A sofa and armrest technology, applied in the field of sofas, can solve the problems of inconvenient mass production, neck pain, and inconvenient storage, and achieve the effects of saving storage space, avoiding the infestation of mosquitoes, and expanding the use of space

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However, for people who sit on the sofa for a long time, the head cannot lean on the sofa cushion like the back. Sitting in a single posture for a long time can easily lead to neck pain or even cervical spondylosis, which seriously affects people's life and work.
At the same time, many of the existing sofas are integral structures, that is, the armrests, backrests and bases of the sofa are manufactured as a whole. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not conducive to the reassembly...
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The invention discloses a sofa. The sofa comprises a hand rail, a backrest and a base, the bottom of the hand rail is connected with the base, the direction of the connection between the hand rail and the backrest is in a bent L shape, a bent L shape structure comprises the two sections of a straight section and a bent section, and the end face of the bent section is connected with the backrest; the top of an underframe of the sofa is provided with a cushion, the two ends of the underframe of the sofa are respectively provided with a left arm-chair and a right arm-chair, a back arm-chair is connected with the left arm-chair and the right arm-chair, a pillow support frame is arranged on the back arm-chair, and a head pillow is connected with the pillow support frame; a hand rail part is connected to a fixed part of the sofa through an angle adjustment fitting and is fixed in a freely adjustable angle mode; a sofa body is fixedly connected with an auxiliary seat plate, one side of the auxiliary seat plate is connected with a main seat plate in a hinged mode, and the upper surface of the auxiliary seat plate and the upper surface and the lower surface of the main seat plate are all movably connected with elastic cushions. The sofa is quite convenient to transport and warehouse, the infestation from mosquitoes is effectively avoided, and people can fully enjoy leisure.

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[0013] A sofa includes an armrest, a backrest and a base. The bottom of the armrest is connected to the base. The direction in which the armrest is connected to the backrest is in a bent "L" shape. The bent "L" shape includes a straight section and a bent There are two parts, the end face of the bending section is connected with the backrest; a cushion is arranged above the sofa underframe, the two ends of the sofa underframe are respectively provided with a left chair and a right chair, the back chair and the left chair and The right chair is connected, the pillow support frame is set on the back chair, and the head pillow is connected to the pillow support frame; the armrest part is connected to the fixed part of the sofa by angle adjustment hardware, in a form that can freely adjust the angle Is fixed; the sofa base is fixedly connected with an auxiliary seat board, one side of the auxiliary seat board is hinged to the main seat board, the upper surface of the auxiliary seat board and the upper and lower surfaces of the main seat board are movably connected with Elastic cushion.
[0014] Further, the angle adjustment fitting further includes a retracting action of pulling back a predetermined small angle in the other direction during the free swing of the first member and the second member from the lock release position relative to each other, so that A restoring device that restores the floating wedge member from the retracted state to the meshed state with the gear portion.
[0015] Further, the main seat board is provided with a placement groove communicating with the outside world, the placement groove is provided with a support rod, the top of the support rod is movably connected with a mosquito net, the main seat board and the auxiliary seat board are both A mounting structure is provided, and a rod taking structure for taking out the support rod is provided in the placement groove.
[0016] Further, the bottom of the armrest and the base are connected by a hook.
[0017] Further, the angle adjustment fitting includes: a first member whose disc body is freely rotatable around a swing axis, and the disc body has a non-circular through hole; and a second member protruding from the axis The non-circular shaft portion of the through hole can be inserted in any direction.
[0018] Further, the installation structure is a tripod hinged on the main seat board and the auxiliary seat board.
[0019] Further, there is a movable connection between the backrest and the base.
[0020] The above description is not a limitation of the present invention, and the present invention is not limited to the above examples. Changes, modifications, additions or substitutions made by those skilled in the art within the essential scope of the present invention shall also belong to the present invention. protected range.


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