Continuous integration based source code management and control system

A continuous integration, management and control system technology, applied in the field of automation, can solve the problems of lack of effective control mechanism of application system source code, lack of effective review of system version changes, hidden dangers of safe and stable operation of application system, etc. The effect of code quality, risk reduction

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-01-04
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However, in the process of operation and maintenance of the application system, there is still a lack of effective control mechanism for the management of the source code of the application system, which leads t...
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A continuous integration based source code management and control system comprises a continuous integration management module, a source code review management module, a process management module, a document management module, a unified user management module and a feedback mechanism module. The source code management and control system taking continuous integration as a core is capable of maximally increasing control force on application system version change release, and source code lifecycle management and control capability of the system in code management, file management, review management and the like is enhanced. A development, compiling, testing and deployment integrated management system and corresponding technical supporting means are established, and accordingly management level of informationized operation and maintenance is further raised, and safety and stability in operation of an application system are guaranteed.

Application Domain

Software maintainance/managementSpecific program execution arrangements

Technology Topic

Technical supportSystem safety +10


  • Continuous integration based source code management and control system
  • Continuous integration based source code management and control system


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Example Embodiment

[0028] See figure 1 , figure 2 , a source code control system based on continuous integration, the present invention is characterized in that it includes the following parts:
[0029] A. Continuous integration management module, which provides a mechanism for checking and controlling source code versions through the version control system, performs source code integration construction tasks, realizes source code backup, and realizes the automatic construction and automatic construction of mainstream development languages ​​JAVA, .NET and PHP. Deploy, test and release;
[0030] B. The source code review management module realizes the random check and review of the source code level; provides the code review functions of submitting, commenting, editing and annotating;
[0031] C. Process management module, establish source code control process based on continuous integration, and realize source code control process;
[0032] D. Document management module, complete online information sharing, document collaboration, and realize the comparison of various file types of Microsoft Office;
[0033] E. Unified user management module, which realizes user sharing and unified management among multiple systems through configuration; and
[0034] F. Feedback mechanism module, which manages, judges and processes the results of continuous integration and code review.
[0035] In the present invention, the version control system of the continuous integration management module is GIT, SVN or CVS, which supports automatic construction, automatic deployment, testing and release of mainstream development languages ​​(JAVA, .NET, PHP). .
[0036] The dependent tools and means to realize the automatic construction, automatic deployment, testing and release of the mainstream development language, namely the source code, are as follows:
[0037] JAVA: ANT, MAVEN realize automatic construction, SELENIUM, NUNIT realize automatic testing, BAMBOO realize automatic deployment and release;
[0038].NET: MSBUILD realizes automatic construction, SELENIUM, NUNIT realizes automatic testing, XCOPY, BAMBOO realizes automatic deployment and release;
[0039] PHP: SELENIUM, NUNIT realize automatic testing, XCOPY, BAMBOO realize automatic deployment and release.
[0040] The unified user management module of the present invention adopts single sign-on, so that each module in the platform not only retains its independent characteristics, but also can be integrated into a whole.
[0041] The developer submits the source code of the project, and the server listener immediately obtains the latest source code after detecting the change of the code base. After the acquisition is successful, the automatic construction is carried out and the successful result is automatically transferred to the automatic deployment. After the successful deployment, the pneumatic automation test is performed. If the above steps are all If successful, the latest source code will be published to the specified server. The whole process is fully automated. If a step fails, it will be automatically submitted to the feedback mechanism processing program, and a processing response will be given. The response includes notifying manual intervention, sending failure logs, recording failure reasons, and resetting according to preset rules. After the developer submits the source code, the source code review requirements are generated manually or automatically by the server, and the changed source code is submitted to the source code review system, and the code review is manually completed and submitted to the feedback mechanism for processing.


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