Magnetic valve with emptying function

A magnetic and valve technology, applied in the direction of lift valve, valve details, valve device, etc., can solve the problems of technical difficulty of processing methods, dripping, material waste, etc., and achieve the effect of low processing and production cost, easy production and processing, and simple manufacturing.

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-07-11
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Most of its production materials are made of wear-resistant metal or hard resin through precision grinding. The processing method has certain technical difficulties. After a period of use, due to wear and tear, there will be leakag...
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The invention relates to a valve, and particularly discloses a magnetic valve with an emptying function, which comprises a valve chamber with an inlet and an outlet at two ends respectively. The magnetic valve is characterized in that an air inlet hole is arranged on the valve chamber, the air inlet hole and the outlet are positioned on the same side and on different planes, a movable column capable of moving about is arranged in the valve chamber, strong magnets are arranged at two ends of the movable column, and the outside of each strong magnet is wrapped with a silicone gasket. The magnetic valve is simple and convenient in manufacture, easy in production and low in production cost, can be widely applied to industry, agriculture, production and living, and has no technical difficulty in machining.

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Operating means/releasing devices for valvesLift valve +1

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MagnetAgriculture +3


  • Magnetic valve with emptying function
  • Magnetic valve with emptying function


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Example Embodiment

[0018] The drawings show a specific embodiment of the invention. This embodiment includes a valve chamber 3 with an inlet 1 and an outlet 2 provided at both ends. The valve chamber 3 is provided with an air inlet 4 on the same side as the outlet 2, and the air inlet 4 and the outlet 2 are not on the same plane. 3 is provided with a free-swimming movable column 5, both ends of the movable column 5 are provided with powerful magnets 6, the outside of the powerful magnet 6 is wrapped with a silicone gasket 7; the valve chamber 3 is wrapped with a plastic link body 8. The two ends of the plastic link body 8 are provided with magnetic controls 9, and the magnetic control 9 passes through the inlet 1 or the outlet 2 in the middle; the valve chamber 3 is a closed plastic cylinder, the plastic cylinder is divided into upper and lower halves, and the middle is arranged Connect the thread; the strong magnets 6 at both ends of the movable column 5 are opposite to the magnetic poles of the corresponding end of the magnetic control 9; the main body of the movable column 5 is made of plastic; the inlet 1 and the outlet 2 are standard parts.
[0019] When the magnetic control 9 arranged outside the valve chamber 3 moves up and down, due to the penetration of the magnetic field, the movable column 5 is moved by the magnetic force in the valve chamber 3; when the magnetic control 9 moves upward, the plastic link body 8 The magnetic control 9 at the lower end attracts the movable column 5 in the valve chamber 3, so that the movable column 5 moves downward, and the silicone gasket 7 wrapped around the strong magnet 6 closes the air inlet 4, at this time, the inlet 1 and the outlet 2 are open for circulation, and the valve is opened. When the magnetic control 9 moves down, the magnetic control 9 on the upper end of the plastic link body 8 attracts the movable column 5 in the valve chamber 3, causing the movable column 5 to move upwards, and the silicone gasket 7 wrapped around the powerful magnet 6 closes the entrance 1. At this time, the air inlet 4 is opened, the air in the valve chamber 3 enters, and the liquid is drained from the valve chamber 3 through the outlet 2.
[0020] The valve of the present invention should be vertical to the ground and connected to the pipeline when it is used to drain liquid in the pipeline; when the valve is used in the water pipe and the downpipe of the solar water heater, the movement of the external magnetic control 9 can be operated by a pull wire. In the northern winter, the valve can be wrapped with a special foam anti-freezing skin.


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