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Preparation method of graphene alloy nanocomposite and SLM (Selective Laser Melting) forming process

InactiveCN109454240AImproves Strength and ToughnessReduced hot cracking tendencyAdditive manufacturing apparatusIncreasing energy efficiencyCvd grapheneInterfacial reaction
The invention discloses a preparation method of a graphene alloy nanocomposite and an SLM (Selective Laser Melting) forming process. According to the preparation method, turbid liquid is prepared through the ultrasonic vibration of anhydrous ethanol, so that the graphene is uniformly dispersed in the anhydrous ethanol, the graphene is uniformly dispersed, then after the graphene anhydrous ethanolturbid liquid is mixed with high-temperature alloy in proportion, the graphene and partial residue are distributed in the grain boundary and crystals by participating in the interfacial reaction, so that the strength and toughness of a formed part are improved, and the hot cracking tendency is reduced; the addition of graphene changes the organization form of the material; and in the SLM forming process, the graphene in the graphene high temperature alloy nanocomposite is used as a heterogeneous nucleating agent, and increases the nucleation rate in the solidification crystallization process.The graphene high temperature alloy nanocomposite is prepared by the dielectric barrier discharge plasma-assisted ball milling technique. The plasma enhances the activity of powder, so that columnar crystals preferentially growing change to isometric crystals, grains are refined and the performances are improved.

Large-scale non-quenched-and-tempered steel rolling equipment and rolling production method thereof

The invention provides large-scale non-quenched-and-tempered steel rolling equipment and a rolling production method thereof. Through rolling with temperature control, the finish rolling temperature of large-scale non-quenched-and-tempered steel bars is controlled stably, low-temperature deformation is achieved, and grains are refined, so that plasticity and toughness are obviously improved whilethe high strength of large-scale non-quenched-and-tempered steel is ensured; and by intervening control cooling after rolling, precipitation strengthening, segregation strengthening and change of microstructure of micro alloying elements in large-scale non-quenched-and-tempered round steel are controlled, so that a stable metallographic structure and comprehensive mechanical properties are obtained. According to the rolling production method, the product surface quality is ensured, meanwhile, the defects that controlled rolling and controlled cooling cannot be achieved by a large-scale round steel production line; as for the large-scale non-quenched-and-tempered round steel obtained through the method, scratch on the surface of rolled pieces by a traditional water tank is avoided, oxidizedscale is controlled, and the surface quality of a rolled material is improved; and the mechanical property of the steel is stable, the requirements of controlled rolling and controlled cooling of thenon-quenched-and-tempered steel are met, and thus the mechanical property of the large-scale non-quenched-and-tempered steel is stabilized.

Inflating mould for concrete filling

The invention provides an inflation forming die used for concrete padding, comprising a flexible die wall (1) and an inflation plug-in module (2), wherein the flexible die wall (1) is closed to form a forming die. The invention is characterized in that the inflation plug-in module (2) is an inflation connector which can automatically close when a plug-in module is drawn out, and the flexible die wall (1) is provided with the inflation connector. Therefore, an inflation mandrel can be transported under a deflated state, and can be inflated and mounted at the construction field, thereby facilitating the transportation and greatly reducing the transportation cost; moreover, the inflation connector which is arranged on the forming die and can automatically close when the plug-in module is drawn out is advantageous to the prevention of gas leakage for the forming die on the position of the inflation connector; meanwhile, a padding component has the characteristics of light self-weight, low cost, good shakeproof performance, simple, convenient and quick production, convenient transportation and so on so as to achieve the aim of the invention, is applicable to a cast-in-situ concrete hollow floor, a cast-in-situ concrete roof, a cast-in-situ foundation slab, a cast-in-situ concrete wall body and a cast-in-situ concrete hollow bridge, in particular to a cast-in-situ concrete hollow flat slab.

