Energy-saving advertising light box

An advertising light box and box body technology, applied in the field of light box devices and energy-saving advertising light boxes, can solve problems such as inaccuracies and waste of resources, and achieve the effects of convenient use, simple structure and high energy conversion efficiency.

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-10-26
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[0002] There are more and more types of existing advertising light boxes, but generally the AC power supply provided by the power supply department is used as the light source. Once it is li...
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The invention discloses an energy-saving advertising light box, which belongs to the technical field of light-box devices. The energy-saving advertising light box comprises a box body, a light source and a power supply, wherein at least one surface of the box body is pervious, the light source is arranged in the box body, and the power supply is electrically connected with the light source; the power supply comprises at least a fan, at least a solar collecting plate and a control cabinet; the control cabinet is respectively electrically connected with the fan and the solar collecting plate; the fan, the solar collecting plate and the control cabinet are fixed on the top surface of the box body; and the inside of the control cabinet is provided with a controller circuit board and a battery. The energy-saving advertising light box disclosed by the invention has the advantages of simple structure, high energy conversion efficiency, and obvious energy-saving effect, is easy to use.

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PV power plantsEnergy storage +3

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PhysicsHigh energy +3


  • Energy-saving advertising light box
  • Energy-saving advertising light box


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[0009] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings.
[0010] Such as figure 1 As shown, the present invention includes a box 1 with at least one box surface that can transmit light and a light source 2 in the box 1, and also includes a power supply 3 electrically connected to the light source 2, and the power supply 3 includes at least one fan 4 and at least one The solar collection board 5 and the control box 6, and the control box 6 are respectively electrically connected to the fan 4 and the solar collection board. The fan 4, the solar collection board 5 and the control box 6 are fixed on the top surface of the box 1, and the control box 6 is installed Controller circuit board 7 and battery 8.
[0011] Among them, the control box 5 is also provided with a control switch for the wind power source 3.
[0012] When in use, the wind drives the fan 4 to rotate, and through the controller circuit board 7, the wind energy is converted into electric energy and stored in the storage battery 7, thereby supplying power to the light source 2. At the same time, the solar collector board 5 also converts solar energy into electric energy through the controller circuit board 7 and stores it in the storage battery 7 to supply power to the light source 2. In addition, the power supply 3 can be switched on and off by controlling the switch.


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