Environment-friendly type industrial heating and filtering apparatus

A filtering device, an industrial technology, applied in the direction of dispersed particle filtration, chemical/physical process, chemical/physical/physical chemical process, etc., can solve the problems of high cost, non-production or non-use, complicated process, etc., and achieve production cost Not high, easy to make effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-11-21
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[0002] In today's society, reaction furnaces are often used in the industrial field. As we all know, the proportion of exhaust gas discharged in the industrial field accounts for the highest proportion in various fields, and the ...
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The invention discloses an environment-friendly type industrial heating and filtering apparatus. The apparatus comprises a housing wrapped reacting furnace, a reaction device which is matched with the reacting furnace, and a melting furnace which is arranged on the housing; an input port is arranged on the melting furnace, an output port is opened below the housing, a filtering layer is arranged in the output port, the filtering layer faces the direction of the reacting furnace, and an inner wall of the output port is provided with an output pipe to the outside. The apparatus can be used for further treatment of discharged exhaust gas, manufacture cost is low, technology is simple, and the apparatus is suitable for mass production and usage.

Application Domain

Dispersed particle filtrationChemical/physical/physico-chemical processes

Technology Topic

Exhaust gasProcess engineering +1


  • Environment-friendly type industrial heating and filtering apparatus


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0011] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with accompanying drawing.
[0012] see figure 1 , an environment-friendly industrial heating and filtering device, comprising a reaction furnace 1 wrapped by a casing 8, a reactor 2 matched with the reaction furnace 1, and a melting furnace 3 arranged above the casing 8, and the melting furnace 3 is provided with an input port 4. In this embodiment, the input port 4 is arranged directly above the melting furnace 3, and an output port 5 is opened below the shell 8, and a filter layer 6 is arranged inside the output port 5, and the filter layer 6 faces the direction of the reaction furnace 1, and the output port An output pipe 7 is provided from the inner wall of the outlet 5 to the outside. In this embodiment, one port of the outlet pipe 7 is set on the inner wall of the outlet 5, and the other port extends through the shell 8 to the outside to connect to an exhaust gas treatment device. The filter layer 6 is detachable and replaceable, and the output port 5 is connected to external purification equipment.


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