Traditional Chinese medicine formula for treating rheumatic pain

A technology of rheumatic pain and traditional Chinese medicine, applied in the field of traditional Chinese medicine formula, can solve problems such as easy allergies, and achieve remarkable curative effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-11-24
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In recent years, some treatment methods that have emerged are the use of external plasters or oral administration of some traditional Chinese medicine d...
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A traditional Chinese medicine formula for treating rheumatism pain, which is made of the following raw materials in proportion by weight: 15-25 parts of Kushilian, 5-15 parts of pine knot, 10-25 parts of Duyiwei, 2-mianzhen 10-30 parts, 20-30 parts of Star Anise Maple, 15-30 parts of Clematis, 10-30 parts of Litsea cubeba leaves, 50-80 parts of wild chrysanthemum stems, 15-25 parts of Fangfeng, camphor root 10-30 parts, 10-25 parts of pepper, 15-20 parts of mulberry leaves, 15-25 parts of honeysuckle, 10-35 parts of motherwort, 15-25 parts of perilla leaves, 25 parts of hawthorn root 35 parts, 10 parts to 20 parts of Malan, 20 parts to 25 parts of Gansong, 15 parts to 20 parts of orchid vanilla; the beneficial effect of the present invention is that the traditional Chinese medicine formula has the effects of expelling wind and cold, relaxing tendons and activating blood circulation, and can treat waist Intermittent pain, leg and foot cramps, and has a significant effect on rheumatism pain.

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[0008] A traditional Chinese medicine formula for treating rheumatic pain, which is made of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 15 to 25 parts of bitter lotus, 5 to 15 parts of pine joint, 10 to 25 parts of Duyiwei, liangmianzhen 10 parts to 30 parts, octagonal maple 20 parts to 30 parts, Weilingxian 15 parts to 30 parts, Litsea cubeba leaves 10 parts to 30 parts, wild chrysanthemum stems 50 parts to 80 parts, parsnip 15 parts to 25 parts, camphor root 10 parts~30 parts, Zanthoxylum bungeanum 10 parts~25 parts, Mulberry leaves 15~20 parts, Honeysuckle 15 parts~25 parts, Motherwort 10 parts~35 parts, Perilla leaf 15 parts~25 parts, Hawthorn root 25 parts~ 35 servings, Marlan 10-20 servings, Gansong 20-25 servings, Orchid vanilla 15-20 servings.
[0009] Preferably, the proportion of parts by weight is: 20 parts of bitter stone lotus, 15 parts of pine knot, 20 parts of Duyiwei, 25 parts of fenugreek, 30 parts of star anise maple, 30 parts of Weilingxian, 25 parts of Litsea cubeba leaves, and wild chrysanthemum stem 70 parts, 20 parts of Parsnip, 25 parts of Cinnamomum camphora root, 20 parts of Zanthoxylum bungeanum, 20 parts of Mulberry leaves, 25 parts of Honeysuckle.


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