Equipment and method for pre-processing fabric in cylinder

A pretreatment and fabric technology, applied in the textile industry, can solve the problems of reducing production efficiency and economic benefits, wasting manpower and time, and high professional labor, and achieving the effect of shortening dyeing time, reducing folding repetition, and reducing expenditure costs.

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-03-16
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However, this lack of automation involves manually moving the fabric to the pre-processing machine. The time required will result in high professi...
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The invention provides equipment and method for pre-processing fabric in a cylinder. When the fabric runs in a dyeing machine, a steam nozzle can be arranged behind a cloth guide pipe and in front of a cloth placing device to spray high-temperature steam to the fabric, so the fabric releases stress, the fabric can smoothly run and repeated folding of the fabric can be reduced. Dyestuff permeability can be increased, so even dyeing can be achieved and excellent color yield percentage can be achieved for the dyeing machine; dyeing time can be shortened and high-temperature steam has drying and water-absorbing functions; a user does not have to a front processor to heat the fabric to achieve even dyeing effect; and energy use and consumption can be reduced, low carbon emission can be achieved, environment protection can be realized and outlay cost can be reduced.

Application Domain

Liquid/gas/vapor treatment of propelled fabrics

Technology Topic

Pre treatmentDyeing +3


  • Equipment and method for pre-processing fabric in cylinder
  • Equipment and method for pre-processing fabric in cylinder
  • Equipment and method for pre-processing fabric in cylinder


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Example Embodiment

[0023] The technical solution described in the application of the present invention will be described in a non-restrictive manner below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and embodiments, in order to provide the public with a better understanding of the technical solution, rather than to limit the technical solution.
[0024] figure 1 The position of each mechanical structure of the dyeing machine is shown. The fabric passes through the cloth storage tank 5 and is lifted upwards by the drum 1. After passing through the steam injection device 2 in the application of the present invention, it passes through the drum 1 and falls downward under the action of gravity. 4, then enter the swing bucket 3, then fall back into the cloth storage tank 5, and so on.
[0025] like Figure 2-3 As shown, it is a schematic structural view of the steam injection device 2 in the device for pretreating the fabric in the cylinder according to the application of the present invention. In a preferred embodiment, the steam injection device includes the device body, and the device is arranged on the swing bucket 3 Above, it is connected with the swing bucket 3 through the connecting pipe 23, the steam generator (not shown in the figure) communicates with the steam pipe 24, the steam pipe 24 is provided with a steam nozzle 22, and the end of the steam nozzle 22 is a steam outlet 25, and the connecting pipe 23 protrudes from the device body. When the fabric passes through the steam injection device 2, the steam enters the steam pipe 24 from the steam throat, then enters the steam nozzle 22, is sprayed out from the steam outlet 25, and is sprayed toward the direction in which the fabric travels. When the fabric is in contact with the steam, it will be under pressure, coupled with the temperature inside the machine and the force of the wind, the stress of the fabric will be relieved and the crease position will be rearranged.
[0026] Using the equipment for pretreating the fabric in the vat described in the application of the present invention, when the fabric is running in the dyeing machine, a steam nozzle can be installed behind the cloth guide pipe and in front of the cloth arrangement device to spray the fabric with high-temperature steam to make the fabric The stress is released, so that the fabric runs more smoothly, and the repeated folding of the fabric is greatly reduced. At the same time, it also increases the permeability of the dye, making the dyeing more uniform, enabling the dyeing machine to have a better color yield, shortening the dyeing time, and the high-heat steam has the functions of drying and water absorption, and the user does not need to rely on the pre-treatment machine to dry the fabric Heating can achieve uniform dyeing effect, energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection can be achieved, and expenditure costs can be reduced.
[0027] It should be understood that the above content, including the accompanying drawings, are not limitations on the technical solution. In fact, any improvements to the technical solution based on the same or similar principles include changes in the size, shape, and materials of the structure. And the replacement of components with similar functions are all within the technical solution claimed in the application of the present invention.


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