Special fruit bag for pomegranate and preparation method of fruit bag

The invention relates to a special fruit bag for a pomegranate and a preparation method of the fruit bag. The special fruit bag is prepared from the following components in parts by weight: 70-80 parts of linear low-density polyethylene resin, 20-30 parts of low-density polyethylene resin, 5-8 parts of antibacterial masterbatch, 2-3 parts of pest control masterbatch, 15-20 parts of antifog masterbatch, 15-20 parts of calcium carbonate masterbatch, 1-2 parts of ultraviolet absorbent, 0.1-0.5 part of antiblocking agent, 1-2 parts of antistatic agent, 1 part of liquid paraffin and 1-2 parts of foaming agent. The preparation method comprises the steps of uniformly stirring and mixing all the components in parts by weight, then, pouring the mixture into a film blowing machine to prepare a film bag with the thickness of 0.02-0.03mm, and sleeving a paper bag outside the fruit bag. The fruit bag is of a double-layer structure that the paper bag is sleeved outside a polyethylene bag, so that the strength and toughness of the fruit bag are enhanced, and the defects that the surface of the paper bag is rough to scratch the surface of a fruit and the paper bag is easy to tear and difficult to bag are overcome; in addition, the polyethylene bag is modified, so that the air and moisture permeability as well as pest control, antibacterial and anti-fog performances of the fruit bag are enhanced.
Owner:红河州和源农业开发有限公司 +1

Ultrahigh-strength and high-toughness steel for pumping rod and production process thereof

ActiveCN103233172AImproves Strength and ToughnessThe overall mechanical properties are uniformDrilling rodsDrilling casingsPercentage reductionChemical composition
The invention discloses ultrahigh-strength and high-toughness steel for a pumping rod, which comprises the following chemical components in percentage by mass: 0.32-0.38% of C, 0.17-0.37% of Si, 1.60-1.80% of Mn, 1.10-1.30% of Cr, 0.20-0.30% of Mo, 0.20-0.30% of V, 0.015-0.035% of Al, no more than 0.020% of P, no more than 0.010% of S, no more than 0.002% of [O], no more than 0.0002% of [H] and the balance of Fe. The production process comprises the following steps: smelting in a conventional converter, refining in a refining device, performing silicon-calcium-barium end deoxidation in the late stage of the refining process, performing RH degasification and inclusion removal after refining, casting molten steel into a continuous casting blank, and rolling into phi19-25mm round steel. The invention is reasonable in component design and advanced in process; compared with ultrahigh-strength steel for a pumping rod available on the existing market, the steel disclosed by the invention has higher strength and toughness, the tensile strength Rm is no less than 1200 MPa, the extension percentage delta5 is no less than 12%, the percentage reduction in area Z is no less than 48%, accidents of pumping rod breakage in a high-load environment can be effectively decreased, and the economic loss can be obviously reduced.

Ultrahigh-strength high-toughness high-conductivity copper-nickel-tin alloy and preparation method thereof

The invention provides an ultrahigh-strength high-toughness high-conductivity copper-nickel-tin alloy which contains nickel, tine, yttrium, niobium, scandium and cerium elements. The total mass of theyttrium, niobium, scandium and cerium elements is less than or equal to 0.5 percent of the mass of the copper-nickel-tin alloy. The copper-nickel-tin alloy has high strength, toughness and conductivity, and is wide in application range. The invention further provides a preparation method of the copper-nickel-tin alloy. The preparation method of the copper-nickel-tin alloy concretely comprises thesteps of preparing materials according to the mass percent of element compositions, and adopting a gas atomization method for preparing to obtain alloy powder; adopting hot isostatic pressure sintering on the alloy powder to obtain a copper-nickel-tin alloy ingot blank; and carrying out solution treatment and warm deformation strengthening treatment on the copper-nickel-tin alloy ingot blank so as to obtain the ultrahigh-strength high-toughness high-conductivity copper-nickel-tin alloy. According to the preparation method, multiple compound factor strengthening and toughening copper alloys are implemented and utilized, and the obtained copper-nickel-tin alloy has the characteristics of refined crystalline strengthening, strain strengthening, dispersion strengthening and precipitation hardening at the same time so as to obtain high strength, toughness and conductivity.
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