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Differential pitch pole piece and power battery adopting same

The invention discloses a differential pitch pole piece and a power battery adopting the same, wherein the power battery comprises a battery cell, a positioning cover, an aluminium cover and a shell, the battery cell is arranged in the shell, the positioning cover is arranged above the battery cell, the aluminium cover is arranged above the positioning cover and is fixedly connected with the shell, the battery cell comprises a positive pole piece, a first membrane, a negative pole piece and a second membrane, both the positive and the negative pole pieces are differential pitch pole pieces, each differential pitch pole piece comprises a coating part and a non-coating part which is positioned above the coating part, the non-coating parts are punched at intervals to form a plurality of projecting parts, the widths of the projecting parts are the same, pitches between every two adjacent projecting parts are sequentially increased from front to back for forming a single differential pitch structure, or the pitches between every two spaced projecting parts are sequentially increased from front to back for forming a double-differential pitch structure, after the whole differential pitch pole pieces are wound, all the projecting parts are superposed with one another to form a pole lug, and the positive pole piece, the first membrane, the negative pole piece and the second membrane are stacked orderly to be wound into the battery cell. In the invention, the structure and the technology are simplified, the volume is reduced, and the quality of the power battery is improved.

LED heat radiator based on heat pipe technology

The invention relates to a high-power LED heat radiator, and belongs to the field of LED heat radiation. The high-power LED heat radiator based on a heat pipe technology is characterized in that a gravity heat pipe in the center and sunflower-shaped cooling fins (4) around the gravity heat pipe are included, the gravity heat pipe comprises a middle through pipe (1), an upper cover (2) and a bottom cover (3), the middle through pipe (1) is integrally welded to the upper cover (2) and the bottom cover (3), vacuum is formed in a sealing mode, the space among the middle through pipe, the upper cover and the bottom cover is filled with refrigeration media (5), the cooling fins (4) are arranged around the through pipe (1), a plurality of evenly-distributed protruding groove emulsion structures (6) are arranged in the portion, in the through pipe, of the upper surface of the bottom cover (3), a sealing hole (7) is formed in the middle of the upper cover (3), and the lower portion of the bottom cover (3) is connected with an LED lamp. The structure of overall vacuum sealing and the surrounding cooling fins is adopted, the heat conduction efficiency of the heat pipe is improved, heat radiation is fast, the size is small, and the service life is long.

Non-compact structured new casting mold

The invention provides a non-compact structured new casting mold. The non-compact structured new casting mold comprises a mold shell, a casting system, a truss structure and a sensor, wherein a molding cavity for molding a casting and a temperature control channel for feeding in a temperature control medium are arranged in the mold shell; the casting system is integrally molded with the mold shell, and enables molten liquid of the casting to flow in the molding cavity of the mold shell; the truss structure is positioned out of the mold shell, and is connected with the mold shell for fixing and supporting the mold shell; and the sensor is arranged on the mold shell. the casting mold consisting of the mold shell and the truss replaces a traditional solid compact structure, so that the use level of molding sand is largely reduced, the material is saved, the environmental pollution in the molding sand treatment process is reduced, and the effects of energy conservation and environmental protection are achieved; the heat dissipation of the mold shell is fast, and the cooling efficiency of the casting is high; the sensor can monitor the strain change of temperature or stress of corresponding parts in the casting molding process, and controls the flow and the temperature of a temperature control medium in the temperature control channel according to detected signals; and through effective temperature control of the temperature control medium by the sensor, quick and balanced cooling of the casting is realized, the structure of the casting is improved, the residual stress and deformation of the casting are reduced, and the performance of the casting is improved.

Heat radiating device

The invention provides a heat radiating device which comprises the components of a heat conduction module that comprises a closed heat conduction pipe, wherein the heat conduction pipe is internally provided with a heat conduction liquid storage box for storing heat conduction liquid, the heat conduction liquid storage box sufficiently contacts with a heating area in a terminal, the heat conduction pipe is provided with one or a plurality of power generator modules, blades of the engine module are arranged in the heat conduction pipe, the heat conduction liquid flows along a preset path of the heat conduction pipe after heat-absorption and expansion, thereby pushing the blades of the power generator module for generating electric energy, and finally the heat conduction liquid flows back to the heat conduction liquid storage box; the engine module which generates electric energy through pushing of the heat conduction liquid and outputs the electric energy to a power supply management module; and a power supply management module which charges the battery of the terminal by means of the received electric energy. The heat radiating device has advantages of realizing quick heat radiation of a portable terminal product, performing energy recycling on the heat conduction liquid in flowing after heat-absorption and expansion, and storing the recycled electric energy for prolonging duration time of the portable terminal product.

LED (light-emitting diode) light bulb

Disclosed is an LED light bulb. In the LED light bulb, according to heat dissipation principles, a traditional structure is optimized, the heat dissipation speed is fast, the insulation performance is good, time, materials and costs are saved, and products meet national standards. In order to solve the technical problems of the LED light bulb, the adopted scheme of the LED light bulb is that a mode of a split-combined type structure is designed, an LED light board which is a main heating source is fully in close contact with a heat conducting strip, heat is rapidly conducted to an external light body aluminum cup heat dissipation device which can dissipate heat more rapidly than a traditional heat dissipation device through the heat conducting strip, and the heat is in contact with air and is dissipated into the air. The aluminum cup is made of thin aluminum sheet and is made into a shape of a trumpet, and the middle of the inside of the aluminum cup is hollow-out. The inner support of the LED light bulb is made of transparent plastics to achieve the function of connecting the front and the back, the inside of an inner cavity is provided with an LED driving power supply to achieve total isolation with light body metal materials, so that the insulation performance is enhanced. An LED lampshade is made of plastics of high light transmittance, so that a light source can be used to the largest extent. The LED light bulb does not need complex devices or complex processes, and is easy and convenient to fabricate. The LED light bulb has the advantages of being lightweight, quick in heat dissipation, convenient to manufacture, time-saving, material-saving, cost-saving and good in safety and insulation.

