Portable eyeball static rotation measuring instrument and method for measuring eyeball rotation angle by using instrument

A technology of rotation measurement and rotation angle, which is applied in the directions of eye testing equipment, applications, medical science, etc., can solve the problems of non-existing, astigmatism correction accuracy deviation, and no patent publications have been found, and achieve low measurement environment requirements and measurement fast effect

Pending Publication Date: 2020-12-08
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Problems solved by technology

The preoperative examination of the patient is performed in the sitting position, while the operation is performed in the supine position, static rotation may lead to inaccurate positioning
In recent years, some new technologies have appeared. The iris positioning technology can be used to measure the static rotation angle of the eyeball, and automatically correct the rotation angle during the operation to make the positioning more accurate. However, the traditional LASIK surgery and SMILE surgery do not have iris tracking and positioning functions. There are large individual differences in the static rotation angle of the eyeball. If the static r...
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The invention relates to a portable eyeball static rotation measuring instrument. The measuring instrument comprises a high-definition infrared camera, an image processing module, an image acquisitionbutton, an infrared light source, a visible light source, a test window and a wearable helmet. The high-definition infrared camera, the image processing module, the image acquisition button, the infrared light source, the visible light source and the test window are all arranged on the wearable helmet, and the wearable helmet is arranged in a longitudinal direction and can be movably and detachably arranged in front of the eyes of a user. The two high-definition infrared cameras are symmetrically arranged in a horizontal direction and are arranged inside the wearable helmet, and the high-definition infrared cameras can simultaneously capture iris images of both eyes; and the infrared light source and the visible light source are arranged between the two high-definition infrared cameras. The measuring instrument is portable, rapid in measurement and low in requirement for the measurement environment, a doctor can understand the static rotation angle of a patient only through simple operation, the problems in the prior art are solved, and the measuring instrument serves as a reference for operation mode recommendation.

Application Domain

Eye diagnostics

Technology Topic

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  • Portable eyeball static rotation measuring instrument and method for measuring eyeball rotation angle by using instrument
  • Portable eyeball static rotation measuring instrument and method for measuring eyeball rotation angle by using instrument
  • Portable eyeball static rotation measuring instrument and method for measuring eyeball rotation angle by using instrument


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Example Embodiment

[0030] The present invention is only a descriptive, not limiting, and is not limited, and cannot be defined in the following examples.
[0031] The structure of the present invention is not specifically described in detail, is understood to be a conventional structure in the art.
[0032] A portable static eyeball rotation measuring instrument, such as figure 1 , figure 2 and image 3 Illustrated, the meter includes an infrared camera HD 1, the image processing module 2, the image acquisition button 3, the infrared light and the visible light source 4, and 5 test window helmet wearable 6, the HD infrared camera, an image processing module, image acquisition buttons, infrared light and visible light, the test windows are disposed on the wearable helmet, the helmet wearable longitudinally disposed, the wearable activity can be detachably disposed on the helmet in front of the user, the infrared HD the camera in the horizontal direction and two symmetrically arranged disposed within the helmet wearable, the horizontal distance between the two infrared cameras HD is 55mm-65mm, an infrared camera capable of capturing high-definition images while iris eyes; disposed between the two infrared cameras HD infrared light and visible light, infrared light source is capable of providing high definition infrared camera, a visible light source capable of providing the required inspection ambient light;
[0033] Helmet wearable on the test system to the longitudinal side of the window corresponding to the definition of an infrared camera, an infrared camera capable of capturing high-definition images by respective eyes iris test window;
[0034] The image capture button and an infrared camera is connected to two high-definition set, able to control the image acquisition button definition infrared camera starts shooting off program;
[0035] The image processing module and an infrared camera is connected to high-definition set, the image processing module is capable of processing the acquired iris image, iris feature extraction to satisfy the needs, and to analyze the iris image than sitting and lying position, and calculate the rotation angle.
[0036] In this embodiment, if Figure 4 , The iris image of the positioning module comprises a processing module connected successively disposed, normalization module iris image, an image enhancement module and feature extraction module, the location module is able to determine iris inner circle, and a quadratic curve in the outer position in the image; wherein the inner boundary of the iris and the pupil is circle, the outer boundary of the iris and the sclera, iris boundary quadratic curve with the upper and lower eyelids;
[0037] The iris image normalization module can be adjusted to the size of the iris image recognition system to set a fixed size;
[0038] The image enhancement module for the image can be normalized, for (e.g., brightness, contrast and smoothness, etc.) to improve the recognition rate of the image information of the iris;
[0039] The feature extraction module using an algorithm can be extracted from the iris image feature points required for iris recognition, and encoded; point pattern matching accurate rotation angle: an angle subtracting the recumbent seat feature point feature point angle, static eyeball rotation angle obtained.
[0040] Above modules modules known in the art, the skilled person is readily able to get out, and therefore not described in detail.
[0041] In the present embodiment, the meter further comprising a results display module (not shown), the result display module is connected to the image processing module is provided, the result display module to present an image processing module can be derived static eye rotation angle detection result data.
[0042] In the present embodiment, the result display module is a liquid crystal display screen, or is a voice broadcast device, or a display terminal connected by a Bluetooth module, the Bluetooth module is connected to the image processing module, calculated by the image processing module. The eyeball static rotation angle data is transmitted to the display terminal via the Bluetooth module.
[0043] The method of measuring the rotation angle of the eyeball using the portable eye static rotary measuring instrument as described above, such as Figure 5 As shown, the steps are as follows:
[0044] (1) Sitting iris image collection: patients take the sitting position, watch the front of the test window, press the image collection button to carry out iris image acquisition;
[0045] (2) lying position iris image collection: patient takes the boiling position, watch the front of the test window, press the image collection button to carry out iris image collection;
[0046] (3) Image Processing: The iris image collected by the sitting and the lying position uses the image processing module to identify the comparison, calculating the angle of eyeball rotation, the position of the sitting iris image feature point is α, the angle of the lying iris characteristic point is β, the eyeball static rotation Angle λ = α-β. like Image 6 Indicated.
[0047] A method of use of the static rotary measuring instrument of this portable eye can be:
[0048] Under the guidance of the doctor, the subject places the device in front of the device, sits properly, visually forward, press the image collection button, and then take the rejection position, watch the image, and press the image acquisition button. Complete image acquisition, built-in image processing module start image processing and rotation angle calculation. The calculation result can be displayed by the LCD display. Display forms such as: OD: 3 °; OS: 4 °.
[0049] Although the embodiments of the present invention are disclosed, it will be understood by those skilled in the art: various replacement, variations, and modifications are possible without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. The scope of the invention is not limited to the contents disclosed in the examples.


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