Chain oiling device

A chain and equipment technology, applied in the field of chain processing equipment, can solve the problems of not being able to accurately know the oil remaining of the oil drum chain, not setting up monitoring equipment, affecting the use effect, etc., to achieve labor saving, high automation, and uniform oiling. Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-02-15
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The chain needs to be oiled during the production process. At present, the chain is generally oiled by immersion, and the chain is directly passed through the inside of the oil drum where the chain oil is pl...
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The invention relates to a chain oiling device, and belongs to auxiliary equipment of chain production and machining. The technical scheme of the invention is that the chain oiling device includes an oil storage box; an oil inlet is formed in the upper part of the oil storage box, and an oil outlet is formed in the lower part of the oil storage box; a chain inlet and a chain outlet are formed in the oil storage box; multiple groups of oil rollers with different heights are arranged in the oil storage box; guide rollers are arranged on the chain inlet and the chain outlet; the oil outlet formed in the oil storage box is connected to a circulating pump through a pipe and then is connected to the oil inlet formed in the oil storage box via an oil return pipe; a pressure gage is arranged on the pipe; and a low contact point of the pressure gage is connected to a signal input end of a controller, and a signal output end of the controller is connected to a motor of the circulating pump. The advantages of the invention are that the chain oiling device can save labors, can improve the working efficiency, can evenly and completely oil a chain, can acquire the residual amount of the chain oil by monitoring the oil pressure of the chain oil in the oil storage box, is high in automatic level, can relieve the working strength of a worker, and can improve the working efficiency.

Application Domain

Lubrication elementsMetal chains

Technology Topic

Oil pressureCirculating pump +2


  • Chain oiling device


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Example Embodiment

[0015] Embodiment one:
[0016] The present invention is a chain processing equipment, comprising an oil storage box 1 for storing chain oil, the upper part of the oil storage box 1 is provided with an oil inlet 2, and the lower part is provided with an oil outlet 3, and the oil storage box 1 is provided with a chain inlet 4 and the chain outlet 5, the inside of the oil storage tank 1 is provided with multiple groups of oil rollers 6 with different heights, the chain inlet 4 and the chain outlet 5 are respectively provided with guide rollers 7, and the oil outlet 3 of the oil storage tank 1 is connected by a pipeline The circulation pump 9 is connected to the oil inlet 2 on the oil storage tank through the oil return pipe, and a pressure gauge 10 is installed on the pipeline 8, and the low contact point of the pressure gauge 10 is connected to the signal input end of the controller 11, and the controller 11 The signal output terminal of the signal is connected with the motor of circulation pump 9.
[0017] Preferably, as an embodiment, another signal output terminal of the controller 11 is connected to the alarm 12
[0018] Preferably, as another possible embodiment, an adsorption device 13 is provided outside the chain outlet of the oil storage tank 1, and the adsorption device 13 includes a beam 13-1, absorbent cotton 13-2 arranged on the beam 13-1 and A bracket 13-3 for supporting the beam 13-1.
[0019] In the chain oiling equipment of the present invention, the chain enters the oil storage tank 1 from the chain inlet 4, and leaves the oil storage tank from the chain outlet 5. During the oiling process, the circulating pump 9 is always in working condition to ensure the oil storage tank inside The chain oil is always dynamic, and the impact force of the chain oil and the chain in the moving state ensures that the chain oil can be well attached to the chain. The pressure gauge 10 can detect the pressure of the chain oil inside the oil storage tank 1, and determine the margin by the pressure value. The low contact point of the pressure gauge 10 is connected to the signal input end of the controller 11. When the detection value of the pressure gauge 10 is lower than When setting the value, the controller 11 can control the motor of the circulating pump 9 to stop rotating and give an alarm to remind the staff to increase the chain oil. Such a structural design has high automation and accuracy on the one hand, and can also ensure the oiling of the chain on the other hand. Uniformity to ensure product quality.


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