Underground ventilation equipment for tire production workshop

A production workshop and underground ventilation technology, which is applied in space heating and ventilation, ventilation systems, lighting and heating equipment, etc., can solve the problems of high maintenance costs, easy fatigue, and increase the work intensity of operators, so as to reduce the operation intensity Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-01-09
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[0002] Generally speaking, in the tire manufacturing workshop, especially in the tire inflation production line, the equipment needs to heat and inflate the tire, so the temperature in the whole workshop...
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An underground ventilation equipment for a tire production workshop, comprising: an air compressor, a tire vulcanizer and an underground ventilation pipe, characterized in that the air compressor communicates with the underground ventilation pipe, and the ventilation pipe A plurality of ventilation openings are evenly arranged on the upper side, and a hollow baffle plate flush with the ground is arranged above the ventilation openings, and the hollow baffle plate is arranged in front of the tire vulcanizing machine. The present invention is provided with a ventilation port in front of the vulcanizing machine, so that the working temperature around the workers can be reduced, the ventilation can be kept and the indoor temperature can be lowered, so that the workers can enjoy the cool air at the ventilation port and reduce the operating intensity.

Application Domain

Lighting and heating apparatusVentilation systems

Technology Topic

Ventilation ductOperating temperature +6


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Example Embodiment

[0006] The preferred embodiments of the present invention are described in detail below, so that the advantages and features of the present invention can be more easily understood by those skilled in the art, and the protection scope of the present invention can be more clearly defined.
[0007] Embodiments of the present invention include: an underground ventilation device for a tire production workshop, comprising: an air compressor, a tire vulcanizer, and a ventilation pipe installed underground, the air compressor is communicated with the ventilation pipe installed underground, and the ventilation pipe is connected to the ground. A plurality of air vents are evenly arranged, and a hollow baffle that is flush with the ground is arranged above the air vent, and the hollow baffle is arranged in front of the tire vulcanizing machine.
[0008] The invention is used for the tire vulcanizing machine and the hollow baffle in the underground ventilation equipment of the tire production workshop to be installed and arranged corresponding to each vent, forming an assembly line, so that multiple operators can stand in front of the tire vulcanizing machine, and the air compressor The wind blows to the vents and hollow baffles through the ventilation ducts, so that the operator can walk to the vents to get cool, blowing to the human body like a fan. Compared with the air conditioner, the device has lower cost, and compared with the fan, the installation space of the fan is reduced.
[0009] The above descriptions are only the embodiments of the present invention, and do not limit the scope of the patent of the present invention. Any equivalent structure or equivalent process transformation made by using the description of the present invention, or directly or indirectly applied in other related technical fields, shall be directed to The principles are included in the scope of patent protection of the present invention.


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