Multifunctional high-efficient peeling machine

A peeling machine and multi-functional technology, which is applied in the field of peanut, melon seed peeling processing machinery and garlic, can solve the problems of peeling affected by the dry humidity of the product, complex equipment structure, and low work efficiency, and achieve a wide range of peeling objects and low energy consumption , high work efficiency

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-08-24
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At present, there are special equipment for peeling these products, but there is no special equipment that can integrate the functions of peeling garlic, peanuts and melon seeds, and the original equipment i...
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The present invention discloses agricultural and sideline product processing machinery and relates to a multifunctional high-efficient peeling machine. The peeling machine includes a device shell body 1, a peeling rotor 2, a material inlet 3, a material outlet 4, a drive device 5, a control device 6, etc., and can realize crop quick peeling. The peeling machine is characterized in that the peeling rotor 2 of the multifunctional high-efficient peeling machine presents a stepped shaft type, and peeling fingers 9 are arranged on the peeling rotor according to a certain spiral arrangement and at the same time are also arranged on the inner walls of the shell body 1 according to a certain rotation direction. Under the driving of the drive device 5, the peeling rotor 2 rotates back and forth according to certain rules to enable the crops between the rotor 2 and the inner walls of the shell body 1 to be rubbed and kneaded repeatedly, thereby realizing the crop quick peeling. The peeling machine is suitable for large, medium and small sized individuals of different peanuts, garlic, melon seeds, etc., and not affected by the product humidity. The multifunctional high-efficient peeling machine is simple in structure, good in peeling effects, and high in efficiency, and adapts to many product varieties, and can be widely used in situations needing a large workload of peeling.

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  • Multifunctional high-efficient peeling machine
  • Multifunctional high-efficient peeling machine
  • Multifunctional high-efficient peeling machine


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Example Embodiment

[0021] The specific implementation of the present invention will be described below in conjunction with the drawings:
[0022] A multifunctional and efficient peeling machine includes a shell 1, a peeling rotor 2, a control device 6, a driving device 5, a feed port 3, and a discharge port 4.
[0023] The control device 6 and the driving device 5 are installed above the equipment. The control device 6 is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. The driving device 5 and the peeling rotor 2 are connected by keys.
[0024] The peeling finger 9 is installed on the peeling blade 8 and the inner wall of the cylinder through a special tool. The peeling blade 8 is installed on the rotor shaft 7 through a T-shaped structure. A partition plate 12 is installed between the two peeling blades 8 to make each peeling blade 8 Each has its own independent dynamic working sector, and each independent dynamic working cavity is divided into three cavities of different sizes in a stepwise manner along the axial direction to adapt to the individual size of the skinning object.
[0025] For different peeling objects and for different states of the peeling objects, different peeling fingers 9 need to be used. The peeling fingers 9 adopt an overall design to facilitate installation on the peeling blade 8. Among them, the structure shape, size, and hardness of the peeling finger 9 are different, which is a replacement of the specific object.
[0026] When working, the power is turned on, the corresponding processing program is selected according to the condition of the processing object, the driving device 5 starts to work, and the equipment starts to operate. Add the material to be processed from the feed port 3, and the material enters the working cavity of the first working sector of the equipment. First, the material is separated from the large, medium and small. After entering the second sector, the material is quickly peeled. The finished product is discharged from the material port 4.
[0027] When processing different crop products, the peeling blade 8 is replaced according to the situation, and the corresponding procedure is selected.


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