Combined locomotive power supply cabinet

The invention relates to the technical field of locomotive power supply cabinets, and especially relates to a combined locomotive power supply cabinet which comprises a power supply cabinet. A plurality of first through holes are arranged in a left side and a right side of the power supply cabinet, T-shaped grooves are arranged above and below the first through holes, shells are arranged on one sides of the two T-shaped grooves, and a motor cavity is arranged in the side, close to the power supply cabinet, of each shell. T-shaped plates are arranged above and below the motor cavity, a second cylindrical groove is arranged in one end, close to the T-shaped plates, of one side of the shell, and a rectangular through groove is arranged in one side of the second cylindrical groove. A spring and a fixed column are arranged in the second cylindrical groove from inside to outside. A sliding block is arranged on the fixed column. A motor is arranged in the motor cavity, and an output shaft ofthe motor is provided with fan blades. Through arrangement of the shells, the motor cavity, the T-shaped plates, the second cylindrical groove, the spring, the fixing column, the motor and the fan blades, the shells can be fixed to one side of the power supply cabinet, the output shaft of the motor in the motor cavity drives the fan blades to rotate and blow air, and heat energy generated by a power supply in the power supply cabinet is rapidly dissipated.

High-performance hook free falling hoisting mechanism

In the prior art, hoisting mechanisms with the hook free falling function have two structures, wherein one structure is achieved by directly adding a sleeve outside a hoisting gear box and controlling the sleeve and a reel through a clutch, and the other structure is achieved by controlling high speed gear ring of the gear box through the clutch; non of the two structures has the wire rope anti-slip function, the wire rope is easy to detach and the rope is at mess; moreover, the conventional hoisting mechanisms have the designing problems of low work efficiency, high energy consumption, incomplete and loose structure, difficulty in manufacturing, high cost, and the like. According to the invention, a dry clutch is used to directly control the reel, so as to achieve the function of hook free falling; when the free falling hook is at work, non of a planet reduction gear, a wet multi-sheet brake, and a driving hydraulic motor is at work; the high-performance hook free falling hoisting mechanism is high in efficiency, low in energy consumption, and simple in structure, realizes wire rope anti-slip and protection function by controlling through a caliper disc brake; the high-performance hook free falling hoisting mechanism solves the congenital deficits of a conventional product in aspects of scheme, structure, and technology, and can excellently meet the requirement of a user in the particular aspect of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Semiconductor refrigeration device

The invention discloses a semiconductor refrigeration device. The semiconductor refrigeration device comprises a box shell and an inner container arranged in the box shell. The inner container is provided with a semiconductor refrigeration module group, and the semiconductor refrigeration module group comprises a semiconductor refrigeration chip, a hot end radiator and a cold end radiator which are assembled together. The cold end radiator comprises a cold end heat conduction seat and first heat pipes connected with the cold end heat conduction seat, and the first heat pipes are attached to the inner container. The semiconductor refrigeration device is characterized in that the hot end radiator comprises a hot end heat conduction seat, second hot pipes, main heat dissipation wing pieces and an auxiliary heat dissipation seat; auxiliary heat dissipation wing pieces are formed on the auxiliary heat dissipation seat; the second hot pipes are provided with a plurality of main heat dissipation wing pieces; pipeline grooves are correspondingly formed in the relative installation faces of the hot end heat conduction seat and the auxiliary heat dissipation seat; and second heat pipe clampsare located between the hot end heat conduction seat and the auxiliary heat dissipation seat and are located in the pipeline grooves. Refrigeration efficiency improvement and energy consumption reduction of refrigeration equipment are achieved.

Handheld electric tool

The invention discloses a handheld electric tool. The handheld electric tool comprises an output shaft, a motor, a fan, a shell and a braking device, wherein the output shaft is used for fixing a polishing disc; the motor comprises a driving shaft for driving the output shaft to rotate, and the driving shaft rotates around the central axis; the fan is fixed to the driving shaft and driven to rotate by the driving shaft; the shell is used for mounting the motor; and the braking device is used for braking the motor. The braking device comprises a fixed braking part and a movable braking part, wherein the fixed braking part is fixed to the driving shaft and rotates synchronously with the driving shaft; the movable braking part moves between a braking position and a separation position relative to the fixed braking part; at least two friction parts distributed in the circumferential direction of the central axis are arranged on the movable braking part; the friction parts are used for being in contact with the fixed braking part so as to brake the motor through friction force; a clearance groove is formed in the position, between the two adjacent friction parts, in the movable brakingpart in the circumferential direction of the central axis; and the fan rotates to drive an air flow to penetrate through the clearance groove. The handheld electric tool can conduct braking rapidly, the braking device has a good heat dissipation effect, and the service life is long.
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