Traditional Chinese medicine formula for osteonecrosis

A formula and technology of traditional Chinese medicine, applied in the direction of medical formula, medical preparations containing active ingredients, bone diseases, etc., can solve the problem of high drug prices, achieve good therapeutic effect, low cost, and simple formula

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-10-12
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[0003] The price of the above drugs is high, and the treatment of patients is painful. Some fo...
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The invention aims at providing a traditional Chinese medicine formula for osteonecrosis. The traditional Chinese medicine formula is characterized in that the formula comprises the following components by weight: 30 to 34 g of peach kernels, 22 to 25 g of radix et rhizoma rhei, 24 to 28 g of cassia twig, 23 to 25 g of licorice roots, and 34 to 38 g of mirabilite. The traditional Chinese medicineformula has the advantages of simple formula, low cost and good treatment effect.

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Skeletal disorderSulfur/selenium/tellurium inorganic active ingredients +1

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Treatment effectLicorice roots +2


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[0008] The described Chinese medicine formula for bone necrosis is characterized in that the mass ratio of each component in the formula is: peach kernel 5g; rhubarb 6g; cinnamon stick 20g; licorice 25g; and thenardite 26g.
[0009] The above content is an example and description of the present invention, but it does not mean that the advantages that the present invention can obtain are limited by this. Any simple structural change that may be made during the practice of the present invention and/or one of the advantages achieved in some embodiments One or more are within the protection scope of this application.


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