Wireless communication implementation method

An implementation method and wireless communication technology, applied in the field of communication, can solve problems such as the influence of radio wave communication quality, and achieve the effects of low packet loss rate, high data transmission quality, and fast transmission rate

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[0003] With the vigorous development of the ship industry, various management systems and communication systems suitable for safe navigation of ships are emerging. The importance of communication systems in the existing ship operating ...
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The invention discloses a wireless communication implementation method which mainly comprises the following steps of firstly integrally storing to-be-sent data information, inserting a geographical coordinate threshold into the data information and transmitting the data information to a receiving unit; secondly receiving the transmitted data information with the inserted geographical coordinate threshold, resolving a geographical coordinate threshold of a nearest next-grade receiving unit according to the geographical coordinate threshold, resetting and transmitting to the next-grade receiving unit; finally resolving and judging data, which is transmitted by a last-grade relay data transceiving unit, by virtue of a remote receiving terminal. The wireless communication implementation method is high in antijamming capability and high in data transmission quality; hierarchical transmission is adopted, so that the transmission rate is high and the packet loss probability is low.

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Radio transmission for post communicationLocation information based service +1

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Data transmission circuitData information +5


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[0015] In order to make the objectives, technical solutions and advantages of the present invention clearer, the present invention will be further described in detail.
[0016] The wireless communication implementation method of the present invention is characterized in that: comprising:
[0017] First, integrate and store the data information to be sent, insert the data information into the geographic coordinate threshold and transmit it to the receiving unit;
[0018] Secondly, receive the transmitted data information with the inserted geographic coordinate threshold, parse out the geographic coordinate threshold of the nearest next-level receiving unit according to the geographic coordinate threshold, and then transmit it to the next-level receiving unit;
[0019] Finally, the remote receiving terminal analyzes and judges the data transmitted by the last-level relay data transmitting and receiving unit.
[0020] The described geographic coordinate threshold resetting process includes: receiving the transmitted data; analysing the geographic coordinate threshold of the nearest next-level relay data transmitting and receiving unit according to the received data information and resetting the geographic coordinate threshold; The data information after analysis and reset is transmitted to the receiving unit in the next stage according to the reset information.
[0021] The method also includes transmitting a successful feedback signal to the upper-level receiving unit after the receiving is completed, so that the upper-level receiving unit can write off data and wait for the next data to be transmitted.
[0022] The method also includes that the upper-level receiving unit performs write-off and clearing of the sent data information after receiving the successful feedback signal; at the same time, the timing module is used to start timing after the data is sent, if the successful feedback signal is not received within a certain period of time. After receiving the write-off instruction from the write-off module, the current data information is stimulated to be resent.
[0023] The above description is only a preferred embodiment of the present invention, but the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to this. The equivalent replacement or change of the inventive concept thereof shall be included within the protection scope of the present invention.


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