliding seat, and perforating positions can be conveniently adjusted.

Continuous punching device for linear pipes

A continuous punching device for linear pipes comprises a base, punching mechanisms, a sliding base, a transverse moving mechanism, clamping mechanisms and a control device, wherein the punching mechanisms are arranged on the base; the sliding base is arranged on the base in a horizontal moving mode in the transverse direction; the transverse moving mechanism drives the sliding base to move in the transverse direction; each clamping mechanism is arranged on the sliding base and used for clamping one end of one linear pipe; the control device is respectively connected with the punching mechanisms and the transverse moving mechanism; each punching mechanism comprises a die holder, a core die and a stamping mechanism; the die holders are arranged on the base, a through hole extending in the transverse direction and allowing one linear pipe to stretch in is formed in the side face of each die holder, a first punched hole communicated with the corresponding through hole is formed in the top face of each die holder, and a discharge hole communicated with the corresponding through hole is formed in the bottom face of each die holder; each core die is arranged in the through hole of the corresponding die holder through a die rod which extends in the transverse direction, and a second punched hole opposite to the first punched hole is formed in each core die; each stamping mechanism comprises a punch which can move up and down relative to the corresponding first punched hole and the corresponding second punched hole and a driving part which can drive the punch to move up and down. The continuous punching device has the advantages of being simple in structure, convenient to operate, high in punching efficiency and the like.

Internal welded radiator header tube hole punched device and process thereof

The invention discloses an internal-welding radiator header pipe punching device and a technique method thereof, comprising a punch, a control cabinet and a material feeding device. The material feeding device comprises a material supporting frame, a screw rod and a stepping motor driving the material supporting frame to move; one end of screw rod is fixedly supported on the workbench of the punch and the other end is transmitted and connected with the stepping motor which is electrically connected with the control cabinet; the workbench of the punch is provided with a punching die; the material supporting frame and the punching die are arranged in the same horizontal; a raw material pipe is arranged on the material supporting frame and the lower die of the punching die for positioning; a motor control switch on the control cabinet is pressed down to start the stepping motor which then drives the material supporting frame to transmit the raw material pipe to the processing position for punching; when the upper hole punching is implemented, the punching of holes at two sides is implemented at the same time. The invention has the advantages of advanced technique, high automation and high punch positioning precision, greatly improving production efficiency, reducing labor cost and having extremely good practical value.

Silicon steel sheet punching process and device for simultaneously punching two holes

The invention relates to a silicon steel sheet punching process and device for simultaneously punching two holes, belonging to the technical field of transformers. The technical scheme is that the silicon steel sheet punching device comprises a punch press (1), a guide shaft (2), a guide sleeve (3), a slideway (4) and a double punch pin (5), wherein the guide shaft and the guide sleeve are arranged between a stroke slider at the upper side of the punch press and a bottom working table so as to improve the precision of the punch press; the slideway is machined on the guide sleeve, the double punch pin is arranged on the slideway and the distance of the double punch pin can be freely regulated in a certain spacing so as to satisfy the distance between the two holes on an iron yoke; and a lower punch die is arranged on the slideway of the bottom working table and is aligned with an upper punch pin in the debugging process so that the two holes can be simultaneously punched. The silicon steel sheet punching process and device which are provided by the invention have the positive effects that: the two holes can be simultaneously punched through the punch press; the punching on an iron yoke piece can be completed through one-time punching; and therefore, the efficiency is increased by more than one time and the punching quality is improved.

Punching and grinding integrated device

The invention belongs to the technical field of punching device, and specifically discloses a punching and grinding integrated device. The device comprises a worktable, a controller, a punch and a sliding barrel, wherein a groove is formed in the upper surface of the worktable, and an infrared emitter is arranged in the groove; an empty cavity is formed in the worktable, and two pushing columns are connected into the empty cavity in a sliding manner; L-shaped clamping plates are arranged on the pushing rods; a piston is connected into the sliding barrel in a sliding manner, and the punch is fixed to the piston; a water inlet pipe, a water draining pipe and a communicating pipe are connected to the sidewall of the sliding barrel; an inner concave cavity is formed in the lower surface of thepunch, and a plunger piston is connected into the inner concave cavity and a motor is arranged in the inner concave cavity; a telescoping rod is connected to an output shaft of the motor and is connected to the plunger piston; a chute is formed in the sidewall of the plunger piston; a grinding bump is connected into the chute in a sliding manner; an infrared receiver is embedded into the lower surface of the plunger piston; and the infrared receiver and the infrared emitter are electrically connected to a controller. According to the technical scheme, the device is capable of punching, grinding and processing a workpiece, and the processing efficiency is improved.
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