Protective airbag with rapid gas generating device

A production device and fast technology, applied in protective clothing, clothing, apparel, etc., can solve the problems of inappropriate human wearable equipment, gas leakage, large volume, etc., to improve comfort and convenience, poor invisibility, and large volume. Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-12-21
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However, this kind of airbag is relatively large in size, heavy in weight, and ...
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A protective airbag with a rapid gas generating device comprises an airbag (1) and the rapid gas generating device (2) connected with the airbag; the airbag (1) comprises a main protection area (3) with a liquid inlet (12) and a gas pressure buffer area (4), wherein the main protection area (3) and the gas pressure buffer area (4) are partitioned by a partition layer (5); sodium bicarbonate powder is arranged in the main protection area (3), a gas port (6) is formed in the partition layer; the rapid gas generating device (2) is connected out of a gas inlet; the rapid gas generating device (2) comprises a shell (7), a propeller (8) driven by a motor and disposed in the middle of the shell, a conical bottom cavity (9) located below the propeller, and a liquid storage bag (10) connected to the conical bottom cavity; the liquid storage bag (10) is filled with aluminum sulfate solution, a one-way valve type liquid outlet (11) is arranged on the bottom end of the conical bottom cavity, and the liquid outlet (11) is connected with the liquid inlet (12) of the airbag. The protective airbag can generate gas automatically, has good tightness, safety, portability and high applicability, and is easy to wear.

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Protective garment

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PropellerAluminium salts +5


  • Protective airbag with rapid gas generating device


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Example Embodiment

[0010] As shown in the figure, the protective airbag of the band gas rapid generation device comprises an air bag 1 and a gas rapid generation device 2 communicated with the air bag; Air pressure buffer zone 4, sodium bicarbonate powder is placed in the main protection area 3, air guide holes 6 are arranged on the separation layer, and a gas rapid generation device 2 is connected outside the air inlet. The gas rapid generation device includes a shell 7 and is installed on A propeller 8 driven by a motor in the middle of the shell, a conical bottom cavity 9 located below the propeller, a liquid storage bag 10 connected to the conical bottom cavity, and aluminum sulfate solution is placed in the liquid storage bag 10, and the conical bottom cavity The bottom end of the valve is provided with a one-way valve type liquid outlet 11, and the liquid outlet 11 is connected with the liquid inlet 12 of the air bag. A liquid inlet pipe 13 can be inserted into the main protected area of ​​the airbag so as to introduce the aluminum sulfate solution, and the liquid outlet of the gas rapid generating device 2 is connected with the inlet of the liquid inlet pipe.
[0011] After the motor is powered on, it drives the propeller 8 to rotate. When the pressure in the conical bottom cavity 9 is large enough, the one-way valve type liquid outlet 11 is pushed open, and the saturated aluminum sulfate liquid in the liquid storage bag 10 flows out, and The thrust generated by the propeller is sent into the main protection area of ​​the airbag through the one-way valve type liquid outlet 11. The incoming aluminum sulfate liquid reacts violently with sodium bicarbonate powder in the main protection area of ​​the airbag to quickly generate sodium sulfate, aluminum hydroxide and carbon dioxide gas. The chemical reaction formula is as follows:
[0012] Al2(SO4)3+6NaHCO3==3Na2SO4+2Al(OH)3↓+6CO2↑.
[0013] Based on the reaction, the gas can be generated rapidly without generating toxic and harmful products, and the reaction will not generate excessive reaction heat, which is a mild and efficient chemical reaction.
[0014] The carbon dioxide gas inflates the main protection area 3 of the airbag quickly. When the intake air volume is large, part of the gas in the main protection area enters the air pressure buffer zone 4 through air guide 6, thereby preventing the main protection area from being damaged due to excessive air pressure.
[0015] The invention can reduce the gas generation or the limitation of the reaction device on the gas generation amount when increasing the gas generation speed, and can increase the expansion speed of the main protection area of ​​the airbag as much as possible by increasing the reaction raw materials and the like.
[0016] The present invention is suitable for products that require rapid inflation protection, such as air bag knee protectors, waist protectors, and shoulder protectors for the elderly with limited mobility, special groups with partial disabilities who are prone to falls, and young children. Just wear the airbag part on the part to be protected. The gas rapid generating device can be made as small and exquisite as possible.


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