Valve body manufacturing method

A manufacturing method and valve body technology, applied in the field of valve body manufacturing, can solve problems such as increased equipment cost, energy waste, and limited material performance of the valve body, so as to reduce equipment and production costs, reduce pollution and energy consumption, The effect of improving market competitiveness

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[0002] Existing gas valve bodies are usually made of raw materials after die-casting and then grinding and drilling. In the process of die-casting, the raw materials need to be heated, and each manufacturer needs to be equipped with a set of casting equipment, which increases the The cost of equipment and waste of energy, small-scale heating and die-casting process will also produce large industrial pollution, and it will cost a lot of money to deal with these industrial pollution, and in the die-casting process, a single mold can only die-cast one part, The production efficiency is relatively slow, and at pres...
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The invention discloses a valve body manufacturing method. The valve body manufacturing method includes the following steps that firstly, raw metal materials are subjected to hot melting and extrusion forming to form long-strip-shaped profiles; secondly, the profiles are cut into a plurality of blanks, wherein the blanks are matched with valve bodies in shape and are slightly larger than the valve bodies; and thirdly, the blanks are ground and drilled to obtain the valve bodies. According to the manufacturing method, due to the fact that the profile forming step can be performed in most of existing profile production plants in a concentrated mode, and valve body manufacturers only need to perform cold machining such as cutting, grinding and drilling on the profiles without additionally arranging heat treatment equipment, the equipment and production cost is reduced, production efficiency is improved, meanwhile, pollution and energy consumption are reduced, and energy conservation and environment protection are archived; besides, due to the fact that existing professional profile production plants have large profile production equipment, raw metal materials such as aviation aluminum with better performance can be adopted for manufacturing the profiles, the performance of the valve bodies can be effectively improved, and the market competitiveness of enterprises can be effectively improved.

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[0015] Reference figure 1 , A method of manufacturing a valve body, including the following steps:
[0016] The first step is to heat-melt and extrude the metal raw materials into elongated profiles; this step can be carried out centrally in the existing profile production plants, and the valve body manufacturers do not need to be equipped with additional heat treatment equipment, which reduces the equipment and The production cost improves production efficiency, while reducing pollution and energy consumption, saving energy and environmental protection.
[0017] The second step is to cut the profile into several sections of blanks. The shape of the blanks matches the shape of the valve body and is slightly larger than the valve body, which is convenient for processing and can also reduce material waste.
[0018] The third step is to grind and drill the blank to obtain the valve body. The polishing process can also be added to make the surface of the valve body smoother and more beautiful.
[0019] In this embodiment, the cross-sectional shape of the aluminum profile matches the projection shape of the valve body in the left and right direction, the cutting surface of the profile is perpendicular to the length of the profile, and the length of the blank is equal to or greater than the maximum width in the left and right direction of the valve body, which is convenient for cutting Cutting and processing can improve production efficiency and reduce material waste.
[0020] In this embodiment, the metal raw material is aviation aluminum alloy. Because the current professional profile production plants have larger profile production equipment, they can heat-melt and form aviation aluminum alloys. Aviation aluminum alloys have better properties than traditional cast aluminum materials. The material properties can effectively improve the performance of the valve body, thereby improving the market competitiveness of the enterprise. The metal raw material is preferably 4032 aluminum alloy or 7075 aluminum alloy or 6061 aluminum alloy. These materials have excellent processing properties, excellent electroplating properties, good corrosion resistance, toughness and no deformation after processing, compact materials without defects and easy It has excellent characteristics such as easy polishing and coloring film and excellent oxidation effect, which can meet the needs of most gas valves at present. Of course, in practical applications, other common materials such as stainless steel can also be used as metal raw materials.
[0021] The above are only the preferred implementation manners of the present invention, as long as the technical solutions for achieving the objectives of the present invention by basically the same means fall within the protection scope of the present invention.


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