Electromagnetic insert gripper device

A gripper device and insert technology, applied in the directions of manipulators, program-controlled manipulators, chucks, etc., can solve the problems of low automation procedures and low efficiency, and achieve the effect of avoiding industrial accidents, improving efficiency and ensuring stability.

Pending Publication Date: 2017-07-25
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[0003] Inserting inserts manually will cause work-related acciden...
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The invention discloses an electromagnetic insert gripper device. A plurality of plug pins are distributed on a plug pin mounting plate. The plug pin mounting plate is carried on an electromagnet through an induction bar. The bottom end of the induction bar is arranged in a guide hole of the electromagnet through a spring. The electromagnet is fixed to a mounting frame and connected with a power switch. The mounting frame is mounted on a manipulator. The manipulator is fixed to an X-Y axis movement unit. The whole gripper device is driven through the manipulator, the plug pins are inserted into inner holes of an insert, then the electromagnet is powered on, the insert is grabbed through magnetic force of the electromagnet, the insert is attracted by the magnetic force and then transferred into a die through the manipulator, the electromagnet is powered off, the insert is separated from the plug pins and left in the die, and thus the insert is inlaid automatically; a marble base is adopted by the X-Y axis movement unit, so that stability and low oscillation in the movement process are guaranteed; and the automation degree is high.

Application Domain

Programme-controlled manipulatorGripping heads

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GrippersManipulator +4


  • Electromagnetic insert gripper device
  • Electromagnetic insert gripper device


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Example Embodiment

[0018] In order to have a clearer understanding of the technical features, objectives and effects of the present invention, specific implementations will now be described in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0019] Such as figure 1 As shown, the electromagnetic insert gripping device includes a pin 2, an electromagnet 4, a pin mounting plate 3, and an induction bar 5. A plurality of pins 2 are distributed on the pin mounting plate 3, and the pin mounting plate 3 is carried on the electromagnetic through the induction bar 5. On the iron 4, the bottom end of the induction rod 5 is placed in the guide hole of the electromagnet 4 through the spring 6. The spring 6 is a cylindrical spiral compression spring. The electromagnet 4 is fixed on the mounting frame 8, and the electromagnet 4 is connected to the power switch 9. The switch 9 is connected to the power system, and the electromagnet 4 is a direct-acting electromagnet; a sensor 7 is installed on the spring, and the sensor 7 communicates with the control system of the die casting machine; the mounting frame 8 is installed on the manipulator, and the manipulator is fixed on the XY axis motion unit on.
[0020] The XY-axis motion unit includes an X-axis motion mechanism and a Y-axis motion mechanism. The X-axis motion mechanism includes an X-axis marble seat, an X-axis linear guide, an X-axis connecting plate, and an X-axis linear motor that controls the movement of the X-axis connecting plate. The X-axis linear guide and X-axis linear motor are installed on the X-axis marble seat, the X-axis connecting plate is placed on the X-axis linear guide, and the X-axis linear motor is drivingly connected with the X-axis connecting plate to control the X-axis connecting plate along the X axis. Rail movement; Y-axis movement mechanism includes Y-axis marble seat, Y-axis linear guide, Y-axis connecting plate and Y-axis linear motor that controls the movement of Y-axis connecting plate. Y-axis linear guide and Y-axis linear motor are installed on Y-axis marble seat Above, the Y-axis connecting plate is placed on the Y-axis linear guide, and the Y-axis linear motor is drivingly connected to the Y-axis connecting plate, thereby controlling the Y-axis connecting plate to move along the Y-axis linear guide; the Y-axis marble seat is connected to the X-axis connecting plate ; The X-axis linear guide and the Y-axis linear guide form an angle of 90 degrees.
[0021] In specific applications, the XY-axis motion unit drives the manipulator to move to the specified position, and the manipulator drives the entire gripper device. The pin 2 is inserted into the inner hole of the insert 1, and then the electromagnet 4 is energized, and the insert is grabbed by the magnetic force of the electromagnet 4. The insert is attracted by the magnetic force, and then transferred to the mold by the manipulator. The electromagnet is de-energized, and the insert and the pin 2 are separated from each other and left in the mold to realize the automatic inlay of the insert.
[0022] When the manipulator drives the entire gripper device to move to the insert-removing position, that is, the pin 2 extends into the insert, and the sensor rod 5 will be compressed (the lower end of the sensor rod 5 is provided with a spring 6), if the insert falls off during the removal process , The sensor rod 5 is pressed back to the initial position by the spring, and then sends a signal. The robot can recognize the signal that the insert falls off, and then notify the die-casting machine control system to alarm, so as to prevent the product from being inserted into the insert without being recognized.
[0023] Compared with manual inlay, the device of the present invention has a higher degree of automation, can automatically realize the installation of inserts, greatly improves efficiency, reduces labor costs, and avoids industrial accidents.
[0024] It should be noted that the above descriptions are only the preferred embodiments of the present invention, and are not used to limit the scope of rights of the present invention; at the same time, the above descriptions should be understood and implemented by those skilled in the relevant technical fields, so the others do not depart from the present invention. All equivalent changes or modifications completed under the spirit of the invention should be included in the scope of the patent application.


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