Liquid level measurement device for flotation machine

A liquid level measurement device and flotation machine technology, which is applied in the direction of measuring device, liquid/fluid solid measurement, lubrication indicating device, etc., can solve the problem of inability to timely and accurately control the liquid level, large adjustment errors, and large fluctuations in the liquid level Large and other problems, to achieve the effect of novel structure, long service life, and improve precision

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-07-24
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[0002] When the existing flotation machine is working, in order to scrape away as much foam containing non-ferrous metals as possible for the next step of purification, it is necessary to control the liquid level in the flotation tank in real time. The existing liquid level control is through Manual adjustment is performed by visual inspection and sensory control of the gate. Since this method cannot timely and accurately control the ...
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The invention discloses a liquid level measurement device for a flotation machine. The liquid level measurement device is characterized in that the device comprises a filter drum, a connection board,a shock-absorbing rubber, a base, a rotary shaft, a locating board, a sliding rod, a fastening screw for a sliding seat, the sliding seat, a wire collecting drum, a laser range finder, multiple base bolts, multiple locking nuts, multiple adjusting screws and multiple inner hexagon screws. The upper surface of the base is welded with a lug board. The sliding seat comprises a sliding sleeve and a flat board. The left part of the flat board is equipped with a circular hole. The connection board is installed on the right side surface of the filter drum in a welding manner. The shock-absorbing rubber is clamped between the connection board and the base through base bolts. The sliding rod is connected with the ear plate through the rotary shaft. The locating board is welded on the sliding rod. The adjusting screws are installed on the locating board. The liquid level measurement device for the flotation machine is advantaged by being high in control precision of liquid level, easy in installation, convenient in adjustment, novel in structure and long in service lifetime and is safe and reliable.

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  • Liquid level measurement device for flotation machine


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[0007] See figure 1 , The present invention includes filter cartridge 1, connecting plate 3, shock-absorbing rubber 4, base 5, rotating shaft 6, positioning plate 8, sliding rod 10, sliding seat set screw 11, sliding seat 12, wire take-up post 13, laser ranging Apparatus 14, a number of base bolts 2, a number of lock nuts 7, a number of adjusting screws 9 and a number of hexagon socket screws 15, the upper surface of the base 5 is welded with ear plates 51, the sliding seat 12 includes sliding A sleeve 121 and a flat plate 122, the left part of the flat plate 122 is provided with a circular hole 1221, the connecting plate 3 is welded to the right side of the filter cartridge 1, and the shock-absorbing rubber 4 is clamped to the connecting plate by the base bolt 2 3 and the base 5, the sliding rod 10 is connected to the lug plate 51 through the rotating shaft 6, the positioning plate 8 is welded to the sliding rod 10, the adjusting screw 9 is installed on the positioning plate 8, the locking The nut 7 is installed on the adjusting screw 9 through a threaded connection, and the lock nut 7 is installed below the positioning plate 8, the sliding sleeve 121 is welded to the right side of the plate 122, and the sliding sleeve 121 is sleeved on On the sliding rod 10, the sliding seat set screw 11 is installed on the sliding sleeve 121, the wire take-up post 13 is installed on the right side of the plate 122, and the laser rangefinder 14 is installed on the plate through the hexagon socket screw 15 The left part of the plate 122, and the laser rangefinder 14 is installed above the circular hole 1221 on the left part of the plate 122.


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