PMMA modified thin film and manufacture method thereof

A production method and film technology, which can be applied to other household appliances, applications, household appliances, etc., can solve the problems of fragility and easy folding, and achieve the effects of fast speed, improved weather resistance, and rich range

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-05-31
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[0003] The technical problem to be solved in the present invention is to solve the frangible and easy-folding...
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Method used

The present invention utilizes EMMA, EVA, ABS, MBS to PMMA material modification, improves material toughness, adds a small amount of lubricant, makes PMMA can be peeled off from calendering roll smoothly, ...
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The present invention discloses a PMMA modified thin film and a manufacture method thereof. The PMMA modified thin film comprises a main material, a lubricating agent, an antioxygen, a filler and a pigment, wherein the main material comprises 80-100 PHR PMMA, 0-10 PHR EVA, 0-10 PHR EMMA, 0-5 PHR ABS and 0-5 PHR-MBS; the lubricating agent accounts for 0.1-10% of the main material in weight; the antioxygen accounts for 0.1-10% of the main material in weight; the filler accounts for 0.05-0.5% of the main material in weight; and the pigment accounts for 0-10% of the main material in weight. The manufacture method comprises the steps: mixing the main material in a ratio; adding part of the antioxygen; placing in a kneading machine for low-temperature blending evenly; adding the lubricating agent, the rest antioxygen, the filler and the pigment; placing into the kneading machine again for low-temperature kneading evenly; enabling the kneaded material to pass through a 120-180 DEG C twin-screw extruder, a 120-180 DEG C open mill, a 160-200 DEG C four-roll calender, a 120-160 DEG C driving off wheel, and a 80-160 DEG C rear curtain for reeling; and cooling a reeled film by wind in a centralizing manner at 80 DEG C to form the PMMA modified thin film. The thin film can be drawn out in a calendaring manner by enhancing the toughness of PMMA materials and improving the notch sensitivity of the PMMA thin film.

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  • PMMA modified thin film and manufacture method thereof
  • PMMA modified thin film and manufacture method thereof
  • PMMA modified thin film and manufacture method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0016] A PMMA modified film, including a main material composed of 80-100PHR PMMA, 0-10PHR EVA, 0-10PHR EMMA, 0-5PHRABS and 0-5PHR MBS; a lubricant with a weight of 0.1-10% of the main material; the main material 0.1-10% by weight of antioxidant; 0.05-0.5% of filler by weight of main material; and 0-10% of pigment by weight of main material. Its production method comprises the following steps:
[0017] A. Mix the main ingredients in proportion, add some antioxidants, put them in a kneader, and knead evenly at low temperature to obtain PMMA modified materials;
[0018] B. Add lubricant, residual antioxidant, filler and pigment to the PMMA modified material in proportion, and then put it into a kneader and knead evenly at low temperature;
[0019] C. Pass the kneaded material obtained in step B through a twin-screw extruder at 120-180°C, an open mill at 120-180°C, a four-roll calender at 160-200°C, and a pull-off wheel at 120-160°C. , 80-160 ° C post-coiling, roll film concentrated 80 ° C blowing cooling, to obtain the desired thickness of the PMMA modified film.
[0020] Preferably, the lubricant is at least one of stearic acid, stearate and waxes.
[0021] The antioxidant is at least one of 1010, 1076 and 1068.
[0022] The filler is CaCO 3 , SiO 2 , at least one of talcum powder and mica.
[0023] Table 1 and Table 2 are the selection of film performance formulas produced by centralized feasible formulas and supporting calendering processes.
[0024] Table 1
[0026] Considering comprehensively, select formula ⑥ for process control comparison
[0027] Table 2
[0030] From the comparison of Table 1 and Table 2, it can be seen that PMMA, 100PHR, 2.5 parts of EMMA, 0.5 parts of EVA, 1.5 parts of ABS, SiO 2 The mixed material composed of 0.05 parts, 1608/1010 0.2 parts, and 1 part of pigment, after mixing, rubber mixing, and then through the calendering discharge roller at 180°C, the extraction wheel at 160°C, the tempering wheel at 145°C, 120-100°C Cooling group, coiling at 80°C, blowing the film at 80°C for the best setting to obtain a PMMA calendered film with a thickness of 0.1MM.
[0031] The present invention uses EMMA, EVA, ABS, MBS to modify the PMMA material, improves the toughness of the material, adds a small amount of lubricant, makes PMMA can be peeled off from the calender roll smoothly, and at the same time improves the process of the back stage process after the film is drawn out, to ensure PMMA film is not easy to break during cooling and coiling, ensuring neat coiling.


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