Anti-rollover system and method for lorry-mounted crane

A truck-mounted crane and anti-overturning technology, applied in cranes and other directions, can solve the problems of automation, low safety, and few further problems, and achieve the effect of high reliability

Active Publication Date: 2018-01-12
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[0004] At present, most of the anti-tipping measures for truck-mounted cranes are to judge whether it is in a safe state by detecting the pressure of the hydraulic outrigger cylinder, the interaction force between the vertical outrigger and the ground, or judge whether it is in a safe state based on the torque limiter. Most of the anti-tipping methods mentioned are to control the hoisting system on the car to stop the movement, sen...
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Method used

The present invention provides an active anti-tipping scheme for a truck-mounted crane, based on parameters such as chassis wheelbase, wheelbase, outrigger horizontal expansion and contraction, stress state and vehicle axle position state in an all-round evaluation and pre-judgment of vehicle hoisting In the state of the operation, the force state during the h...
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The invention belongs to the field of engineering machinery, and particularly relates to an anti-rollover system and method for a lorry-mounted crane. The anti-rollover system comprises a support legstate monitoring system, an axle state monitoring system, an anti-rollover controller and a support leg hydraulic cylinder telescopic control valve, and is characterized in that pressure information detected by front side support leg pressure sensors and rear side support leg pressure sensors is transmitted to the support leg state monitoring system; displacement information detected by front axledisplacement sensors and rear axle displacement sensors is transmitted to the axle state monitoring system; the support leg state monitoring system and the axle state monitoring system separately transmit the pressure information and the displacement information to the anti-rollover controller; and the anti-rollover controller performs data treatment and drives the support leg hydraulic cylindertelescopic control valve to drive oil cylinders corresponding to different vertical support legs, so that stress states of the different vertical support legs and lorry posture are adjusted. By adopting the anti-rollover system and method, initiative anti-rollover of the lorry-mounted crane can be realized automatically and safely.

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  • Anti-rollover system and method for lorry-mounted crane
  • Anti-rollover system and method for lorry-mounted crane
  • Anti-rollover system and method for lorry-mounted crane


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Example Embodiment

[0021] The present invention will be described in further detail below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments.
[0022] according to Figure 1-3 , The present invention designs an active anti-rollover system for truck-mounted cranes, which involves hydraulic outrigger pressure detection units, axle position detection units, anti-rollover control systems, hydraulic outriggers independent control units, alarm systems, etc., layout positions Such as figure 1 As shown, the anti-tip system is composed as figure 2 As shown, the above-mentioned components cooperate with each other to realize the active anti-tipping of the truck-mounted crane.
[0023] In an active anti-tilt system of a truck-mounted crane, the hoisting base is installed on the car chassis frame, the horizontal outriggers 6'are installed inside the hoisting base, and the horizontal outriggers 6'can extend outward under the drive of a hydraulic cylinder. Make the vertical legs extend outward, and connect the vertical legs (such as 4 and 5) with the horizontal legs, such as image 3 Shown.
[0024] The first pressure detection unit 2-1, the second pressure detection unit 2, the third pressure detection unit 2-2, and the fourth pressure detection unit 2-3 are respectively used to detect the right front vertical leg 4, the left front vertical leg 5, and the right The pressure of the rear vertical leg 6, the left rear vertical leg 7; the first displacement detection device 8-1 and the second displacement detection device 8-2 are both front axle (front end of the axle) displacement sensors, and the third displacement detection device 8 -3. The fourth displacement detection device 8-4, the fifth displacement detection device 8-5, and the sixth displacement detection device 8-6 are all displacement sensors of the rear axle (rear end of the axle).
[0025] The active anti-tilt control process of the truck-mounted crane is as Figure 4 As shown, the specific operation process is as follows:
[0026] (1) The user controls the horizontal and vertical cylinders of the vertical outrigger by operating the handle until the vertical outrigger establishes a support relationship with the ground and then locks the vertical outrigger hydraulic circuit.
[0027] (2) The anti-tilt controller calculates the vehicle load inclination value during the lifting operation process based on the current status of the crane chassis parameters such as the wheelbase, wheelbase, outrigger span, and real-time feedback parameters such as the bridge position sensor and the outrigger pressure sensor. It accounts for the proportion of the maximum allowable tilt value, and at the same time predicts the tilt direction in all directions.
[0028] (3) The load deflection value calculated in real time does not exceed the anti-tip threshold set by the system, the active anti-tip system does not work, the crane continues to work, and the controller continues to analyze and calculate.
[0029] (4) The real-time calculated load inclination value exceeds the anti-rolling threshold set by the system. At this time, the system starts to alarm and stop all actions when getting on the vehicle. According to the vehicle tilt direction fed back by the controller, it actively and independently controls the vertical drive of the outriggers The telescopic action of the cylinder, the cylinder on the tilting side is extended, and the cylinder on the opposite side of the tilting side is shortened, and the force state of the four outriggers and the body posture are actively adjusted until it meets the requirements of the anti-tipping threshold and achieving the active anti-tipping of the truck-mounted crane purpose.
[0030] The present invention provides an active anti-rollover scheme for a truck-mounted crane, which is based on the comprehensive evaluation and prediction of the vehicle hoisting operation based on the parameters of the chassis wheelbase, wheelbase, horizontal extension of outriggers, force state and axle position state State, digitize the force state during the hoisting operation, and compare it with the anti-tipping threshold set by the control system, and then separately control the telescopic action of the four vertical hydraulic outriggers to eliminate the dangerous state of the truck-mounted crane and reach the truck-mounted crane The purpose of active anti-tipping is to improve its safety in use.
[0031] It should be noted that the above are only the embodiments of the present invention, and do not limit the scope of the present invention. Any equivalent structure or equivalent process transformation made by using the content of the present invention description, or directly or indirectly applied to other Related technical fields are included in the scope of patent protection of the present invention in the same way.


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