Methylbenzene recycling system

A recovery system and toluene technology, applied in the separation of dispersed particles, chemical instruments and methods, separation methods, etc., can solve the problems of harmful operators, reduced adsorption capacity of activated carbon, and operation of hemp tops.

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-10-21
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The disadvantage of this toluene treatment method is that the adsorption capacity of activated carbon decreases with the prolongation of use time. On the one hand, the decline in adsorption capacity makes the tail gas emission not u...
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The invention provides a methylbenzene recycling system with high recycling rate and low operating cost, comprising at least two absorbing tanks, a steam generator, a cooler, a separating box and a fan; the two absorbing tanks are respectively hollow structure and the inner sides thereof are respectively filled with active carbon; the two absorbing tanks are respectively provided with an absorbing air inlet, an absorbing exhaust outlet, a desorbing steam inlet and a desorbing exhaust outlet; the absorbing air inlet of each absorbing tank is connected with an air outlet of the fan by a solenoid valve; an air inlet of the fan is communicated with a tail gas collecting port; an exhaust outlet of the steam generator is connected with the desorbing steam inlet of each absorbing tank by the solenoid valve; the absorbing exhaust outlet is arranged on the top part of each absorbing tank and provided with the solenoid valve with the atmosphere so as to exhaust gas to the atmosphere; the desorbing exhaust outlets of the all absorbing tanks are connected with an air inlet of the cooler by the solenoid valve; and a liquid outlet of the cooler is connected with a liquid inlet of the separating box.

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Dispersed particle separation

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  • Methylbenzene recycling system


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[0007] refer to figure 1 , the embodiment discloses a toluene recovery system, including an adsorption tank 1, an adsorption tank 2, an adsorption tank 3, a steam generator 4, a cooler 5, a separation box 6 and a fan 7, the adsorption tank 1 is a hollow structure and its The inner side is filled with activated carbon, and the adsorption tank 1 is respectively provided with an adsorption air inlet 11, an adsorption exhaust port 12, a desorption steam inlet 13 and a desorption exhaust port 14. The structure of the adsorption tank 2 and the adsorption tank 3 Same as the adsorption tank 1, the adsorption air inlets of each adsorption tank are respectively connected with the air outlet of the fan 7 through the solenoid valve 8, the air inlet of the fan 7 is connected with the exhaust gas collection port, and the steam generator 4 generates steam by heating fresh water to each air outlet. The adsorption tank provides high temperature steam for desorption, the exhaust port of the steam generator 4 is connected to the desorption steam inlet 13 of each adsorption tank through the solenoid valve 81, and the adsorption exhaust port 12 is arranged on the top of each adsorption tank and is connected with A solenoid valve is provided between the atmosphere for discharging gas to the atmosphere, the desorption exhaust port 14 of each adsorption tank is connected with the air inlet of the cooler 5 through the solenoid valve 82, and the liquid outlet of the cooler 5 is connected to the outlet of the separation box 6. The liquid inlet is connected, and the toluene and water vapor output from the desorption process of the cooler 5 are cooled into liquid and output to the separation box 6, and the separation box 6 physically separates the two according to the specific gravity of the toluene and the fresh water.
[0008] When the aforementioned toluene recovery system is in use, the tail gas produced in the production process comprises toluene gas, and this tail gas is driven into the adsorption tank 1 by the fan 7, and the solenoid valve 8 and the solenoid valve that is arranged on the adsorption exhaust port 12 are opened simultaneously, The solenoid valve 81 and the solenoid valve 82 are closed, and the toluene is adsorbed by the activated carbon when the exhaust gas containing toluene passes through the activated carbon layer, so that the exhaust gas discharged to the atmosphere through the adsorption exhaust port 12 basically does not contain toluene gas. After running for a period of time, when the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon on the adsorption tank 1 tends to be saturated, open the adsorption tank 2 or the adsorption tank 3 in the same way to recover toluene, and the adsorption tank 1 enters the desorption process at the same time, and the solenoid valve is closed at this time. 8 and the solenoid valve on the adsorption exhaust port 12, open the steam generator 4, the solenoid valve 81 and the solenoid valve 82, the steam generated by the steam generator 4 enters the adsorption tank 1 so that the toluene is separated from the activated carbon and enters the cooling together with the steam The cooler 5 cools the toluene gas and the water vapor into a liquid state simultaneously and discharges them into the separation box 6. After the separation box 6 receives the toluene liquid and the condensed water, the layers are separated due to different gravity, and the toluene can be withdrawn according to the liquid level. Separation and recycling.


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