Automatic demolding device for copper product continuous-extrusion tailings

A technology of automatic demolding and tailing, applied in the field of copper and copper alloy products processing machinery, can solve the problems of increasing the risk of mold damage, cumbersome processing process, long processing cycle, etc., to avoid the risk and probability of damage, simple design structure, Effects that increase effectiveness and efficiency

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-15
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The processing process is cumbersome, the processing cycle is long, and at...
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The invention discloses an automatic demoulding device for continuous extrusion tailings of copper products. A clamping mechanism slidingly connected up and down with the frame, and a driving mechanism installed on the frame for driving the clamping mechanism to move. The invention has a simple design and structure, greatly improves the effect and efficiency of demolding and separation, makes the demolded metal a whole, and reduces the loss of the metal in the remelting process, because the inner cavity of the mold does not interact with any other ferrous metals during the demoulding process. Contact, thus avoiding the risk and chance of damage to the cavity part of the mold. Realize zero damage to the mold during the demoulding process and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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  • Automatic demolding device for copper product continuous-extrusion tailings
  • Automatic demolding device for copper product continuous-extrusion tailings


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[0009] Such as Figure 1-2 As shown, a copper product continuous extrusion tail material automatic demoulding device includes a die base 2 fixed on the frame 1 for inserting the tail material 2 and under the die base 2 for clamping the tail material and The clamping mechanism 3 slidably connected to the frame 1 up and down, and a driving mechanism 4 installed on the frame 1 to drive the clamping mechanism 3 to move. After the continuous extrusion of the copper product is completed, the tail material is cut off, the extrusion die is removed, placed on the die base 2, and the tail material is inserted into the through hole 21 of the die base 2, and the mold is clamped on the die base 2. The tail material is clamped by the clamping mechanism 3, and then the driving mechanism 4 drives the clamping mechanism to move down, and the tail material is completely pulled out from the extrusion die, thereby realizing the separation of the extrusion die and the tail material. In this process, neither the tailings nor the inner cavity of the extrusion die are damaged.
[0010] As a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the clamping mechanism 3 can be a conventional clamping mechanism, and the clamping mechanism is driven by a hydraulic system. The driving mechanism 4 can be a hydraulic cylinder, and the clamping mechanism 3 is driven to move up and down by the hydraulic cylinder.


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