Motion risk prediction method and system based on wearable motion equipment

An exercise equipment and risk prediction technology, applied in measurement devices, diagnostic recording/measurement, medical science, etc., can solve problems such as cardiovascular risk events, increased exercise, exercise intensity, acute psychological stress, sudden cardiac death, etc. To achieve the effect of increasing the safety factor and preventing the possibility of cardiovascular risk events

Pending Publication Date: 2021-02-26
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[0002] Exercise has become a healthy way of life for the general public. However, exercise is a double-edged sword. While people can achieve physical fitness through exercise, they will also face health risks that may be brought about by unscientific exercise.
Although heart disease and sudden death are rare during exercise, cardiovascular risk events are likely to occur due to inappropriate exercise, such as sudden increase in...
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The invention discloses a motion risk prediction method and system based on wearable motion equipment, and relates to the field of motion risk prediction. The method comprises the following steps: step 1, acquiring pre-input first body index data of a user in a quiet state; step 2, acquiring electrocardiogram data measured by the motion equipment in the motion process of the user; step 3, determining the type of the user according to the electrocardiogram data; step 4, acquiring second body index data measured by the motion equipment when the user is in a quiet state; and step 5, combining thesecond body index data with the first body index data and the type of the user to obtain a prediction result. According to the method, the problem that the accuracy of a prediction method cannot meetthe requirement obviously can be solved, and the effects of effectively preventing the possibility of cardiovascular risk events in motion and improving the safety coefficient of outdoor motion are achieved.

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CatheterDiagnostic recording/measuring +2

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Outdoor activityPrediction methods +8


  • Motion risk prediction method and system based on wearable motion equipment
  • Motion risk prediction method and system based on wearable motion equipment
  • Motion risk prediction method and system based on wearable motion equipment


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Example Embodiment

[0149]In Example 1, after the user is assessed for exercise risk, the APP will calculate the user’s appropriate exercise intensity, exercise time, and upper limit of the appropriate heart rate and safe heart rate during exercise based on the evaluation results, and pop up the window on this APP. The form is recommended to users. If the user exceeds the upper limit of the safe heart rate or the blood pressure is too high during exercise, the mobile phone APP will issue a voice prompt to the user to reduce the exercise intensity or stop exercising according to the specific value of the user's heart rate or blood pressure. Before each exercise, the mobile phone APP will store the user's ECG in a quiet state and compare it with the exercise center electrogram. If the user presses down on the ST segment of the exercise center electrogram beyond the normal range, the mobile phone will issue a voice prompting the user to stop exercising. The user can set emergency contacts on the mobile app. If the user has the aforementioned exercise risk during exercise, the mobile app will use the user’s mobile phone to send warning messages to emergency contacts and nearby people. The content of the message includes the user’s Specific location and risk profile. Users can regularly update their physical examination data on the APP. If they have not been updated for more than one year, the APP background will remind you to perform the physical examination in the form of text messages and update the original data on the APP. After the data is updated, the APP will recalculate the user's suitable exercise intensity, exercise time, suitable heart rate during exercise, and upper limit of safe heart rate, and recommend it to the user again in the form of a pop-up window. The mobile APP also provides one-key rescue power supply. If the user has a non-traumatic accident or a serious traumatic accident during exercise, the user can use this function to call for help.


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