Core journal quantitative evaluation system and method based on computer system

A computer system and quantitative evaluation technology, applied in computer parts, calculation, character and pattern recognition, etc., can solve the problems of missing, defective and inappropriate evaluation of core periodicals in the field of art and humanities, and improve the quantitative level of evaluation , reduce fraud and cheating, and change the effect of the evaluation system

Active Publication Date: 2021-06-18
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Therefore, the builders of the WOS database did not finally provide journal citation reports, indicating that they understand the uniqueness of the field of arts and humanities, such as the originality of the results in the field of arts and humanities, not necessarily based on other results, etc. It is inappropriate to use citations to evaluate its journals, which means that the method of evaluating journals by citations is flawed, and the citation evaluation method is not suitable for journals in the field of arts and humanities
[0006] Second, a...
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The invention discloses a core journal quantitative evaluation system and method based on a computer system. The evaluation system specifically comprises a basic database, a subject classification subsystem, a standard subsystem and an evaluation subsystem. The basic database comprises academic information data including papers and periodicals; the subject classification subsystem is used for classifying the periodicals in the basic database according to different subjects so as to achieve the aim of subject alignment; the standard subsystem is used as a standard body for evaluating academic quality; the evaluation subsystem is used for calculating academic quality of each periodical to which a subject belongs; by inputting subject information, the thesis hit rate of each periodical corresponding to a subject in the standard subsystem is calculated, and the quality evaluation index of the periodical is obtained. According to the method, subjective interference can be avoided, an evaluation system based on SCI quotation is changed, and the evaluation quantification level of the subject literature quality is effectively improved.

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Metadata text retrievalCharacter and pattern recognition +3

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EngineeringData mining +4


  • Core journal quantitative evaluation system and method based on computer system
  • Core journal quantitative evaluation system and method based on computer system
  • Core journal quantitative evaluation system and method based on computer system


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Example Embodiment

[0211] Example 1:
[0212] Data processing and analysis in a humanities discipline. QS Humanities has a total of nine categories: Philosophy (Philosophy), Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies, Classics & AncientHistory (Classic Language & Ancient History), English Language & Litrate (English & Literature), ModernLanGuages ​​( Modern language), Archaeology, History (History), Performing ARTS (Performance Art), Art & Design (Art and Design). The usual number c is 10, that is, the top ten of each subject, a total of ninety colleges, and go to 45 universities.
[0213] For 45 universities in the five years of 2014-2018, there were 5,9745 papers, 56150, published in 1696 of the 1834 humanities journals included in A & HCI 2019, accounting for approximately 92.5%. Statistics and distribution analysis of the journals of the above nine disciplines, data finishing is shown in Table 1.
[0215] (Table 1) Humanities Subject No. Statistics
[0216] In Table 1, modern language, English and literary journals are difficult to distinguish, so they are jointly ranked. QS discipline ranked two of the top ten universities in the top ten, the ninth name of the modern language is the university of tokyo (42 languages ​​and literature), the tenth member is Peking University (51 language literature), consider To maintain the consistency of the statistical caliber of the ten academic institutions, and the above issued data is smaller, so it is not statistical into the table data.
[0217] In Table 1, there are only seven colleges and universities in the top ten colleges and universities in the top ten colleges and universities.
[0218] In view, the average issue of the first 25% journal accounted for about 75% of the first-class university discipline, which complies with statistical characteristics, which also proves the assumptions and evaluation of the assumptions and evaluation of the present embodiment.

Example Embodiment

[0219] Example 2:
[0220] Qs Social Sciences is 17, respectively, Economics & Economics, Economics & Economtrics, Statistics & Operational Research, Law Law, Political and International Relations POLITICS & International Studies, Sociology Sociology, anthropology Anthropology , education and training, Education & training, Psychology Psychology, sports-related subjects Sports-related subjects, linguistics Linguistics, Communication and media studies Communication & media studies, Business Administration, Business & management studies, accounting and financial accounting andFinance, Tourism management Hospitality & Leisure management , Social Policies and Administration SocialPolicy & Administration, Development of Developing Serudies, Library and Information Management Library & INFORMATION. Evaluation of 14 SSCI has a corresponding classification, 140 academic institutions in 14 disciplines, and the academic institutions of the issuance have issued 551416 SSCI papers, 451248 published The 4,781 SSCI journals of the JCR2018 published in 2019, the text coverage rate of 98.26%. The statistical results of 14 disciplines were issued as follows.
[0222] (Table 2) Social Science Publication
[0223] From the statistics, TOP10 colleges and universities issued a high priority in the previous 25% of journals, but there is no human discipline concentration, but its concentration trend is still obvious.

Example Embodiment

[0224] Example 3:
[0225] On the basis of the distribution research of the above issued period, data analysis is made in a specific subject.
[0226] Economics, the discipline code of the Ministry of Education is 02 economics. QS2019 economics and econometrics Economics & Econometrics top ten academic institutions: Harvard University, MassachusettsInstitute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), University of Chicago, The London School of Economics andPolitical Science , Princeton University, Yale University, University of Oxford. These academic institutions have issued 9,652 in total of 363 periods. The first 25%, that is, 91 journals, ranking 7005 universities, accounting for 72.58% of the total (see Table 2).
[0227] Zhejiang University School of Economics, the "Zhejiang University Court International Project Classification Catalog (2020 Edition)", the journal in the catalog is divided into top (5 kinds), A + (14), A (11 kinds), B (54 kinds Included Chinese magazines). This directory can be seen as an evaluation results of the discipline expert on the journal, which set to top 30 periods of top 30, A +, A. There are 27 periods in the SSCI economics catalog. A study on the report of the Nobel's Economics Award (Liu Yongtao "Research on the Characteristics of the Nobeli Economics Award Winner" (Master's thesis, Zhejiang University 2011)) shows that 2001-2010 Nobel Economics Award There are 8 economic semester issued by the main issues, 6 of which are in the top and A + journals of the Zhejiang University School of Economics, which proves that the Zhejiang University Economics International Test Categories (2020 Edition) "It is a relatively objective list of core journals from subject experts.
[0228] As the result of the discipline evaluation of the above-mentioned Zhejiang University Economics as a reference, the results of the core journals obtained by the factor evaluation method were compared with the results of the core journal quantization system of the present embodiment, and used three evaluation methods ( Silk Journals, Core Journals Quantification System, Influence Factor Law) Sort the journal, and the list is as follows.
[0230] (Table 3) Comparison of Economic Label Selection Evaluation
[0231] From the top five journals identified by the discipline, the first-class disciplines of the present embodiment were ranked 1, 2, 3, 5, 12, and the factor was ranked 1, 5, 14, 20 , 25. The ranking of the core journal quantization system is more close to the results of the discipline expert, and the results of the above three evaluation methods are summarized, and the results are shown in Table 4.
[0233] (Table 4) Comparison of evaluation methods
[0234] From the results of Table 4, if the disciplines are based on the level of the economic semester, there is a large deviation, the data statistics and evaluation results of the present embodiment have proved that the core journal quantization system is more than the current field. The citation evaluation method has significant advantages and feasibility.


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