Method and system for automatically adding ground plane measuring points in PCB, and medium

A ground plane, measuring point technology, applied in CAD circuit design, instrument, calculation, etc., can solve the problem of low efficiency of adding ground plane measuring points, and achieve the effect of improving production reliability, improving work efficiency, and ensuring design efficiency

Active Publication Date: 2021-03-09
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[0006] The technical problem mainly solved by the present invention is to provide a method, system and medium for automatically adding ground plane measuring points i...
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The invention discloses a method and system for automatically adding ground plane measuring points in a PCB and a medium. The method comprises the steps of enabling a program to read and analyze a principle design netlist file and store the principle design netlist file into a netlist structure body created by the program; reading and analyzing the test case file by the program, and extracting thebit number and the pin of the tested device in the test case; enabling the program to search the coordinates of the corresponding pins in the netlist structure body and store the coordinates in the corresponding arrays; sequentially polling all the test cases by the program according to the sequence of a plurality of tested devices in the test case file; executing the polling step for several times until the polling of all the tested devices is completed, and outputting a PCB final file and a log file; ending the process; by means of the mode, the problem that in PCB design, the ground planemeasuring point adding efficiency is low can be solved, and therefore the productivity can be improved, and the development cost can be saved.

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CAD circuit designSpecial data processing applications

Technology Topic

LogfileGround plane +5


  • Method and system for automatically adding ground plane measuring points in PCB, and medium
  • Method and system for automatically adding ground plane measuring points in PCB, and medium


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0023] The preferred embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings to be more readily understood by those skilled in the art, so that the scope of the invention will be more clearly defined.
[0024] See figure 1 with figure 2 Embodiments of the present invention include:
[0025] see figure 1 A method of automating an automated additional plane measuring point in a PCB, including: program reading and analyzing the principle Design Schedule file Save to the mesh structure created by the program;
[0026] After the principle design schedule file is parsed, the program reads and parses the test case file, extract the bit number and pin of the device under test case;
[0027] The program searches for the coordinates of the corresponding pin in the mesh structure according to the bit number and pin of the measurement device, and saves to the corresponding array;
[0028] The procedure polled all test cases in sequence in the test case file; each polling, the program is positioned to the corresponding location in the PCB raw file according to the pin coordinates of the corresponding measured device, And the program will search for the addition of a flat measuring point in the 2 mm in the 2 mm range around this location. If there is no additional plane measuring point, it will actively create a ground plane measuring point at this position. And add the additional plane measuring point location information to the log file;
[0029] Perform the above polling steps to complete the polling of all measured devices, output the PCB final file and log file;
[0030] The process ends.
[0031] The analytical principle design schedule file includes extracting information such as the properties, bit numbers, and tube feet names of the principle design mesh file, saving to the mesh structure created by the program.
[0032] The measured device is a PCB.
[0033] The polling is a method of providing a peripheral device service, also known as "Programmed I / O); the concept of polling method is: asked by the CPU timing, inquiry Do every peripheral device requires its services, is given a service, and then ask a surrounding service after the service is over, followed by continuous week.
[0034] see figure 2 The present specification provides a system for automated additional plane measuring points in a PCB, including: input module, automated addition ground plane measuring point tool module, output module; said input module includes test case file module, principle design network table File module, PCB raw file module; the output module includes log file module and PCB final file module; the input module inputs the test case file module, the principle design schedule file module, and the information in the PCB raw file module to the Automated Adding Flat Measuring Tool Module; The Automation Added Planarometer Tool Module Automated Add Flat Scrap Point and outputs to the output module according to information transmitted in the input module.
[0035] The number of devices written by the test personnel, including the current board, including the current board, stored in the test case file module, stored in the principle design mesh file module stored a set of design tools Schedule files mainly include all information about all devices on the schematic; the PCB raw file module stores files to be added flat measuring point; the log file module stores log files in the log file during the log file; The file after the addition of the additional plane measuring point is stored in the PCB final file module.
[0036] The system of automated additional plane measuring point in the one PCB is written in Python language.
[0037] The principle Design Schedule file module, the data information in the PCB raw file module is generated by the Allegro program of Cadence.
[0038] Information in the test case file module is stored in Office software using Microsoft.
[0039] A computer storage medium for automated additional plane measuring point in a PCB: The computer software command used to store the method of automating the addition of the above-described PCB described above, including the above one The procedure designed by the method of automating the addition of ground plane measuring points in the PCB.
[0040]It is intended to limit the patent scope of the present invention, and an equivalent structure or equivalent process transform is used to use the specifier or equivalent flow transformation of the present invention and the description of the present invention, or directly or indirectly. The field is related to the patent protection range of the present invention.


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