Emergency portable infusion support

An infusion stand and portable technology, applied in the field of medical devices, can solve the problems of harm to patients' health, infection, infusion troubled life, inconvenient rescue, etc., and achieve the effect of increasing economic and social value, simple structure and ingenious design.

Pending Publication Date: 2017-02-22
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Problems solved by technology

But there are also some special circumstances that make infusion become a problem that plagues people's lives
In the common first aid scenes that are often seen on various occasions, one side is often seen with a doctor nervously rescuing, and the other side is a nurse acting as an infusion stand holding up a medicine bottle. It is convenient for rescue. In addition, manpower is limited after all. If it is not stable or other unexpected situations occur, it may cause harm to the patient.
There are also some elderly people who may not be able to go to hospitals and other places wit...
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Method used

In the overall design of the present invention, due to the use of the fastening bolt and the fastening platform, the infusion stand can be fixed quickly, in addition, the design of the clamping screw enables the present invention to adapt to various fixed places of different shapes and diameters , can be wid...
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The invention provides an emergency portable infusion support and relates to the field of medical instruments. The emergency portable infusion support is composed of a suspending hole, a suspending telescopic rod, a fixing frame, a clamping screw, a rotary shaft, a fastening bolt, a fastening nut, a fastening bolt rotary shaft, a suspending telescopic rod rotary shaft and a fastening platform. The emergency portable infusion support is simple in structure and ingenious in design, can well adapt to various emergencies, and greatly helps rescue and relief work, first aid and home use. The emergency portable infusion support is small in size and convenient to carry; in addition, the emergency portable infusion support can be made of stainless steel and other materials, is convenient to disinfect, and prevents secondary infection of patients. The emergency portable infusion support has high economic value and social value.

Application Domain

Infusion devices

Technology Topic

First aidFixed frame +6


  • Emergency portable infusion support
  • Emergency portable infusion support
  • Emergency portable infusion support


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Example Embodiment

[0015] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the drawings:
[0016] See Figure 1-3 , An emergency portable infusion stand, consisting of a suspension hole, a suspension telescopic rod, a fixed frame, a clamping screw, a shaft, a fastening bolt, a fastening nut, a fastening bolt shaft, a suspension telescopic rod shaft, and a fastening platform. The hanging hole is set at the top of the hanging telescopic rod; the fixed frame is divided into two parts, and the two parts are connected by a shaft; the hanging telescopic rod is connected with the fixed frame through the hanging telescopic rod shaft; the fixed frame is provided with clamping screws; the fixed frame and the tight The fixing platform is integrally connected; the fastening platform is U-shaped; the fastening bolt shaft is arranged at the lower end of the fastening platform; the fastening bolt movably passes through the fastening screw shaft. The suspension telescopic rod is provided with an anti-skid sleeve, the shape of the anti-skid sleeve is combined with the human hand engineering design, the number of the clamping screws is at least three, the two sides of the fastening nut are flat, and the width of the fastening nut At least twice the diameter of the fastening bolt.
[0017] During use, unscrew the fastening nut, open the fixed frame, put the fixed frame on the bed leg or stretcher, rotate the fastening bolt to make it stuck in the U-shape of the fastening platform, tighten the fastening nut, and then tighten The clamping screw makes the bottom of the clamping screw support the leg of the bed or the stretcher to fix the entire infusion stand, and pull out the suspension telescopic rod for use.
[0018] In the overall design of the present invention, due to the use of the fastening bolts and the fastening platform, the infusion stand can be quickly fixed. In addition, the design of the clamping screws enables the present invention to adapt to fixing places of various shapes and diameters, and can be universal Used in various places. The non-slip sleeve provided on the suspension telescopic rod can make the infusion stand be held in hand under special circumstances without being too tired. After use, the infusion stand is stowed, which is small in size and easy to carry for disinfection management.
[0019] Finally, it should be noted that the specific implementation is a further description of the present invention rather than a limitation. For those of ordinary skill in the art, further changes can be made without departing from the essence of the present invention, and all these changes should belong to the present invention. The protection scope of the appended claims of the invention.


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