A method for WFII/3G router access authentication by using fingerprint

A technology of access authentication and authentication method, which is applied in the field of WFII/3G router access authentication through fingerprints, to achieve the effect of flexible and convenient control and increased security

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[0002] With the continuous development of 3G technology, the 3G wireless access rate is getting higher and higher, and the application of 3G wireless routers in enterprises and families is becoming more and more extensive, making multiple wifi users share 3G network resour...
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The invention discloses a method for WFII/3G router access authentication by using fingerprint. The method is a router product integrated technical proposal which integrates 3G technology, WIFI technology and fingerprint identification technology. An user authority of sharing LAN or WAN resources is set by the system according to a fingerprint database and an authority pre-established, and users only need to input fingerprint information rather than user names and ciphers. The method provided in the present invention changes an original access mode of a same cipher and a same usage grade of the 3G router. In the original access mode, once the cipher leaked, an unauthorized user will access the network resources without limitation, thus the security is not high. The fingerprint authentication mode can hierarchically control the authority of the users, which increase the security of a whole system.

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  • A method for WFII/3G router access authentication by using fingerprint
  • A method for WFII/3G router access authentication by using fingerprint


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[0019] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with specific embodiments and drawings:
[0020] As attached figure 1 , 2 As shown, the fingerprint sensor is located on a PC or notebook, and is used to enter user fingerprint information; the fingerprint database and fingerprint identification mechanism are located in the wireless router to identify the user's identity; the PC-side software and driver provide user authentication and enter and delete fingerprint information Way. In the whole solution, only the super user needs to use the user name and password to authenticate the identity to add, delete, modify the fingerprint library and set the user authority level. The set information is all retained in the 3G wireless router; the user uses the PC and turns on The PC side software of the wireless router. At this time, the PC software uses the universal user name and password to connect to the wireless router (this user name and password can be set in advance, and the user does not need to know). After the connection, the user is placed in the restricted list on the 3G wireless router , LAN and WAN access is not possible, only waiting for the follow-up fingerprint authentication work; the user uses the PC-side software to start the fingerprint entry process, the user enters the fingerprint information in the fingerprint sensor, and the data is transmitted to the 3G wireless router; the 3G wireless router is based on Compare the fingerprint records in the fingerprint database and query user information. If the user's fingerprint is not recognized, the user will continue to be in a restricted state. If the user is a legal user, the user will be given different usage rights according to the user's identity; the 3G router will clear it when the user logs out The user information so that the user can re-authenticate when logging in again.


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