Fusing mechanism of full automatic fuse machine

A hot-melt machine and fully automatic technology, applied in the field of sewing equipment, can solve the problems of low degree of automation, low overall pass rate, and inability to efficiently complete the assembly of the entire mechanism of the skylight, so as to achieve easy replacement, easy control, and avoid wire drawing or coking Effect

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[0002] With the improvement of the level of industrial development, the development of the automotive sunroof industry is also changing with each passing day. The existing e...
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The invention discloses a fusing mechanism of a full automatic fuse machine. The fusing mechanism comprises a fusing mechanism mounting plate, a fusing air cylinder, a heat-dissipating mechanism, a heat-isolating plate, a fusing head mounting plate, a blowing pipe and a fusing head. The fusing mechanism is characterized in that the fusing air cylinder is fixedly connected to the fusing mechanism mounting plate, the heat-dissipating mechanism is connected to the bottom of the fusing air cylinder, the fusing head is mounted on the fusing head mounting plate, the fusing heat mounting plate is connected to the heat-isolating plate through a manual screw, and the blowing pipe is mounted on the side face of the fusing mechanism mounting plate; when a fusing workpiece is fed to the fusing head, the fusing air cylinder drives the fusing head to move downward to fuse, then the fusing air cylinder drives the fusing head to return, and meanwhile, the blowing pipe blows and cools the workpiece, sothat a wire-drawing condition or a coking condition is avoided. In order to prevent the air cylinder from being affected by high temperatures, the heating part is isolated by means of the heat-isolating plate, and meanwhile, three aluminum plates and iron columns are applied to dissipating heat, so that the fusing mechanism is conveniently adjusted. The fusing head mounting plate can be directlytaken down by means of a manual screwdriver for different fusing workpieces.

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  • Fusing mechanism of full automatic fuse machine
  • Fusing mechanism of full automatic fuse machine


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[0012] The present invention will be further explained below with reference to the accompanying drawings: a hot-melting mechanism of a fully automatic hot-melt machine includes: hot-melt cylinder 1, heat dissipation mechanism 2, heat insulation plate 3, hot-melt head mounting plate 4, hot-melt head 5, and blower pipe 6. The hot-melt mechanism mounting plate 7, the hot-melt cylinder 1 is fixedly connected to the hot-melt mechanism mounting plate 7, the heat dissipation mechanism 2 is located at the lower part of the hot-melt cylinder 1, and the hot-melt head mounting plate 7 is fixed on the lower insulation board 3. The hot melt head 5 is installed on the hot melt head mounting plate 4, and the hot melt head mounting plate 7 has two holes, one hole is used to install a heating rod, and the other hole is used to install a sensor to sense temperature.
[0013] The use process of the hot-melting mechanism of an automatic hot-melt machine is: when the hot-melt workpiece is sent to the hot-melt head 5, the hot-melt cylinder 1 drives the hot-melt head 5 to move downwards to heat the workpiece, and after the hot-melt is completed , The hot-melt cylinder 1 drives the hot-melt head back into place, while the blower pipe 5 blows and cools the workpiece to avoid wire drawing or coking; in order to avoid the impact of high temperature on the cylinder, a heat shield is used to separate the heating part, and three Layered aluminum plates and iron pillars for heat dissipation, the overall design is simple and easy to operate, and at the same time easy to control and adjust. For different hot-melt workpieces, the hot-melt head mounting plate can be directly removed by manual screws.
[0014] In summary, the content of the present invention is not limited to the above-mentioned embodiments. People of insight in the same field can easily propose other embodiments within the technical guidelines of the present invention, but such implementations are all It is included in the scope of the present invention.


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