Combined multifunctional wedding arch

A multi-functional and combined technology, applied in special decorative structures, decorative arts, etc., can solve problems such as poor wind resistance, insufficient refinement, and weak sense of layering and three-dimensionality

Active Publication Date: 2016-06-08
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] At present, there is a single variety of outdoor arches in the wedding market (mostly inflatable arches). Although inflatable arches are low in cost and easy to install, they are made of rainproof cloth sewing as the main process, with single materials and colors, layered and three-dimensional The feeling is not strong, the appearance is bloated and rough, not...
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Method used

In the example shown in Fig. 3, the double-pipe connection clasp is a special pull button that connects two adjacent stainless steel pipes on the sides of the adjacent two shelves that are drawn out Clip (invented by the applicant), this clip is made of 1 mm thick stainless steel plate, divided into upper arc plate and lower plate, there are connecting rings between...
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The invention discloses a combined multifunctional wedding arch, and mainly aims at the problems that outdoor arches in the present wedding market are single in variety (are mainly inflatable arches), the inflatable arches are single in material and colour, and non-exquisite in shape, and high power consumption, noise pollution and the like are caused due to continuous inflation of an air blower. According to the novel wedding arch disclosed by the invention, many materials and processes of stainless steel tube welding, ABS plastic suction modelling, EVA plate printing shape-pressing, LED display and the like are adopted, and the aesthetics and level of the arch are greatly improved in production process, colour and appearance; particularly, the arch can realize split-type stretching changeable combination, thus space is saved, transport and storage are facilitated, and installation is fast; and one arch can be combined into arches with other shapes, and parts can also be re-combined for other purposes such as wedding site arrangement, opening ceremony and the like, thus the flexibility, diversity and multifunctionality of the arch in use are realized.

Application Domain

Special ornamental structures

Technology Topic

Steel tubeNoise pollution +5


  • Combined multifunctional wedding arch
  • Combined multifunctional wedding arch
  • Combined multifunctional wedding arch


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Example Embodiment

[0020] exist figure 1 In the example shown, the split stainless steel pipe frame (1) is connected together with double-pipe buckle clips (2), and then EVA simulated large green leaves (6) and simulated large green leaves (6) are inserted into the preset sockets on the frame. Flower (7), then install ABS plastic suction molding and plaque (8), install LED display (9) on the plaque in the very center of the arch to form a wedding arch.
[0021] exist figure 2 In the example shown, the entire skeleton is decomposed into small frames with a length of no more than 2.5 meters. The slightly thicker frame at the bottom of the arch is placed outside the previous thinner frame, and the thinner frame is placed on top of the thinner frame. Outside the shelf, and so on, shrink all the shelves on one side of the arch into one shelf, no more than 2.5 meters.
[0022] exist image 3 In the example shown, the double-pipe connection clasp is a special buckle clasp (by the applicant Invention), this kind of clip is made of 1mm thick stainless steel plate, divided into upper arc plate and lower plate, there are connecting rings between the plates, and there are interlocking hooks, which can be quickly connected and disassembled. The preset jacks on the shelf use pneumatic tube quick connector jacks, with live pins inside, and the stalks (plastic round rods) that simulate big flowers can be inserted and pulled repeatedly, and can prevent big flowers from falling off and being lost.
[0023] exist Figure 8 In the example shown, the simulated big green leaf is screen-printed, cut and embossed with 2mm thick EVA board, and several green petioles are welded on an iron ring according to the shape distribution to form a large leaf group. When installing, use a large flower handle ( Figure 9 ) into the green leaf iron ring and press it on the leaf, insert it into the preset socket and fix it together.
[0024] exist Figure 9 In the example shown, the simulated big rose is enlarged at a ratio of about 10:1, and the petals are cut out of 1mm thick colored EVA foam board, and the rubber-coated iron wire is glued on the back of the petals as the skeleton, and the flower core is generally made of foam balls. , The rose core is made of 20mm thick EPE slats rolled up EVA board, and the petals are glued together on the outside of the flower core to form a foldable artificial large flower of various colors.
[0025] exist Figure 10 In the example shown, the ABS board is molded into the front and back shapes of a "dragon" with a blister machine and molds, and then the two sides are glued together to form a complete "dragon". Other shapes are like a phoenix. , magpies, angels, etc. are all made of this process.
[0026] exist Figure 11 In the example shown, 6 pieces of two-color p10 display screens are installed in the plastic groove to prevent rain, and then the whole is inlaid in the center of the sign, and the data can be input into the control card with a computer or mobile phone, and the bride and groom can be displayed arbitrarily. name or pattern.
[0027] exist Figure 12 In the example shown, in order to facilitate storage and transportation, the Roman column is also combined in separate parts. The overall shape of the Roman column is formed by combining several small pieces of ABS board blisters on the pipe rack.


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