Water tank of splitting solar water heater

A solar water heater, split-type technology, applied in solar thermal power generation, fluid heaters, solar thermal devices, etc., can solve the problem of inconvenient and low water consumption, it takes a day or more to heat water in a water tank, and the heating cycle is long And other issues

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-10-29
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1. The water tank of the split type solar water heater is generally a complete cavity. When in use, after tap water enters the water tank, the hot and cold w...
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The invention discloses a divided water tank device for an internal heat exchanger of a split type solar water heater. Butt welding is carried out by utilizing an end enclosure of a stainless steel confined water bank inner bag; the end enclosure is used as the heat exchanger to play the role of a water tank partition board; the water tank is divided into independent divided cavities; the heat exchanger is sealed with the inner bag of the water tank; the adjacent cavity bodies communicate with each other via draught tubes; the medium circulation and the medium supplement, namely unconfined running of the heat exchanging part, are carried out safely and reliably via an upper circulating pipe and a heat collecting part; and the device can fully improve heat energy transformation and reduce heat loss.

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  • Water tank of splitting solar water heater


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As shown in Figure 1, the water tank liner 1 is butt welded by the stainless steel pressurized water tank liner head 2. The head is welded into a heat exchanger 3, and an exhaust pipe 6 is built in the heat exchanger 3. The exhaust pipe 6 The length is slightly shorter than the length of the heat exchanger 3. This arrangement makes it possible to avoid opening too many holes on the water tank and the heat exchanger 3 due to exhaust. Then connect the stainless steel part of the head 2 as a component of the heat exchanger 3. At this time, the width can be adjusted according to the size of the heat exchange area. The larger the heat exchange area, the larger the width should be. The most suitable heat exchange can be obtained through adjustment. The size of the hot area. Then use a non-metallic sealing material to seal the heat exchanger 3 and the water tank liner 1, and divide the water tank liner 1 into several cavities, generally divided into three cavities of cold water, warm water, and hot water, and in the heat exchanger 3 Each guide tube 4 is sealed with the inner tank 1 of the water tank, and the other end of the guide tube 4 is hung down to the bottom of the cavity to make the water flow in an S-shaped flow direction, so as to isolate the cold and hot water and reduce The phenomenon of mixing hot and cold water. In addition, the upper circulation pipe 5 between the heat exchangers 3 in the inner tank 1 is made into a T-shape and connected to the medium tank. Make the medium hot water in the heat exchanger circulate with each other and separate from the hot water in the water tank, because the heat exchanger part is operated under pressure and adopts natural circulation, and the heat exchange medium can be water or Antifreeze can even be used for heating in the north where there is heating.


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