Biological reactor for enzyme production

A technology of bioreactors and enzymes, which is applied to specific-purpose bioreactors/fermenters, combinations of bioreactors/fermenters, biochemical instruments, etc., can solve problems such as inaccurate water control and poor heat dissipation, and achieve Fine water control, fast heat dissipation and fast fermentation

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[0006] Aiming at the deficiencies in the prior art, the present invention provides a bioreactor for enzyme production to solve the probl...
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A biological reactor for enzyme production comprises a fermenting tank, wherein an interlayer is arranged on the outer side of the fermenting tank, a water inlet is formed in the outer side of the interlayer, a non-return valve is arranged between the interlayer and the fermenting tank; a stirring rod is arranged in the fermenting tank; blades are arranged on the stirring rod; a weight inductor is arranged at the bottom of the fermenting tank; the stirring rod adopts a hollow structure; a spray pipe is arranged in the stirring rod. The biological reactor has the following benefits: in the fermentation process, rotation of the blades is utilized for accelerating fermentation; moisture in the fermentation process is precisely controlled; meanwhile, the fermenting tank is wrapped with water, so as to accelerate heat dissipation.

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Bioreactor/fermenter combinationsBiological substance pretreatments +4

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EnzymeInductor +4


  • Biological reactor for enzyme production


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[0013] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments.
[0014] A bioreactor for enzyme production, comprising a fermentation tank 1, a compartment 2 is arranged outside the fermentation tank 1, a water inlet is arranged outside the compartment 2, and the compartment 2 is connected to the fermentation tank A one-way valve 3 is provided between 1, the fermentation tank 1 is provided with a stirring rod 5, the stirring rod 5 is provided with blades, and the bottom of the fermentation tank 1 is provided with a weight sensor. The stirring rod 5 has a hollow structure, a spray tube 6 is arranged inside, a lid 4 is arranged on the fermentation tank 1, and an exhaust valve is arranged on the fermentation tank 1.
[0015] When in use, put the domestic garbage into the fermentation tank 1, wash off the oil and salt, filter the water and spread it into the separately removable fermentation tank 3, and put special fermentation bacteria (such as enzyme bacteria ), the mixing is uniform, and then because the bottom of the fermentation tank 1 is equipped with a gravity sensor, the water can be fed through the one-way valve according to the weight, and then the fermentation tank 3 is installed in the shell to form a closed ecosystem, and the exhaust valve can automatically The gas generated in the fermentation process is discharged, and at the same time, the stirring of the blades provided on the stirring rod 5 makes it fully reflect the oxygen. Since a large amount of heat is generated during the fermentation process, the water in the compartment can play a role in heat dissipation. During the stirring process of the tube 6, an aqueous solution containing many trace elements such as iron, manganese, steel, etc. is placed in the spray tube.


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