Novel gearbox assembly of gear mini-tiller

A technology of gearbox body and micro-tiller, applied in the direction of gear transmission, belt/chain/gear, mechanical equipment, etc., can solve the problems of heavy gearbox, many gears, complex structure, etc. The effect of few gears and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-02-13
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[0002] At present, the mini tillage machines that are sold on the market and are being used by f...
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The invention discloses a novel gearbox assembly of a gear mini-tiller. The novel gearbox assembly is characterized in that the power of a diesel engine is transmitted to a clutch assembly and a shaft I of the gearbox assembly through a belt; an I-level forward gearing or an I-level reverse gearing I can be realized by stirring a reverse gear I of the shaft I by an I-level reverse gear lifting fork; forward gearing is realized by stirring an II-level gear of the shaft I through an II-level lifting fork; the power is transmitted to an IV shaft through a gear in the middle of the II shaft; a steering process is realized through a steering shaft and a steering spring; and the power is transmitted to a rotary plowing shaft to drive a field rolling wheel to operate. The novel gearbox assembly has the advantages of specific and simplified structure, light weight, easiness of manufacturing, convenience in installation, and obvious effect, and is suitable for an agricultural mini-tiller.

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  • Novel gearbox assembly of gear mini-tiller
  • Novel gearbox assembly of gear mini-tiller
  • Novel gearbox assembly of gear mini-tiller


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[0015] The best embodiment of the present invention is like this. With reference to the accompanying drawings, in order to overcome the disadvantages of large weight, complicated structure, more gears, and higher cost of the gearbox assembly of the common tiller. The technical problems solved by the 1Z21T micro-cultivator gearbox body assembly of the present invention are: light weight, simple structure, fewer gears, and relatively low cost. Its structure mainly includes gearbox body, I shaft, II shaft, steering shaft, IV shaft, drive shaft, reverse gear, I reverse gear, I shaft II gear, II shaft intermediate gear, II shaft I gear, II Axis II gear, steering gear, steering pinion, IV shaft double gear, drive gear, I reverse shift fork, I reverse shift fork shaft, II shift fork, II shift fork shaft, steering pressure shaft, reverse Gear shaft, steering spring; the power of the diesel engine is transmitted to the I shaft (2) of the clutch assembly and the gearbox assembly through the belt, and the I reverse gear (7) is moved through the I reverse gear (14) to achieve I forward Gear or reverse gear, the II forward gear is realized by shifting the I-axis and II gear (8) by the II-shift fork (16). The II-axis intermediate gear (9) transmits the power to the IV shaft (5), and then through the steering The pressure shaft (4) and the steering spring (20) realize the steering, and then they are transmitted to the rotary tilling shaft to directly drive the rolling wheel to realize the rotary tilling operation; the gearbox assembly is designed to install 6203 and 6204 bearings on every two shafts, I shaft and The two ends of the drive shaft are designed to install oil seals. The assembly and connection relationship of the gearbox body assembly of the tiller of the present invention is as follows: the reverse gear a is mounted on the reverse gear shaft b in a fixed position, and the reverse gear shift fork 14 is reversed by shifting the reverse gear c. Gear and forward I gear, the power is transmitted to the steering gear i through the II shaft intermediate gear g, the II shaft I gear f, and the II shaft II gear h. The steering gear and the steering pressure shaft k, steering pinion j, steering The spring l is used to realize the steering operation, and then the driving gear n of the IV shaft double gear m and the driving shaft o is transmitted to the rolling wheel component for rotary tillage operation.


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