Solar boiler

A solar energy and boiler technology, applied in the field of solar energy, can solve problems such as incompetence, and achieve the effect of high water temperature or steam temperature

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-06-03
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[0002] At present, solar water heaters are used in low temperature and normal pressure applicat...
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The invention relates to a solar boiler. Metal pipe brackets (4) are mounted at two ends of a reflecting plate (1); metal pipes (2) are fixed on the metal pipe brackets (4); connecting flanges (3) are mounted at the two ends of the metal pipes (2); a reflecting plate bracket (5) is mounted at the lower side of the reflecting plate (1) for fixing the whole reflecting plate; the reflecting plate (1) is a parabola-shaped solar reception reflecting surface for reflecting received sunshine to the metal pipes (2); and multiple solar boilers can be serially connected through the connecting flanges (3) to obtain higher temperature and heat so as to generate hot water or vapor capable of being directly supplied to users.

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Solar heating energySteam generation heating methods +4

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SunlightMechanical engineering +3


  • Solar boiler


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[0013] Example:
[0014] Please refer to the attached figure 1 As shown, metal pipe brackets (4) are installed at both ends of the reflecting plate (1), the metal pipe brackets (4) fix the metal pipe (2), and connecting flanges (3) are installed at both ends of the metal pipe (2), The reflector support (5) is installed on the lower side of the reflector (1) to fix the entire reflector. The reflector (1) is a parabolic sunlight receiving reflection surface, which reflects the received sunlight to the metal tube (2) Above, through the connection flange (3), multiple solar boilers can be connected in series to obtain higher temperature and heat, and generate hot water or steam that can be directly used by users.


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