Railway wind power generation device

A technology for wind power generation devices and railways, applied in wind turbine components, wind energy power generation, wind turbines, etc., can solve the problems of high manufacturing cost, resource consumption, polluted air environment, etc. The effect of small engineering quantity and lower operating cost

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-03-26
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[0002] At present, there are mainly four types of power generation, namely hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power and wind power. Hydropower projects are huge and the available resources are very limited; thermal power not only consumes resourc...
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The railway wind driven generator set in railway with rails and sleepers includes one generator case set between two rails and between two sleepers, one horizontal double axle head generator inside the case, one vane wheel with shaft connected to the generator, and bearings. The railway wind driven generator generates electricity by utilizing the wind the high speed train produces, and has no weather influence, no additional land consumption, environment friendship and other advantages.

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Wind motor supports/mountsMachines/engines +6

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Wind drivenAutomotive engineering +9


  • Railway wind power generation device
  • Railway wind power generation device


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[0013] Example
[0014] As shown in Figures 1 and 2, it is a schematic diagram of the structure of a railway wind power generator. The railway wind power generator consists of a clamp 1, an inclined iron 2, a rail 3, a generator box 4, a horizontal double-shaft head generator 5, and an impeller shaft 6. , Sleepers 7, concave impeller 8, shield 9, bearing 10 and connecting shaft sleeve 11.
[0015] The two rails 3 are vertically arranged on the sleepers 7 parallel to each other. The generator box 4 is installed between the two rails 3 and every two sleepers 7 by clamps 1 and inclined irons 2 or bolts, in the middle of the generator box 4. Install the horizontal double-shaft head generator 5 with a shield 9. The two ends of the horizontal double-shaft head generator 5 are respectively connected to the impeller shaft 6 with three concave impellers 8 through the coupling sleeve 11, as shown in Fig. 3 , The two ends of the impeller shaft 6 are respectively connected to the two inner walls of the generator casing 4 through the bearings 10, and the concave impeller 8 is made of high-strength non-metallic materials.
[0016] When the train passes by, the wind generated by the train drives the concave impeller 8 in the generator box 4 between every two sleepers 7 to rotate. The concave impeller 8 rotates to drive the horizontal double-shaft generator 5 to rotate and generate electricity. The electricity generated by the horizontal double-shaft head generator 5 between the two sleepers 7 is collected and connected to the grid, transformed and transmitted to users along the line.


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