Invisible mouse

A mouse and invisible technology, applied in the field of input, can solve the problems of serious knuckle diseases and harm, and achieve the effect of solving knuckle diseases, flexible application and strong expansibility.

Inactive Publication Date: 2010-12-01
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[0003] There is no doubt that the appearance of the mouse has made operating the computer easier an...
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The invention relates to the input technology, in particular to an invisible mouse. The invisible mouse is characterized by comprising a microprocessor, a touch pad, a touch control unit, an analog-digital converter and a data transmission unit, wherein the data transmission unit is connected with the microprocessor; the touch control unit is connected with the microprocessor; the touch pad is connected with the touch control unit; the analog-digital converter is connected with a touch induction unit; and the microprocessor is connected with the analog-digital converter. A user puts a hand on the touch pad in a posture of simulating holding a mouse and operates according to a method for using a common mouse to accomplish corresponding operation of a mouse pointer on a computer. The invisible mouse simultaneously can realize handwriting input and hand-drawing input, solves the problem of finger joint diseases easily caused by holding a mouse in a long term, and has the advantages of flexible application, high expansibility and the like.

Application Domain

Input/output processes for data processing

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Data transmissionHandwriting +7


  • Invisible mouse
  • Invisible mouse


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Example Embodiment

[0010] The present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the drawings.
[0011] When the computer is started normally and the invisible mouse is connected to the computer through wired or wireless mode, the computer operator puts his hand on the touchpad in a posture that simulates holding the mouse, and the microprocessor scans the touchpad through the touch control unit and automatically recognizes five fingers When the operator’s hand moves according to the method of using a general mouse, the touch control unit scans the overall movement trajectory of the five fingers and the palm contacting the touchpad, and passes the scan signal through the mold. The digital converter is sent to the microprocessor, and the microprocessor sends the data to the computer through the data transmission unit after a certain calculation, encoding and compression of the data, and the computer can display the movement of the hand as a mouse on the screen through processing The movement of the pointer. In the same way, after scanning, analog-to-digital conversion, microprocessor processing, data transmission and computer processing, clicking the touchpad with the index finger is equivalent to clicking the left button of a normal mouse, and clicking the touchpad with the middle finger is equivalent to clicking a normal mouse. The function produced by the right button, the index finger on the touchpad, is equivalent to the function produced by the finger scrolling the wheel of a general mouse. At the same time, it can also expand the function of the thumb, ring finger and little finger to click and move on the touchpad.
[0012] Each part of the circuit in the present invention belongs to the prior art, so it will not be described in detail. The technical solutions of the present invention implemented by various circuits adopted by the relevant persons in the art according to the above description all belong to the protection scope of the present invention.


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