Small high-pressure storage tank

A high-pressure, storage tank technology, applied in the field of storage tanks, can solve the problems of difficult integrated processing and manufacturing of stainless steel tanks, and achieve the effect of high pressure resistance

Pending Publication Date: 2021-04-30
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] When sampling samples, a tank body is required, and it is difficult to inte...
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Method used

Further, a plurality of bolt fixing structures are installed between upper half tank body 1, lower half tank body 3, and bolt fixing structure comprises: two protrusions installed on uppe...
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The invention discloses a small high-pressure storage tank. The small high-pressure storage tank comprises a lower half tank body with the upper portion opened and an upper half tank body with the lower portion opened, wherein a spigot structure is arranged between the upper half tank body and the lower half tank body; and the upper half tank body and the lower half tank body are welded. According to the small high-pressure storage tank, through the spigot structure, the upper half tank body and the lower half tank body can be nested, welding and positioning are convenient, and welding is matched; and a bolt fixing structure is arranged, and the high pressure resistance of the tank bodies is achieved.

Application Domain

Withdrawing sample devicesRigid containers

Technology Topic

EngineeringPressure resistance +3


  • Small high-pressure storage tank


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Example Embodiment

[0011]The present invention will be further described below with reference to the accompanying drawings and examples:
[0012]figure 1It is a structural diagram of a small high pressure storage tank of the present invention, please seefigure 1A small high pressure storage tank, including: an upper open upper half can body 3, a lower open upper half can body 1, and a stop structure is provided between the upper half and the lower half can body 3. The half can body 1 is welded to the lower half canister 3.
[0013]Further, a plurality of bolt fixing structures are mounted between the upper half, the lower half can body 3, the bolt fixing structure includes: two bumps mounted on the upper half can body 1, the lower half can body 3, bolt 2 thread Through the two bumps. It can ensure axial high pressure resistance of tank.
[0014]Further, the stop structure includes: the lower surface of the lower half has a cyclic projection, and the lower surface of the upper half of the upper half has a matching recessed, an annular projection embedded in a depression.
[0015]Further, the top half of the upper tank 1 is provided with a sampling tank upper mouth, and the lower half can body 3 is provided with a sampling can.
[0016]Specifically, during production of the present invention, the depression may form a step structure and a lower wall between the upper half can body 1, and the upper half tank 1 and the lower half can body 3 are nested at the step structure, at the groove Welding upper and lower cans. Bolt 2 is connected between the two tanks. Cutting the can body wall between the bolt 2 connection to a certain thickness, polished. When the high pressure sample is sampling, the sampling tank of the upper half can flow from the upper portion of the sampling tank of the lower half, thereby achieving the sample of high pressure samples.
[0017]A preferred embodiment of the present invention is described in detail above. It will be understood that one of ordinary skill in the art can make many modifications and variations in accordance with the concept of the present invention without creative labor or by software programming. Accordingly, technicians in the art will be within the scope of the claims by the claims by the claims by the technical solutions of the claims in accordance with the concept of the claims.


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