Method for preparing 316 stainless steel complex thin-wall pipeline through selective laser melting forming technology

A technology of laser selective melting and forming technology, which is applied in the direction of additive manufacturing, improvement of process efficiency, energy efficiency, etc., can solve the problems of affecting product development cycle, increasing research and development costs, and poor consistency of digital and analog, so as to achieve uniform internal organization, Short forming time and good digital-to-model consistency

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-03-15
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[0003] Traditional technology is used to manufacture 316 stainless steel complex thin-walled pipelines. The main steps are blanking, manual pipe bending, pre-weld trimming, welding assembly, welding, non-destructive testing, repair and wel...
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The invention provides a method for preparing a 316 stainless steel complex thin-wall pipeline through the selective laser melting forming technology. The method comprises the steps that firstly, a three-dimensional digital model of the complex thin-wall pipeline is constructed; secondly, the three-dimensional digital model is repaired through three-dimensional repairing software; and thirdly, the repaired three-dimensional digital model is sliced through slicing software and converted into two-dimensional slice information, and a machining program file is generated. The method has the beneficial effects that firstly, the time for forming the complex thin-wall pipeline is short through the selective laser melting forming technology, procedures are reduced, and the manufacturing period is shortened; secondly, the quality of the complex thin-wall pipeline formed through the selective laser melting forming technology is high, consistency between the complex thin-wall pipeline and the digital model is good, and the qualification rate is high; and thirdly, the 316 stainless steel complex thin-wall pipeline formed through the method is uniform in inner structure, good in surface quality and excellent in mechanical performance.

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[0026] The present invention will be described in detail below in conjunction with specific embodiments. The following examples will help those skilled in the art to further understand the present invention, but do not limit the present invention in any form. It should be pointed out that for those of ordinary skill in the art, a number of modifications and improvements can be made without departing from the concept of the present invention. These all belong to the protection scope of the present invention.
[0027] The present invention relates to a method for preparing 316 stainless steel complex thin-walled pipelines by using laser selective melting and forming technology, including the following steps:
[0028] Step 1: Use 3D drawing software to construct a 3D digital model of complex thin-walled pipelines;
[0029] Step 2: Use commercial 3D repair software (such as Magics) to repair complex thin-walled pipelines;
[0030] Step 3: Use commercial 3D repair software to analyze the placement angle of the complex thin-walled pipeline and add support;
[0031] Step 4: Use commercial slicing software (such as RP-tools) to slice the 3D digital model of step 2, convert it into 2D slice information, and generate the corresponding processing program file;
[0032] Step 5: Import the processing program file of the complex thin-walled pipeline structure into the laser selective area melting forming equipment;
[0033] Step 6: Set the forming process parameters of the laser selective melting forming equipment: the laser power is 150~300W, the scanning speed is 1000~1500mm/S, the laser lap is 0.90~0.11mm, and the powder layer thickness is 0.02~0.04mm;
[0034] Step 7: Use a wire brush to roughen the surface of the formed substrate, assemble it on the forming cylinder of the laser selective melting forming equipment, and assemble a flexible scraper, adjust the gap between the ground under the scraper and the surface of the substrate to be no more than 0.05mm;
[0035] Step 8: Select appropriate 316 stainless steel powder, add it to the material tank, use a scraper to spread the 316 stainless steel powder evenly on the substrate, and start to fill the inside of the equipment forming chamber with nitrogen to reduce the oxygen content to 500ppm; , 316 stainless steel powder
[0036] Step 9: The laser selective melting and forming equipment starts to work. According to the first layer of the complex thin-walled pipeline processing program, the 316 stainless steel powder on the formed substrate is selectively melted, the molten pool is cooled and solidified into a solid, and the first layer is scanned. Two passes to form the first layer section of the complex thin-walled pipeline;
[0037] Step 10: The forming cylinder lowers the height of a single layer, the material cylinder rises to a certain height, the scraper spreads the powder evenly on the forming substrate, and the excess powder is received in the recycling material cylinder. The laser scans along the processing program track, and the adjacent layers of complex thin-walled pipelines When scanning and forming, the scanning direction of the laser beam is rotated 45 degrees counterclockwise relative to the upper layer that has been formed;
[0038] Step 11: Follow step 10, layer by layer, until the formation of the entire complex thin-walled pipeline part is completed;
[0039] Step 12: After forming, wait for more than 12 hours to cool down before opening the cabin to take out the parts;
[0040] Step 13: After taking out the parts, enter the heat treatment furnace along with the substrate. Vacuum heat treatment system: temperature is 400~550℃, vacuum degree is not less than 2×10 -3 MPa, the holding time is 3 hours.
[0041] The specific embodiments of the present invention have been described above. It should be understood that the present invention is not limited to the above specific embodiments, and those skilled in the art can make various deformations or modifications within the scope of the claims, which does not affect the essence of the present invention.


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